An exciting and vibrant Japanese cosmetics, what are you?
 Japan - so uncharted and mysterious for us, a country with a special traditions and rules. Eastern philosophy, many want to obey, but not everyone is given. Recently touch of Japan was made possible thanks to the secrets of beauty - all known Japanese diet, special cosmetics, all sorts of treatments, gradually pour into our lives.

What good Japanese cosmetics?
The main thing - is that it is completely natural for her production of the raw material of plant or animal origin, which extends special treatment.

Japanese cosmetics is absolutely safe to use and does not cause allergies and addictions. She has absorbed all the best from nature and scientific developments.

You can be sure that it is ideal for skin oriental beauties as well as for representatives of the European Community.

Japanese cosmetics is diverse, so there everyone can find something for themselves. It was like the petals of cherry blossoms touches our skin, gently and tenderly filling all the cells, after its application the skin begins to blossom like, there is lightness, softness of the air - these feelings can not be put to words, they can only feel.

Japanese cosmetics do not like it, she had their names and purpose. In this article, the example of the brand «Esthe GAGA» try to understand these issues. Professional cosmetics «Esthe GAGA» appeared in Russia recently. In Japan, she has 50 years of history and it takes the first place among the professional beauty salon care lines.

So What is unusual in Japanese cosmetics for Russian consumers?
 An exciting and vibrant Japanese cosmetics, what are you?
   Firstly, their names and their methods of use. We are all accustomed to such products as a lotion, cream, tonic ... Such names as a concentrate, the essence, the complex can be at the hearing, but it is unlikely we will be able to make it clear that each of them means. And even more so, very few people know that in Japan, similar to the action of serum lotion. That is, it is not just clean, but also because of the concentrated composition, has healing properties. For example, toning lotion   «Esthe GAGA» (from 1780 r.) Is well absorbed, moisturizing and soothing our skin, it also protects it from external adverse effects, and even has bleaching properties, due to the presence of extracts of gentian, of cucumber, perilla leaf, arnica, ivy, mallow. A lotion can be called as the final procedure of the cream.

Essences   may also be different in their consistency resemble serum or cream. Contain substantial amounts of active substances which penetrate better into the skin with a large number of biologically active components, which helps to quickly cope with problems on the skin. For example, the essence of «NC ESSENCE» (from 8420 r.) For the neck and chest area for a short time, improves skin tone, wrinkles, thanks to a complex of amino acids, which provide an effective lifting of the skin, a cream.

 An exciting and vibrant Japanese cosmetics, what are you?
 For better wetting and lift aging skin in the Japanese cosmetics are also presented: Principal placenta extract . hyaluronic acid . Principal collagen   (from 5600 r.), ideal for aging skin, thanks to its curative properties, it slows down the process considerably moisturizing, improving skin elasticity and having an instant lifting effect. After its application feels a special lightness and elasticity of the skin. The extract collagen is part of the vitamin complex, together they will have a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and nails.

Professional cosmetologists say that Essence   "Super Secret Concentrate" (from 8750 r.) The first time can improve the complexion, improve skin tone, in a short time to rid the skin from wrinkles and sagging, eliminate and prevent the appearance of pigmentation and blemishes. All this is achieved thanks to natural ingredients that do not cause allergic reactions, and addiction.

 An exciting and vibrant Japanese cosmetics, what are you?
 Not to mention the massage preparations Presented in Japanese cosmetics. We have all heard about the Japanese SPA, but few of us have experienced its healing and charming properties. During a massage specialists use jelly (6000 p.), Creams, oils (from 2160 r.). These funds not only have relaxing properties, but also healing. Penetrating into the deep layers of oil have an antioxidant effect and greatly rejuvenate the skin. Jelly during the massage is designed to reduce congestion in the body, promotes excretion of excess fluid, it also has anti-cellulite effect, giving the skin elasticity and smoothness.

List the medications listed in the Japanese cosmetics can be a long time, because of their great variety in the same «Esthe GAGA» - more than 80 positions.

In conclusion, I would like to say that Japanese cosmetics in Russia is represented by the professional line for use in stores, there is also a home line. Just before the very start using any medication, you should consult your professional beautician, who will pick up necessary for your type and structure of the skin cream, essence or lotion, and believe me it is much more profitable than blindly buy any cream, as then I do not know what to do with it.

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Author: Larisa Vyskrebentseva specialist cosmetic line ESTHE GAGA