Cilikonovaya utensils. From the "Silicon generation"
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In the Stone Age, people learned to process the stone, in bronze - humanity subdued bronze, Iron Age announced a new round of development of civilization thanks to applications of iron. And what is remarkable this century? Our generation can rightly be called silicone, because this versatile material has leaked into many spheres of our life, and an excellent reputation.

No exception, and forms for delicious homemade cakes. Today silicone utensils for baking is incredibly popular among housewives.

What is it about

Silicone is a flexible tableware containers of various shapes, at temperatures from -40 to +250 degrees. Due to such a wide temperature range, silicone molds are used for manufacturing baking and freezing ice. At the same time cook in a silicone dish can be in the oven, and microwave ovens, and Aerogrill.

The silicone forms a very tasty and aesthetically obtained muffins, pies, baked fish, stew, jelly, pudding, jelly, frozen juice, ice cream, frozen icicles inside the berries, frozen infusion of herbs for cosmetic purposes.

Wash the silicone molds can be used in the dishwasher, and under normal running tap water using conventional detergents.

 Cilikonovaya utensils. From the "Silicon generation"
   Silicone molds - not only the destiny of household use. Fine tableware such has established itself in the baking and confectionery industry.

Besides silicone baking molds are commercially available silicone blades, knives, cooking brush, cover, stand under the hot and noise and vibration absorbers.

 Cilikonovaya utensils. From the "Silicon generation"

Silicone Stand can also be used as a tack, and noise absorbers are special caps on legs vibrating appliances. Such silicone nozzle also will save your floor from mechanical damage.

 Cilikonovaya utensils. From the "Silicon generation"

Why silicone

Silicone capacity gained its rightful place in the modern kitchen, as the silicone material is very flexible, allowing you to simply and accurately without damaging the shape of dishes, remove the cakes, removing the dishes inside.

This property of silicone, flexibility, and will come in handy on a miniature kitchen. After the silicone containers can simply be tightly rolled into a tube and placed in the compact kitchen drawer. When you use the form of easily restored to its original appearance.

In addition, even if the cake in the form of silicone little Bree, wash it much easier than any other form of material. In addition, the silicone did not absorb odors.

Silicone utensils will surprise thrifty housewives that she regular lubrication is not required.

But most importantly, that the silicone material is recognized as one of the most eco-friendly today. And for the production of silicon capacity is used only high-quality medical silicone. Furthermore, silicone - inert substance, and hence it does not react with the products or by heating or freeze, reducing toxicity of food cooked therein to a minimum.

Silicone molds and delight fans of low-calorie foods, and fans of good physical shape. For silicone - a material non-stick, and oil for the lubrication tank need only at the first baking and then just a little.

The service life of the silicone utensils for much longer than that of the same Teflon.

Limitations and disadvantages of silicone cookware

- When cooking in silicone cookware, use only special kitchen tools, so as not to damage the shape. Blades, vanes need only be made of wood, plastic or the same silicone.

- Move container filled with silicone is necessary only in the pan, stand, grill or microwave circle.

- Immediately after removing the dishes in the silicone mold from the oven is not necessary to get a culinary masterpiece from the tank. First, you need to baking to cool.

- In no case can not be put on silicone cookware open flame gas stove or electric burner heated.

- Wash the silicone mold can only mild detergents, and in any case, do not use abrasive.

- For long-term storage of ice in the tanks should be covered with silicone edible film.

- Some of the new posts complaining about silicone utensils with sharp forms, as in its parts may still be stuck with the withdrawal of the pieces of cooked dishes. For this reason, beginners in the culinary business is recommended to choose silicone container rounded forms.

 Cilikonovaya utensils. From the "Silicon generation"
 Where to buy

Today silicone molds offers a variety of well-known reputable manufacturers in the market. Among them are such eminent tableware brands like Tupperware, the company HORSE and others.

How much is

Depending on the size of the price of silicone molds range between 10-25 USD Around 15 USD unit cost and other kitchen utensils made of silicone.

So, where do we start? With baking the cake or making ice cream?
Author: Natalia Hryshko