The five most important in the lives of women bags
 In the women's bag hides a whole world. It has far-reaching plans in the diary, and the "magic" means beauty beautician, and connection to the world via the iPhone. But whether the handbag is so important for women? Such bags much more. We present our top 5 most important shopping bags in a woman's life.


Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that the most important bag in the lives of most of the fairer sex is just a lady. The more disappointment we feel when faced with a non-functional approach in its creation. Thus, the market can find a stylish bag, which, however, no internal divisions, and even pockets (or have one pocket, but the appearance), if not lightning or buttons. There are options when there is lightning, but the top is not completely covers the interior of the bag. On the side you can easily stick a hand, leaving the owner of the accessory without tools and documents. Buy a bag - which means without a moment to be quiet for the safety of their money, smartphone, etc. Therefore, the pursuit of beauty do not forget about security. Choose a bag with a reliable zipper top, with internal compartment, which has a separate zip.

What else came up with manufacturers of handbags? Within the collection Simply my Samsonite bag manufacturer has created a "two in one". Thanks to the internal device you no longer need to shift a dozen little things out of the bag in the bag, constantly risking something to forget. Put all things in the removable inner compartment, you can easily move it from one bag to another. So you can be sure that nothing is forgotten. Models of this collection is versatile and practical. They have several offices, a lot of useful pockets, and three silicone inserts in each bag allow you to conveniently place your things, finding the right place for every detail. Simply my Samsonite products are made of high quality material, so that bag will last more than one season.

 The five most important in the lives of women bags

Photo: from the collection of bags Simply my Samsonite

Travel bag

Do not imagine why to travel bag, if the attic is waiting for his moment of glory huge suitcase? So, we will understand.

Firstly, a travel bag comfortable to ride in the "near" trip. Do not you go to a friend at the dacha with a suitcase ...

Second, the travel bag - this is the most suitable option for the luggage of two or three-day trips. A lot of things for a couple of days, you definitely do not need.

Third, travel bags Samsonite can serve as the perfect complement to the suitcases. An important difference is that the bag can take with you on the plane, while the roomy suitcase still have to put in your luggage. The travel bag can be put in the appropriate way, as well as expensive and fragile items, for which would not like to once again experience (camera, notebook, etc.).

To all luggage combined in style and texture, Samsonite creates a single collection different kinds of bags - suitcases, holdall, travel bags, beauty cases and wallets. All goes well and sold in one store!

 The five most important in the lives of women bags


The journey of your dreams can not take place without a reliable suitcases. The diversity of models is not too difficult to get lost. Here is a memo that will help to choose the "right" suitcase.

- For two people is better to take one big, not two small suitcases - a large suitcase great opportunity, and the total weight is less.
- Hard durable soft luggage. So choose from polypropylene bags with titanium chips - they are harder to break and scratch. The most durable material is a suitcase CurvĀ®, which is also used to make bullet-proof vests. Samsonite Suitcases made of this material can withstand the weight of freight wagons and the weight of them - very light (for example, a huge trunk with 117 liters weighs less than 4 kg, and 50 liter bag - less than 2, 5 kg!).
- Four-wheel drive is always better than two. This is a more reliable option, and no doubt more comfortable. Roll suitcase on four wheels can be effortless. It is easily deployed, and without the need to lift and reposition the luggage.
- Handle the suitcase must get out of the housing and fixed. Fallback - extra soft handle on the side (in the case of failure of the first).
- Lightning should be protected, otherwise it is possible to break a couple of seconds. From lightning damage and protects dense border.

 The five most important in the lives of women bags

- Combination lock TSA, which can be incised and removable, is necessary for those who are traveling within the United States. The key to this lock is only for employees of airport security. They baggage, and the code on the lock will remain the same. Thanks to an innovative lock for the safety of things you can not survive.
- The suitcase has to be functional - comfortable compartment, numerous pockets, etc.
- In really high-quality products is always a guarantee. For example, Samsonite suitcases she reaches 10 years. Russia has service workshops warranty and service, so that even if years later your suitcase something "fall off", just ask one of the addresses.


A woman who cares for her wardrobe, can not do without holdall - convenient bags with hanger, which is expanded in length by more than a meter and will drop off your clothes to your destination safe and sound.

Holdall Samsonite - graceful and light (weight 800 grams). They are so reliable that the company provides them international guarantee - from 5 to 10 years depending on the model. With Samsonite holdall you can travel around the world. Bag is equipped with a hinged combination lock with function TSA - the security of the country will make inspection of bags using a special key. Thus your holdall will remain closed to the code that you set.


It would seem impossible to keep all cosmetics in order, because the tubes and jars so much. In addition, when you use the means constantly, they begin to "live" in different rooms. Some "spend the night" in handbags, others remain in the bathroom, others perekochuyut on the dressing table, and a fourth "stuck" in the hallway. Common home for all cosmetic products become beauty-case.

 The five most important in the lives of women bags

In the photo: a suitcase and beauty-case Samsonite Cordoba

The main difference between beauty cases of beauticians is much greater functionality. If the beautician all means "dumped" into one pile, the beauty-case for each type of vehicle or funds allocated own pocket or sliding shelf. Next, beauty cases often have a rigid frame, so you can be sure that the tool does not overflow when pressed (eg, a tube). The first to appreciate the convenience beauty cases those whose case has ever suffered from a toilet water or poured out on the leaked documents tonalnika. With beauty cases this will not happen. Since it is convenient in everyday life and in the journey - cosmetics no longer need to look for, she had a "registration"! By the way, beauty cases Samsonite will not give you trouble when moving as well attached to the suitcase. They seem made for each other, how do you set up for a pleasant and comfortable life. And to help you in this bag!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya