Look stunning - immediately!
 Increase its attractiveness using 10 amazing tricks.

Each of us was a day when looking in the mirror, I wanted to run away, hide, burrow into the pillow - may not satisfy the condition of hair, or dark circles under the eyes appear bigger and darker. Fortunately, we have found ways to help you cope with the next unforeseen "nasty day." Studies have shown that beauty is not in a perfect body, long blonde hair, or the latest designer outfits. In fact, your visual appeal to a large extent depend on factors such as your communication with others, the environment or the company where you are. We studied 10 unexpected ways to improve your appearance - easy and simple. Here is our beauty secrets!

Golden rule

Rudeness, bad mood, and change your appearance for the worse. Needless rejection of anything and pessimistic attitude is reflected in your appearance. Arrogance makes you knit or raise eyebrows, which is the cause of wrinkles on the forehead, and the falsehood causes periodic spanned sensation in the mouth and lines around the eyes. Even long-term or severe anger lead to the appearance of lines on the face. To emphasize the natural beauty, act graciously and favorably whenever possible. Become a kinder, gentler and more patient - all this reduces the stress on the face, thus increasing the visual appeal.

Interest in other people

People are flattered when you find them attractive - and they respond to you in return. One of the easiest ways to enhance your natural beauty - to be interested in other people.

Show interest in others - a component of trust. And when you have trust and confidence in others, you become more attractive. To feel confident, try to smile more often, maintain eye contact and positive aura.

Do work with love

Loving your job and pursue their dreams - the secret elixir of beauty for women, even that had never heard of. Performing a significant incentive to help you work shine both inside and outside - and it can not play any cosmetic surgery or makeup. Work does not have to go across the path of your ambitions and desires. The more you are interested in work and in life, the more beautiful you look - both externally and internally.

Focus on his or her identity

Feeling fat, pimply and just disgusting? Do not worry. These shortcomings will be, but the main thing will be - your personality. It's a little more than just appearance. Studies have shown that if you are sociable, reliable, hardworking and intelligent, because of you, and so people will think and perceive as an attractive man. It is scientifically proven that the rude people less attractive than good and sociable - regardless of their physical appearance. The next time when it's a bad day, remember to be more often radiate joy.

Surround yourself with people who are ready to help

Recent studies have shown that if you are afraid of a bad reaction to the way the look, then immediately become nervous, uncertain and doubt - that automatically makes you less attractive than others. Close friendships and support will be enough to ease the damaging effect of thoughts about the negative aspects of their appearance. Close relationships help people cope negative about their appearance. Surround yourself with people who know and love you for who you are.

Free your inner self

Have you always dreamed of and ability to hold on and feel like Heidi Klum? As it turns out, the photo shoot with professional photographers can be liberating, enlightening, and just fun! "I've seen women who reincarnate and instantly start to show their natural beauty," - says one photographer whose photo session help women reveal their sensuality. One of her obese clients told about the miraculous effects of the recent shooting: "I recently visited the two big parties and held on the dance floor all the time. It was great, and there was no doubt that, as in the photo, and in the life of my walk and shine in the eyes can overshadow everything. "

Take your wrinkles and use sunscreen

Studies have shown that skin tone influences the perception of beauty more than wrinkles, lines, or stars. Skin tone can tell you about health and reproductive ability, so it is a reasonable desire. Uneven or patchy skin tone caused by cumulative sun exposure and natural aging, can add between 10 and 12 years to the age of the woman. Fortunately, skin tone can be improved! Your skin reflects your health, so do not forget about the regular training, proper nutrition and adequate water consumption.

Weaknesses and deficiencies

Trying to "not be a" - the most common theme for women who underestimate the natural beauty. Despite all your fears, do not hide your personality - show your weaknesses, fears and imperfections - it's just a positive side effect on your appearance.

Organize your space

If you live in a constant hustle and bustle, you probably often feel tired, exhausted and tired. This is certainly reflected in your appearance. If you are tired, somewhat concerned - a common reaction disorganization - and then apparently feel not comfortable. When you organize your home and workplace, you may be wondering how to change your perception of yourself and. The feeling of nirvana, which takes possession of an organized woman doing around the world and a shining light ... and it is impossible to repeat with makeup. "

Decide for yourself what 'beauty'

What do you think makes a woman beautiful? If you have not made your own definition of beauty, you are likely wasting precious time, money and energy in the pursuit of other people's ideas. Instead, focus on activities, thoughts and way of actions that make you feel good. Spend a day at the spa, and take a book out of your monthly list, go shopping and relax in a cafe. Do things that make you happy. After all, a happy woman - certainly a beautiful woman.
Author: Ann, New York