In today's world without salt is no water, no 'tude and not the courts. " Since the time of Paul Brega there were allegations that the salt - the "white poison". Supporters of this version refer to the fact that primitive people did not know and salt, however, they lived a. However, there is no reliable evidence that salt is still not undertake them from any source, and the ancients lived very little.

But we know that already thousands of years 3000-4000 BC salt mining carried out in Libya.

In ancient times, salt was very expensive, so in Abyssinia for four small pieces of salt, you could buy a slave. Salt was considered a sign of wealth, it took care of her brag to neighbors.

Because of the salt deposits military conflicts occurred, and at its lack of "salt riots".

In Russia, the honored guest is always welcomed with bread and salt as a sign of special respect and reverence.

Salt   - NaCl - natural mineral crystalline sodium chloride, containing 39% sodium 4 and 60, 6% of chlorine. Soluble in any liquid.

In our bodies about 50% sodium, which is found in the extracellular fluid, 40% - in the bones and cartilage, about 10% - in the cells. Natrium   contained in human milk, ie we absorb his mother's milk, it has also in the blood, bile, pancreatic juice ...

Without sodium impossible to maintain the acid-alkaline balance, the water-salt metabolism in the body, the constancy of the osmotic pressure. Without it would break all the human nervous system. The intestines and kidneys cease to absorb the nutrition they need. In short, many of the functions of the human body would cease to be carried out. Although, it should be noted that sodium comes into our body not only of salt.

Chlorine   found in human muscle tissue, bone, most of all in the blood and extracellular fluids. With chlorine body lipolysis occurs, as well as hydrochloric acid is formed - the main component of gastric juice, which stimulates the nervous and reproductive systems, contributes to the formation and growth of bone tissue, displays the body of urea.

So without salt neither man nor animal can not exist.

Ancient Chinese doctors advised to eat food with a salty taste to enhance the vital heat. But they also warned that the abuse of salt harms the body no less than the lack of it.

Lots of salt in the diet harms hypertensive patients, people suffering from kidney disease.

Australian doctors believe that excess salt in the diet increases the risk of cataracts (clouding of the lens).

In today's world in many developed countries people use daily 10-15 grams of salt per person. Because salt is ingested not only with the addition of salt to food, but also with the finished products, purchased in the store, whether it's cheese, sausage and more.

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used not only to salt in cooking and at the farm, but also in the treatment of certain diseases.

For example, colds . Coarse salt should be ignited in a pan without oil, pour in a linen bag and attach to the legs at night, wearing wool socks on top.

Saline solution rinse the throat and washed his nose.

When depression   1st. a spoonful of salt diluted in one liter of water and wipe this solution in the morning.

Festered finger   instead of the surgeon can cure salt. To this end, a finger dipped in warm salt bath for a few minutes, after a while the abscess will reveal and pus comes out.

Salt cure rheumatism and arthritis By applying to the affected area with heated salt bags. Some extremists salt mixed with snow and put it on the affected area for 5 minutes.

When constipation   taking into saline. 1 teaspoon salt in a glass of boiled water. Solution drink in the morning.

For the excretion of toxins In the morning on an empty stomach wet finger dipped in the salt lick and adhering to it grains of salt.

When periodontitis   teeth cleaned with fine salt, poured it into a wet toothbrush.

When a fungus on his feet and nails   feet every night washed in a solution of salt (1 tbsp. tablespoon to 1 cup of water at room temperature). Then rinse feet with clean water and wipe dry. Or cotton wool soaked in a saline solution, is applied to the affected area and leave it up to complete drying.

Baths of common salt help lose weight . Briefly, 1, 5 kg of coarse salt is dissolved in a warm bath, and take a bath daily for 15 days. Then a break for 1-2 months and repeat the course.


Salt and popular in cosmetics   from ancient times.

- So, until we reached a recipe procedure, who practiced more compelling Cleopatra. 200 gr. salt mix with a glass of cream and circular movements applied to the skin, starting from the toes up to the neck.

- Face to strengthen the skin, making it softer and more elastic, useful salt washing. To this was dissolved in boiled water 1 teaspoon salt crystal. Daily salt wash and clean the skin pores.

- To get rid of acne face several times a day wiped salty ice.

- Bold or heavily soiled leather with black dots cleaned with fine salt. Cotton swab dipped in soapy water, dipped in salt and gently rubbing it in places where black dots. The procedure is carried out 2-3 times a week 2-3 days.

- Good for the skin and mask with the addition of salt. For example, cottage cheese. 2 tbsp. tablespoons fat cottage cheese rubbed with 1 tbsp. spoon of cream and 1 tbsp. olive oil, add salt on the tip of a knife, carefully mixed and applied to the face, neck and neck for 15-20 minutes. Wash swab dipped in salted water.

- Well restores lost beauty and freshness of sagging, aging and tired skin hot salt packs. The face and neck smeared with fat cream. Dissolve 2 tbsp. l. of salt in 1 liter of boiling water. Dipped in a solution of middle towels, slightly wring out and apply to the chin and neck.

- Baths of salt help strengthen nails and make them smooth.

- That hair does not fall out and grow better, make rubbing of salt. Head first washed with warm water without soap, and then, gently massaging the scalp, rub salt in it for 10-15 minutes. This procedure helps to get rid of dandruff. Spend it 1 time per week for 1-2 months.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva