First there was the egg?
 Remember the age-old question, "What came first: the chicken or the egg? "Which so captivated us in childhood? Chinese craftsmen gave him a definite answer, demonstrating worldwide fabricated egg without the chicken. YES! Yes! Jokes aside! Celestial never ceases to amaze the world with their ingenuity and the desire to reduce the cost of any production.

It is not surprising! After all, you need something to feed a lot of people! All half billion Chinese people laying hens are not enough. That's the most enterprising have realized that it is much cheaper and faster to make fake eggs than hens grow, bring up so wait for them eggs.

In comparison, the production of 1 kg of fake eggs costs 0, 55 yuan. Cost of the 1 kg shell eggs is about 6, 5 yuan. The volume of production of fake eggs are 3-4 thousand per day (!). From these figures it becomes quite clear that the production of fake eggs provides its owners profits.

Today, cases of sale of artificial eggs has been fixed in the Chinese province of Henan, Fujian, Liaoning, Handan, Hebei.

The World Wide Web at various sites were even detailed clearly illustrated recipes for fake eggs. So that anyone can try on this simple business.

 First there was the egg?

The main differences from these fake eggs are as follows:

- First more fragile shells, shiny and rough;

- Man-made raw white and yolk can be individually pick up, both substances have a high elasticity and resilience, not blurred. Some eyewitnesses claim that the fake egg yolk so resilient that can jump on the table, like a tennis ball;

- Since both protein and egg yolk are made of the same substance, over time, they become a homogeneous mass;

- Ready-made scrambled eggs from artificial eggs has a specific smell of chemical additives;

- After cooking fake yolk stretched like rubber;

- Frying eggs fake protein forms a large amount of bubbles.

 First there was the egg?

But in spite of the above differences, the common man in the street immediately determine that artificial egg in front of it - is very difficult. Especially since the palatability of the finished fake eggs with the help of food additives in the manufacture of which China has succeeded incredibly also very close to the natural.

And all would be nothing if not a huge threat to health inflicted by the components of which are made of artificial eggs. For China it has long been a good tradition cheapen the product, without having to worry about the quality. Thus, for the production of false eggs used components such as calcium carbonate, potassium alginate, kalialyuminievye alum, gelatin, food calcium chloride, citric acid, a yellow pigment, a solution of paraffin, gypsum powder, benzoate soda, lactone, carboxymethylcellulose, calcium carbide, lysine. According to conservative estimates of experts, regular consumption of products containing such ingredients - ideal conditions for the emergence of a number of dangerous diseases, including multiple sclerosis, dementia, cancer.

 First there was the egg?

But it turns out artificial eggs - it's not the end of Chinese ingenuity. Residents of China has invented and chicken without egg! Naturally, in it a gram of meat. And this is fried "chicken" made from soy and special supplements tasteful chicken. This dish is even a bone. True, they are not real. If they are cut, it becomes clear that this is nothing more than bamboo shoots, and they are definitely edible.

So the Chinese answer to the question of the primacy of the universe in favor of eggs - very controversial. After all, these eggs is the most you can and destroy the universe ...
Author: Natalia Hryshko