Magic detox
 Every day we are faced with a huge amount of toxic substances that enter our body through the skin, lungs and intestines, so you should promptly clean it from toxic substances and waste, not to have problems with health and beauty.

Detoxification   It has recently been extensive criticism, and sometimes for obvious reasons. The main thing is not to overdo it. If you plan to carry out detoxification of the body for beach season, make sure it is safe, and focus on energy, health and fitness.

Detoxification   - Not a new invention, and a large number of societies and religions assign considerable time on the diet abstinence, which allows the body (and spirit) to recover and 'cleansed'.

Detox   - A period really helps to improve digestion. Nowadays, when we tend to be crowded caffeine, alcohol, sugar and food additives, at a time when most diets filled with protein, refined carbohydrates and fats, it is not a bad idea - from time to time lead to a state of balance your body.

But do not polgat that detox more effective than it actually is. On some things he can not affect: change your life, to heal disease or make you slim overnight. That he is able to do, though - so it's your turn to give ease and relieve you on a couple of kilos!

At the initial stage of detoxification may experience headaches (often due to a lack of caffeine) or an unpleasant sensation in the mouth (if your digestive system begins to throw out the toxic substances). You should not feel hungry, but you should feel lightness in your stomach. You never feel bad or unhealthy, if you follow a wise plan.

Also, there may be changes in the intestinal tract - naturally, in a positive way. You are in no case to resort to radical detox in case of pregnancy, diabetes, eating disorders, or special medical contraindications. But you should always eat right on schedule.

Next detox plan - a really useful nutrient regime, based on light and fresh products. The most optimal will start its execution on Friday, after work, to make it easier to transfer all of the following week.

Take time for a brisk half-hour walk every day, replacing her intense workout in the gym. Eat as much as you need to satisfy hunger, but only recommended products. Also, be sure that daily sleep at least eight hours, and take the time to treat yourself or to explore, such as meditation.

At the weekend you will have a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to obtain the required rate of protein from legumes, beans, nuts, seeds and fresh fish, whole grains and enjoy the live yogurt.

Not surprisingly, if you feel the lack of caffeine, alcohol, red meat, flour products and fatty dairy products. Some of these products can be replaced with a healthy diet.

Friday evening

Snack.   Fruits or grains 10-15 unsalted almonds or walnuts.

Main part.   A glass of water before a meal. Fresh vegetable soup (with a small amount of salt). Steamed or grilled fish, seasoned with ginger, garlic and fresh coriander, and a lot of steamed vegetables with two tablespoons of sesame oil. Herbal tea, peppermint or chamomile.

Before bedtime.   Living plant yogurt, a teaspoon of honey and a banana.


A glass of warm water with squeezed lemon.

Breakfast.   Large cup of savory rice flakes, dressed rice or soya milk and strawberries.
A small glass of orange juice svezhevyzhitogo. Cup of tea.

Snack.   A generous handful of dried blueberries (or other dried fruit) and oat cakes.

Lunch.   A glass of water before meals. As a main dish salad, consisting of a variety of green leafy vegetables (be brave, improvising with ingredients such as lettuce or baby spinach), seasoned with lemon and balsamic vinegar; grilled asparagus, average handful of seedless grapes, cherry tomatoes, a piece of grilled tuna (canned tuna, or if it is difficult to get fresh), decorated with pumpkin seeds. Herbal tea.

Snack.   Couple rye crackers, peanut butter greased (try almond) and / or a little fruit jam. An Apple.

Evening snack.   A glass of water before meals.
Light vegetable soup. Pea pasta and roasted Mediterranean vegetables; thinly sliced ​​red onion, tomatoes, eggplant, yellow and red peppers, seasoned with olives and baked for half an hour with a small amount of olive oil. Herbal tea.

Before bedtime.   Apricot and plant live yogurt.


A glass of warm water with squeezed lemon.

Breakfast.   A cup of oatmeal with soy or rice milk, decorated with sliced ​​banana and a tablespoon of pine orehov.Chashka herbal tea.

Snack.   Watermelon and apple juice. Put enough of watermelon, including the seeds, rich in minerals, in a blender and mix at high speed, add high-quality apple juice, or ideally, squeeze the apple through the juicer.

Lunch.   A glass of water before meals. Chicken breast (without skin), fried in a pan with a teaspoon of olive oil, garlic and spicy blend of herbs. Mint Salad (big green salad, green peas, seasoned with a living vegetable yogurt, chopped mint and onions Rezantsev). Herbal tea.

Snack.   Vegetables with hummus.

Evening snack.   Tomatoes and spring onion salad with lemon. Corn pasta with pesto, green salad. Herbal tea.

Before bedtime.   Rice crackers with slices of avocado.

When he returned to work on Monday, you will feel restored and full of energy. Before you plunge into old habits, think about what benefits you bring this regime. After all it can be noted that the detox - a springboard to a healthy diet.
Set a goal to replace in the future, cookies and biscuits, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. Increase your intake of herbal tea and coffee substitutes to ease dependence on caffeine.

At least one meal do completely vegetarian, based on beans, beans, lettuce, not abusing the cheese, butter and meat. And change the form of grain, moving from wheat to rye, oats, rice and barley.
Author: Ann, New York