"Beauty - terrible force" or what most attracted to men?
 Oh, that 'beauty - a terrible force "every girl absorbs from infancy. Probably not in the world, girls and women, who would not want to be beautiful. In vain we were told grandmother and educators that a woman decorates modesty and ability to run the household and so on, so forth. We want to be beautiful and the point!

A majority of women want to be beautiful for men ...

Then the scientists studied the psychology of addiction and men eased the fate of "Cinderella" and "gray mice" who do not have money for clothes haute couture. It turns out, the man does not look at the label, and how a woman looks in a particular dress. That is, if clothes   by famous fashion girl sitting on a saddle on a cow like, she will lose her rival, who sewed the dress mom or girlfriend, but is sitting on it like a glove.

Most men like the soft flowing fabrics that make the work of male fantasies.

Shoes   men like heels, but not too high, when he begins the heart-stopping, then tremble, fearing that at any moment the companion can fail ...

For some reason, most men like sandals when the open portion of the heel and the toe. But the "boat" male left completely untouched.

 "Beauty - terrible force" or what most attracted to men?
 Hair   men like long and medium length, scattered in artistic disorder. To smooth heads they are indifferent and sophisticated hairstyles suggest their horror. Especially frightening abundance of lacquer on the hair of women. But locks are welcome.

In what color to paint the hair, to charm a man? Someone like brunettes, someone - blonde, someone - red. But nobody wants a girl with a blue, pink, green and purple hair ... So, if painted, then choose natural shades.

Now face painting ...   Movies about Indians like many men, they make them remember the child, but to see the war paint on the face of the woman he loved would only 0, 001 men ... Therefore, make-up should be such that the man he simply did not notice. The more blush, mascara, shadows, powder, the less ... the fans.

 "Beauty - terrible force" or what most attracted to men?
 About advertising bent Eyelashes . They saw only 1 man out of 100 thousand.

 "Beauty - terrible force" or what most attracted to men?
 Lipstick   It should also be close to the natural color of the lips and resemble petals. Bright red lips reminiscent of sensitive men had just dined vampire ... Violet and purple - the one who had this same meal for a vampire ...

Jewellery.   Lovers man not averse to give them to their girls. They like a thin chain on her neck with a pendant drop down to the valley between her breasts, as chains bracelets on her wrists. Jewellery should be graceful, all bulky tires masculine vision. Almost all men are opposed to piercing on any part of a woman's body.

And anyway, no matter how strange, but attract men no clothes, no jewelry, and outdoor friendly view , Sincere smile   and lips, always ready to smile.

Highly regarded the ability to listen , The percentage of men who are ready to fall in love with their attentive listener effusions, just rolls - 99, 9%.

Assign a second and third date 93% of men are willing to a woman, do not tend to criticize, to emphasize self-sufficiency and strength, as well as one that emits some fun and lightheartedness.

 "Beauty - terrible force" or what most attracted to men?

In the West, for example, women will learn from the CIS is the abundance of cosmetics, in high heels and a chic outfit.

But here's an opinion that women dress not for men, and to combat other women on the spot. I do not know, do not know ... just another woman is difficult. Remember, though Ellochka Lyudoedochku who sewed his own clothes themselves from scrap materials, and easily wiped his nose beauty magazine-billionaire ...

Personally, I think that a woman should dress for herself, because it is convenient, comfortable, and that she liked herself admiring his reflection in the mirror. It is the love of self and makes a woman attractive to men because a woman radiates happiness and harmony, and who do not want to be with a man who lives in harmony with himself and the world around them?

 "Beauty - terrible force" or what most attracted to men?

Author: Natalia Alexeeva