Lemon cleansing
 Lemon gives us a lot of energy, eliminates toxins from our body, stimulates the burning of fat and improves the complexion.

In the West, it is becoming increasingly popular so-called "detox diet". The meaning of such diets are not only in the loss of excess calories, but also in body cleansing, removes accumulated toxins from it.

An abundance of vitamins

This citrus - really a storehouse of vitamins and other nutrients. He gives us a lot of energy, eliminates toxins from our body, stimulates the burning of fat and improves the complexion. The only "but" if you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, especially gastritis, hyperacidity or peptic ulcer, holding a lemon cleanse should be compulsorily agreed with the doctor-gastroenterologist, as it may be contraindicated in your state. At low acidity of the stomach such cleaning program will help to establish the contrary digestion.

Prepare lemonade

The first step is to release the lemon cleanse the body of toxins. Thus there is a normalization of digestion, increase assimilation of nutrients by the body, an overall improvement in health. Cleansing - does not mean starvation or a sharp change in the habitual diet. After depriving the body of food, we put his stress. As a result, instead of removing toxins, we will see the opposite phenomenon - the body begins to store all that is possible and accumulate more toxins.

For effective cleansing is better to use products rich in fiber, and drink plenty of water to accelerate the excretion of toxins from the body. Only need to drink not only water, but with the addition of lemon juice. For the preparation of the lemonade to mix a glass of water with two tablespoons of lemon juice squeezed. Water should be warm or even room temperature. Even if you do not taste very like it, but it's like your liver! To improve the taste of lemonade, you can add a very little vanilla or cinnamon. A glass of the lemonade to drink immediately after waking up, then before each meal, including lunch and afternoon tea at 10:00 - 16:00.

Balanced diet

To accelerate the process of cleansing the body and stimulate the loss of extra kilos, and it is useful to stick to the rational, balanced diet. Prefer light and healthy dishes, various salads, dairy products, fruit, first courses, a small amount of bread, meal, boiled meat and baked fish. An hour before bedtime drink a last glass of water with lemon juice. You will be surprised, but as a result of such a purification system you're even in the evening will feel cheerful and easy.

Lemon and water, in addition to stimulating digestion, help the work of our liver. They also help to reduce appetite as drinking enough fluids before a meal, you warn attacks "brutal appetite" and serving your food gradually reduced by half.

Tricks of the Trade

The importance of proper digestion can not be overestimated. Well coordinated work of the gastrointestinal tract can prevent many diseases, properly maintain the body's immune defenses, prolongs youth. The absence of excess weight, particularly obesity, helps the normal operation of all internal organs, reduces the load on the heart, blood vessels, and spine, brings lightness and good mood.

Good digestion also depends on the compliance of simple but very effective rules.

• Eat always at the same time.

• Try to eat slowly and do not combine food with photo
TV, reading books or press, Internet.

• Thoroughly chew each piece of food to facilitate digestion. Besides thus saturation occurs much faster.

• If your lunch or dinner consists of several courses, then make a break between them. So you really realize you are hungry or eat mechanically.

• If you have to "bite on the go" then try to avoid swallowed a couple of minutes sandwiches or fast food products. It is better to go to a cafe and eat a salad for ten minutes with a portion of the meat dishes than swallow a sandwich, and then half a day to suffer indigestion, weight in the stomach or heartburn.
Author: Natalia Biatova