Make changes to your image
 A fresh new year, a fresh new YOU!

When you look in the mirror, you notice that every time see the same picture? If your image of old-fashioned, out of date or just boring, it's time to change something. Use the following tips to get rid of old style and make a move to a new way!

Dispose of old cosmetic products and the transition to new!

If you buy the same cosmetic products for more than three years in a row, stop. When you begin to always use a certain shade of lipstick or shampoo type, you automatically exclude the possibility of starting to look better and slow down the improvement of its own image. Try not to look the same every day. Find three or four different images, which will be an alternative, mixing different shades of makeup, different hairstyles and clothes. Be as bold as you allows you to work and lifestyle. Me. It's fun!

Be fashionable jet

See the logs to create a new, fresh images. Find the model close to you age, with the same preferences, and try to figure out what makes them look good. You should not copy what he saw, and try to use this as an inspiration during the next trip to the store.

Do not lose your sense of humor

Enjoy procedures that have never tried: exotic facial mask or a massage, bold, bright nail polish on the hands and feet. Try everything before deciding what suits you. In addition, visit various spa and salons - so you can determine what you like in one place and do not like in the other.


During your next trip to the barber ask him to do something for his taste and did not tell you. Then ask for a stylish friend to advise that she wanted to see you. Try to make the transition to a new way for at least a month to feel the change. Even in the worst scenario, there is good news - everything can be fixed. Makeup erased hair grow, and clothes can be given. But you will spend a month in the emotional lift, surprising those who know even yourself!
Author: Ann, New York