Dried fruits - the best products
 Dry fruits for the winter began a very long time and for good reason. Their storage can be quite long, so this way the ancient tribes could provide themselves with food during the hungry winter. Today dried fruits abound in the shops throughout the year.

Vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6) in such a well preserved fruit, so they are used for food and medicinal purposes. For example, as a regulator of metabolism, in diseases of the kidneys and the liver, heart and stomach, to maintain the outer beauty and youth. Do not forget about the mineral elements in the dried fruit: calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium.

According to many nutritionists, it is dried to help women look good, thanks to the high content of calcium in itself: the use of dried fruit daily for 10-15 days will strengthen the nails, the hair and improve the complexion.

Dried fruits are very sweet is concentrated, but this should not be afraid. Fructose and glucose as subspecies of useful carbohydrates do not increase the insulin level in the blood. And, in spite of its caloric content is very useful, because it does not the calories that we get from eating cakes and chocolate. Therefore, a few slices of chocolate can be replaced by a handful of dried fruit or nuts.

There are certain rules for the purchase of dried fruits:

 Dried fruits - the best products
   - It is desirable to have to buy the packaged product;
- Store-bought dried fruits should be washed with warm water;
- Apricots better to buy an average of elasticity and rigidity, dark color (light to make the presentation is handled "chemistry");
- If the taste of dried fruits are very acidic, they are poorly processed;
- Quality black plums, with a slight sheen, a little soft and elastic; light brown color and bitterness of an incorrectly processed and dried plums.

Most often on the shelves you can see the raisins, prunes and apricots, but also dried pears, apples, bananas, wild rose and many garden berries.

Dried apricots, dried apricots, Kaisa
All this Dried apricots: apricots dried with stones, Kaisa - after removing bones and dried apricots, cut in half. Chinese cultured apricot more than 5 thousand years ago, and Europeans began much later - 2000 years ago.

Dried apricots composition containing 46% sugar. Dried apricots are not very rich in vitamins, but is endowed with lots of minerals compared with fresh apricots. It helps with heart disease, is recommended for anemia, and impaired vision. Dietary properties are expressed in the predominance of potassium over sodium salts, and the high magnesium content helps in the treatment of hypertension and some forms of anemia.

Vitamin B5 gives the body vitality and helps in the fight against excess weight. And most recently, medical scientists have shown that if you eat dried apricots on a daily basis, you can reduce the likelihood of developing cancer.

Raisins - Dried grapes, which, even according to the ancient physicians strengthens the heart, nervous system and suppress the anger. All of the therapeutic properties are explained by the presence in the dried grapes are very beneficial vitamins, organic acids and mineral salts. Its included in the diet of people with cardiovascular disease and for those who want to strengthen their immune system, especially in children.

Wishes to reduce the consumption of sugar in the diet during the weight loss, choosing raisins as a basis for their diets. To date, providing 4 kinds of this product: small light raisins, pitted (culinary name - raisins, trade - Sabza); very dark blue or seedless raisins; raisins light olive green with a bone; large, sweet, fleshy raisins with 2-3 seeds. More useful is the dark varieties of raisins than light.

Prune - Dried Plum, on average, is composed of 39-41% sugar, very rich in vitamin B, normalizes carbohydrate metabolism in the body and increases its resistance during stressful situations, restores efficiency. Stewed prunes are recommended in diseases of the intestines and stomach (or berries 5-6 a day), hearts and kidneys, it stands a good antibacterial medicine for diseases of the mouth and helps in the fight against tooth decay.

Prunes also very useful in iron deficiency and beriberi due to the high content of iron in its composition. It turns out that if you seethe prunes in milk, then applying a hot corn, you can successfully remove them. Potassium prunes ahead of bananas, to 1, 5 times. Prunes are a good dietary product and is used in many modern diets.

 Dried fruits - the best products
 Calories of dried fruit   It ranges from 240 to 300 Kcal per 100 gram of product. For example, dried apricots - 241 kcal, prunes - 264 kcal, raisins - 295 kcal, and simple apples - 273 kcal. According to the content of carbohydrates in the lead raisins - 78, 47 programs and dates - 75, 03 grams of 100 grams of dried product.

Receive the best dried fruit distribute evenly throughout the day: in the morning they will charge the body with energy, to satisfy your hunger lunch and in the evening will not overeat at night looking. Not for nothing is added to the dried fruit muesli and other cereals, combining with each other, because they have good compatibility. And rightly so, because each of them has its beneficial properties. But it is desirable that the total amount miracle fruit does not exceed 200-300 grams per day.

Reimburse the energy consumption of the body are best dried fruit and nuts. With these products, people can not only get the vital energy, but also clean and improve your own body. Forming in the gut mucosal solution, dried fruits absorb and deduce all harmful substances: pesticides, radionuclides, antibiotics, excess cholesterol, dyes and preservatives.

Be healthy!
Author: Alesya Marchenko