New Diet
 Every year in the field of fitness and personal care there is something new. And we are happy to try new things. After all, most of us still tend to desire to try and learn something new. That and this year was no exception. There is a new trend in fitness - piloksing and a new diet - a diet Dukan. On the latter we describe in more detail.

Invented diet doctor Pierre Dukan Swedish (Pierre Dukan), which is more than 30 years of experience in nutrition. According to the source, the diet was the culmination of thirty years of research. Dr. Dukan has written 19 books which have been translated into 9 languages. In fact, it's not even a diet, but rather, the power supply system.

The essence of the diet
Like most diets and food systems, at the Dukan diet also has a solid foundation.

1. The diet is easy to fit the tastes and needs of the person. The whole process of weight loss begins with testing, which helps to analyze your needs and your weight. At the moment, there is no site in Russian, but those who are friendly with foreign languages, can try to pass a test on foreign websites.

2. This system is marketed as a diet food to help lose weight naturally, without exhausting yourself starvation.

3. Diet involves passing 4 phases. From the first, where you are actively losing weight, up to the fourth, when you can afford to liberty, and it is a period of stabilization weight. Each phase has its own set of products that help achieve this goal at some point or another.

• So The first phase is called the "Attack" As mentioned, you rapidly lose weight. It has allowed 78 products from a special list. Basically, it is a food that is rich in protein. The first few days may be the most difficult. The principles of this phase: eat as much as you want, as long as the food was all from the list. It is important to eat no less than 3 times a day.

You also need to drink 1, 5 liters of clean water a day. Another important component is oat bran. During the day you should eat 1, 5 tablespoons of this "delicacy".

And at this stage we begin to gradually engage in sports, at least 20 minutes a day.

• Next - phase, called "Cruise" . In this step, the desired weight is achieved. Here alternate days when you eat only proteins, and days when you eat vegetables (28 titles). It can be alternated: protein 5 days, 5 days mixed; 1 day and 1 day protein mixed; 2 days and 2 days of protein mixed.

The third phase   called "Consolidation" . Here for every 10 days to lose about 1 kg. Phase gradually prepares the body out of the diet.

Phase Four "Stabilization" . Here there is a smooth transition from the diet. However, you should be careful and cautious, because you can easily gain weight again.

 New Diet

The list of authorized products . So, we mentioned that there is a list of permitted products. Here he is:

1. Lean meat. It is desirable beef or rabbit.
2. Chicken and turkey.
3. Ham and low in fat.
4. Liver.
5. Any fish and seafood.
6. Eggs.
7. Dairy products with low fat content.
8. Spices, mustard, herbs, onions, garlic, lemon juice.
9. artichoke, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, fennel, lettuce, onion, pumpkin, etc.

This diet gives good results, even if you have too much excess weight, in addition, protein-rich diet helps maintain a feeling of fullness for a long time.

However, we should remember that any diet has contraindications. So before you start, check with your doctor, or listen to your body.
Author: Vera Karabutova