How to create a new page in the history of fashion
 Fashion popular designers almost always reveal new trends in the industry of creating fashion. Very often daring design steps suggests the experiments, help women to completely transform, create a new style, a new look at yourself.

To become a popular new thing must first conquer the hearts of many fashionistas. A fashion shows are sometimes strong momentum, which helps promote the clothing. Therefore, designers seriously concerned about the fact that they show created a furore. And it is important to take into account many of the details.

Equally important is the design of the show. After all, according to this it might get a general idea of ​​the collection. Therefore, when decorating the scene trying to think through everything - originality, sophistication. In addition, the design must be in harmony with the theme of the collection.

 How to create a new page in the history of fashion
Some of the most beautiful shows, on the right - shows the American underwear brand Victoria's Secret

The second important point - the lighting during the show. Lighting options should be weighed so that the audience could see every flavor in new clothes, to objectively evaluate the different options along. Therefore, the light in the room should be bright enough, not use the color rays - to emphasize the important accents.

In addition, the displays of "fashionable" Designers are always present editors, journalists, photographers popular magazines. And if the pictures of the new clothing appear in magazines such naturally increases the likelihood that these clothes will be in great demand. But it is important that the pictures turned out quite good quality. This factor also depends on the nature of the illumination. Therefore, the right light here - the basis of success.

 How to create a new page in the history of fashion
Anna Wintour, the legendary editor in chief of American Vogue, do not miss the iconic fashion show. Showing Dior CruiseCollection, 2008

A very important role in the show is the appearance of models. Therefore, special people - Model Booker   - Working on the selection of girls for shows and to advance models. One such model Booker in an interview said that the selection of the girls drew attention not only to the appearance, but also in the inner world. In this there is a certain wisdom. After all, if a girl inside radiates warmth and positive, the audience (both male and female) will not withdraw from her eyes. The presence of such models at the show will create a wonderful atmosphere in the hall, and no one will be indifferent.

 How to create a new page in the history of fashion
Famous top model 90 are still receiving invitations to contemporary shows (although many already 40), their manner and style are still recognized individual and unique. Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova, Claudia Schiffer

 How to create a new page in the history of fashion
Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford

It's no secret that the presence of show business stars and other famous people largely ensures the success of the show. By the way, especially for popular personalities takes a place in the forefront, they are constantly in the spotlight. After all, if any actress or singer draw attention to the collection, choose the right dress and leave positive feedback - it can play a decisive role in competition in the fashion industry. Because, even though most people are guided only by personal preferences when choosing a brand of clothing, the phrase that the popular top star has appeared in public in the dress of a certain designer, makes fashionistas (especially the young) to reflect on the fact that the collection of the designer really They have something special and charming.

 How to create a new page in the history of fashion
Actress Milla Jovovich and designer - a frequent guest of fashion shows, show John Galliano, Paris Fashion Week 2009

In addition, it should be said that a very important role in the fashion industry now plays a creative approach. After all, in order to stand out, to distinguish among hundreds of other members of the profession, designers need to have its own special perspective on things and know how nice "present" to the audience and spectator new idea. The highlight shows in the fact that we see a collection of new things as something unified and whole, in its own unique and bound by a common idea, we can marvel at the idea, and we have a desire to acquire one of the things. At the same time, having seen such a thing accidentally hit the stores, we do not think about what the designer thought up such a model, and we can pass by without paying attention to her.

Of course, the work should be noticeable in the design of the room. At the shows, you can now create a festive atmosphere and romance, to highlight the bright colors in clothes or, conversely, decorating the hall and reserved strictly for the purpose of creating business style. But the most important thing in any fashion show - friendly and hospitable staff.

Thus, the fashion show - is confident steps forward in the history of fashion. And they are unique and inimitable as the wonderful world of fashion that surrounds us.
Author: Alla Pilipenko