Empire L'Oréal: a battle over the estate
 Affirming the slogan "Because you deserve it! "Sure sign of every woman, it belongs to the cosmetic giant L'Oréal. Production of all kinds of cosmetics, advertising campaigns featuring top models and Hollywood actresses, famous all over the world - this is the front facade, and behind closed doors - treacherous intrigue and a fierce battle over the estate.

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Family Tradition
One day, a young Frenchwoman Louise Madeleine Burt Dons spoiled her beautiful hair of poor quality hair dye. Her husband, a French chemist Eugène Schueller, promised to create the world's best hair dye for his beloved wife. Soon, he kept his promise. So says the family tradition.

In 1907, Eugene Schuller founded a small cosmetics company and launched the production of hair dye. In 30-ies of XX century, that company became known as L'Oréal. The company still exists today and produces everything you need for grooming, but a century later it is a means of hair care products continue to occupy a leading position in the range of cosmetics L'Oréal.

Empire L'Oréal
Cosmetic company L'Oréal - a real empire. To verify this, it suffices to cite the example of a few figures: the total number of employees - over 64 000 people, 13 research centers, 42 plants, 17 international brands, chain stores in 150 countries around the world - it's all L'Oréal.

The market value of the company amounts to more than 50 billion euros. The capital of the empire L'Oréal is in France, in the Paris suburb of Clichy.

 Empire L Oréal: a battle over the estate
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Possession of vast empires, the company owned by L'Oréal-known cosmetic companies and brands. Almost any cosmetic shop in the world can buy the products of mass use: L'Oréal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline New York. In pharmacies sold cosmetics Vichy, La Rochay-Posay, Inneov. Presented in the boutique luxury cosmetics Biotherm, Ralph Lauren, Lancôme, Helena Rubinstein, Giorgio Armani Parfums and Cosmetics, Guy Laroche.

The richest woman in France
In 1922, the family of the founder of L'Oréal Mr. Schuller daughter Lillian. In 1927, when she was only 5 years old, her mother died. Lillian's father engaged in bringing up. Time passed quickly, in 1950 it was already the most Lilian create a family, she married politician André Bettencourt. In 1956, a married couple's daughter, Francoise Bettencourt was born. The couple André and Liliane Bettencourt have been married for more than 50 years, in 2007, Liliane Bettencourt widowed.

Currently, Liliane Bettencourt is the owner (or rather - the main shareholder) cosmetics company L'Oréal. Liliane Bettencourt's personal fortune is estimated at several billion euros, it is one of the richest women in the world and the richest woman in France. From the side it seemed that the L'Oréal empire stronger and more powerful than ever, and one day will pass the reins to Francoise Bettencourt-Meyer (Meyer - married name). It Francoise, daughter of Liliane Bettencourt, the only legitimate heir to a multibillion-dollar state. But suddenly announced another contender for the inheritance - a Francois-Marie Banier.

 Empire L Oréal: a battle over the estate
Lillian and her daughter. Photo: gzt.ru

The battle over the estate
Liliane Bettencourt met François-Marie Banier in 1987, since their communication is not interrupted. Selflessness whether Mr. Banier? For more than 20 years of friendship Banier received from Liliane Bettencourt as gifts (works of art, real estate and so forth.) And a cash amount of approximately one billion euros. By the way, in judicial proceedings, this amount documented. Friendship with the owner of L'Oréal turned Bagneux in a very rich man. Rumors that Liliane Bettencourt and Banier wants to adopt to marry him in order to bequeath to him all his fortune.

 Empire L Oréal: a battle over the estate
François-Marie Banier. Photo: livestory.com.ua

Daughter Francoise sounded the alarm, but to solve the problem within the family, and not to wash dirty linen in public failed. Denying his daughter inheritance and give everything Alphonse possible only failing himself - so reasoned worried and resentful daughter and went to court. Details of the division of the inheritance leaked to the media for several months Europeans are closely watching the dramatic developments.

In summer 2009, Francoise Bettencourt filed a lawsuit against the possibility of a request to initiate a lawsuit on the recognition of his mother, Liliane Bettencourt, dysfunctional and the appointment of her guardian. Trustee intends to become Francoise herself, she managed to get such permission. The winter of 2009, she began an immediate trial as a mother incapable of recognizing and against François-Marie Banier for fraud. According to his daughter, Banier took advantage of her mental weakness elderly mother and fraudulently lured from her large sums of money.

 Empire L Oréal: a battle over the estate
Liliane Bettencourt's daughter, Francoise. Photo: livestory.com.ua

Sinister Butler
Liliane Bettencourt lives in a luxurious mansion. Of course, without the help of state servants it does not deal with the economy. Have the richest woman in France and the butler - or rather, it was. Twenty years Pascale Bonnefoy served faithfully for his mistress. In May 2009, the butler in addition to their main duties with the help of a miniature recorder secretly record did Liliane Bettencourt talks with her lawyers and business partners. Espionage treacherous servants continued until April 2010.

In an interview with the French magazine Le Point butler said that he took notes on his own initiative. His action, he explains the desire to protect its owner from people who manipulate it. Not surprisingly, these record were in the hands of Francoise Bettencourt and her assistants-lawyers.

What is the reaction of the Liliane Bettencourt? Lawyers for the richest woman in France believe that the butler did not act unselfishly, bribed his daughter billionaire. Whatever it was, the recording should help to objectively understand the situation.

An applicant for an inheritance
Who is he, the applicant for an inheritance? François-Marie Banier is now a little over 60. In the circles of the Parisian beau monde, he is known as a writer, artist, photographer. He leads acquaintance with famous people from the world of art. In particular, they say that once on his motorcycle he drove along the roads of France, the famous artist Salvador Dali. François-Marie Banier is proud to be a play he had written in his youth, he praised Louis Aragon.

With the owner of the L'Oréal Bagneux he met when he was 40 years old. The late spouse Liliane Bettencourt regarded this communication as to the whim of his elderly wife. People familiar with the Bagneux, note that it is sociable and charming person. He succeeded so fascinated by Liliane Bettencourt, that the list of expensive gifts, it prepodnesёnnyh billionaire, appears even an island in the Seychelles archipelago.

In connection with the violent activity hurt his daughter, patron saint of Bagneux was in quite a predicament. If the court finds him guilty of using mental weakness billionaire and fraud, he faces a large fine of almost 400 million euros and a prison term of up to three years.

Banier does not consider himself guilty. According to him, Liliane Bettencourt is free to dispose of their own state and may make gifts to any person who she liked. But how Bagneux commented Le Monde journal given to him by the island: "I do not care about their grandmother. I hate this island, it is teeming with mosquitoes, it is tiny, and there is very humid. In addition, there are sharks. Johnny Depp's two islands in the Pacific, he invited me there many times, but I never will not go there. "

Instead of an epilogue
Hardly daughter Liliane Bettencourt assumed that the battle over the estate will acquire a rather unexpected turn. After the publication of audio recordings made by a butler, Liliane Bettencourt is at the center of a major financial and political scandal, which involved an influential member of the Government of France, Eric Woerth and his wife.

Now, the richest woman in France is accused of tax evasion. In the case of L'Oréal we can talk about millions of euros alleged shortfall in the budget of France. Charge more than serious.

Liliane Bettencourt face new trials.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova