Victory on all fronts: the skin, hair and nails
 What signs tell others about the well-groomed and attractive women? Firstly, the condition of its skin. It should be clean and smooth. Second, the perfect manicure - beautiful, strong nails correct form. And thirdly, of course, hair. Shiny, soft curls always admired! It is these fundamental elements of female beauty, and will be discussed further.

Ideal hand

You, like any woman, cherish your manicure. Long, neat nails - part of your image and emotional balance. But when they began to exfoliate and break, you need to take urgent action. And so, on what to look for in the first place:

Ration.   - Your task is to give your body enough calcium. To do this, turn in your diet more hard cheese, milk and fish. Also useful are cabbage, shrimp and rye bread.

Care.   Weak nails will benefit the olive oil. 1-2 times a week, apply it on your hands and nails. It is also considered a proven remedy salt baths. Dissolve in warm water teaspoon ocean or sea salt and a 20-minute soak in the resultant composition hands.

First person

Admit it, you've always dreamed about making your skin was perfectly smooth and does not require special care. But in reality, this simply can not be. After all, once your body that something is wrong, it signals the skin. However, in your power to get closer to perfection. It is only necessary to know a few secrets:

Ration.   The most important element for skin cells - is water. Its deficiency may certainly turn a dull complexion and peeling. Make it a habit to drink at least two liters of water a day. Another important reason lies in the intestinal microflora. Violation of its balance can be caused by malnutrition and cause goiter. And this is sure to affect the skin. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to spend on drink a course of probiotic preparations, such as Linex. It contains a set of useful bacteria, which normalizes the intestinal microflora.

Care.   Make it a rule not to wash with water from the tap. It is better to use boiled, mineral water or special cleansing agents. Twice a day I use a moisturizer, do not let the skin dry up. Never go to bed in makeup! And chooses cosmetics, optimally suited to your skin type.

Luxury Hair

Beautiful hair - certainly a true gift of nature. But there are a huge number of reasons, the negative impact on their health. How to help brittle, dry strands of lights to find? Remember that split ends need special care:

Ration.   Include in your menu fatty acids. They are contained in fish such as tuna, sardine, salmon, as well as in cereals, nuts, and olives oil.

Care.   Apply to the hair ends useful oil. Perfectly suited castor, burdock, and jojoba. Also regularly trim the split ends and do not abuse hairdryer.