How to look good on New Year's Day
 New Year - a holiday for which we are preparing very carefully, because as you meet the year, so spend it, and spend it wants a beautiful, healthy and youthful. Help us dazzling look at numerous parties few simple but useful cosmetics.

The first thing is to say goodbye in the new year, it wrinkles. Agree, they give us absolutely nowhere. Help maintain tone the delicate skin around the eyes Soft Lotion Eye Makeup Remover   and smoothing anti-wrinkle cream for the eye contour   from Diademine . Special New Year they are issued in a set with a sparkling brooch, which you can decorate a festive dress.

 How to look good on New Year's Day

Soft Lotion Eye Makeup Remover   from Diademine   - One of the best resources on the properties, and the optimal ratio of price and quality. Light and non-greasy, it is easy to wash away even waterproof makeup. Lotion does not dry the skin and leaves no oily sheen, and the formula with cornflower extract gently cares for sensitive skin around the eyes and helps reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes. The lotion tested by dermatologists and is suitable even for those who use contact lenses.

It will help to cope with the wrinkles around the eyes Smoothing Cream Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contour Eye Contour Lift +   from Diademine . This anti-aging cream stimulates the natural production of collagen - the protein that supports skin elasticity. With this smooth fine lines and reduces puffiness. The light texture of the cream creates a refreshing and calming effect, which is especially important for sensitive skin around the eyes.

 How to look good on New Year's Day

To feel like a queen at a ball, you need to take care of the body. Thin, faint aroma of the skin and soft shimmering sheen perfectly complement the image.

Do not you want the absolute freedom? So let them come to pass even one of your desire. Take a shower with a new gel Camay Enduring Freedom . The delicate aroma will awaken your imagination, and after the New Year - this is the right time for dreams and making wishes. Sensual smell of neroli give you charm and femininity, but a slight tinge of morning dew will give a sense of freshness and cleanliness. Just a few minutes in the shower will take you to the French blooming meadows filled with sunlight and the fragrance of violets, jasmine, lavender, rose and orange blossom.

In winter, we are particularly pleased with the warm smell - they are warm and bring comfort. Milk and honey   It will help not only the patient's throat (pah-pah-pah), but our skin - they will make it soft and radiant. Holiday Series Milk & Honey Gold   from Oriflame   specially designed for parties and romantic evenings. Fragrant journey begins with a thick Shower Cream And reaches its climax with a delicate and luxurious body cream Comprising organic extracts of honey and milk. Cream softens, smoothes and moisturizes the skin for a long time. It is quickly absorbed - you can wear festive attire in a few minutes after application. It will be the perfect complement softening hand cream .

 How to look good on New Year's Day

An important part of the look of a woman - it was her hair. If you dream of smooth straight hair, then for you to set the New Year released Gliss Kur Asian smoothness , Which includes shampoo, conditioner and lovely hair band. Designed specifically for unruly hair, shampoo and balm   intense smooth hair up to 24 hours. Their constituent extracts of bamboo and orchid restore damaged areas of the hair, making it easier combing and giving a noticeable shine.

 How to look good on New Year's Day

To hair looked healthy and beautiful, try one of the special care.

The innovative series Aqua Light   from Pantene   It provides food and protection for fine hair without weighting: hairstyle will look voluminous and fluffy even after applying the mask. The main thing is not to overdo it on the hair: apply it only on the tips and wash immediately. This time will be enough that nutrients penetrated into the hair.

For dry and damaged hair suit Express-conditioner Power & Protection   and Transforms Serum Spray Total Repair 19   from Gliss Kur . The two-phase Express-conditioner Power & Protection   will be a real salvation for unruly hair, he detangles and smoothes the hair surface and strengthens it. In addition, it protects the hair from adverse environmental conditions. Serum Spray Total Repair 19   It gives the hair elasticity and shiny luster. Both of these are good care that does not require rinsing and can be used as needed.

This fragrant pleasure to deliver mask and cream leaves love to the tips   from Herbal Essences . Velvety formula with extracts of ripe raspberry and silk will give an unforgettable pleasure fragrant and beautiful, healthy and strong hair! Intensive Mask fill curls force and make them obedient and shining. Cream-care consolidate this effect easier folding and protection from the weather.

 How to look good on New Year's Day

Here we come to that, without which the New Year's Eve will not do any woman. Even if it is on ordinary days is not a single gram of makeup, the New Year she will let you down a little touch up eyes and lips.

Lumene brand offers the necessary tools for a festive evening. The real salvation for oily skin will matting foundation Double stay Mineral Matt Makeup Which will provide a matte tone face throughout the New Year's Eve. The light texture of the cream is not felt on the skin and allows it to breathe. Arctic amethyst, included in the formula of a cream, improves the complexion and eliminates the effects of stress.

To recreate the northern lights - make up the Snow Queen - are designed eyeshadow with minerals Arctic Duet   from Lumene . To create a pastel shade colors are applied dry, but if you love bright make-up, they can be used wet. Shadows is not only convenient to use (easy to apply and stay long), but also care for the skin of eyelids, protecting it from external factors due to the content of the Arctic minerals.

For make-up lips Lumene   It represents a novelty - Wild Rose lipstick . Among the more than two shades of every girl will find suitable for her. Special formula lipstick provides a stable and rich color. Included in the Arctic rose hip oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the lips, giving her a sense of comfort.

 How to look good on New Year's Day

Do not forget the powder! If you do not want to receive all the photographs with a brilliant face Russian nesting dolls, the powder should always be at hand. This is an indispensable tool for use before the photoshoot all celebrities - both women and men. Shimmering loose powder Giordani Gold by Oriflame   It does not clog pores and is suitable for all skin types. Luxury powder will give the skin of the face and neck exquisite warm tones and gentle radiance. The original puff with a comfortable handle ensures perfect application. Convenient and beautiful bottle for "transport", which is necessary if you do not celebrate the New Year at home.

 How to look good on New Year's Day

For the bold and bright girls Brand Oriflame   It offers a series of Cabaret , Which includes lip gloss, liquid eyeliner and false eyelashes. With their help, you can create an image of the fatal temptress or a seductive dancer. Shine   It gives the lips a bright saturated color and pearlescent ultraglyantsevy. Eyeliner   with convenient brush emphasize the eye contour, and false eyelashes   draw attention to your eyes.

In such a necessary and important things like mascara each has their own preferences. Anyone will be able to satisfy the taste of mascara on Oriflame . For lovers of heavy vzmazhov long lashes brand offers stable lengthening mascara Infinite . It is ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle, because this mascara on the eyelashes kept until the evening. She was not crumbling, and not smeared slides - you are great all day!

For those who want their lashes were like fluffy wings butterfly suit Mascara UltaObem . It will emphasize the expressiveness of your eyes and increase the number of your fans! Plastic brush for convenient application, and the special formula increases the amount of fine cilia!

It emphasizes the magnificent new sensual lips Lipstick EnergoBlesk   from Oriflame . Limited edition of the best-selling lipstick, timed to coincide with the holidays, placed in an exclusive gold bottle. Intense color, enhanced with gold microparticles, and soft lips care - were still gorgeous!

 How to look good on New Year's Day

What a new year without mandarins? Tangerines on the table, mandarin under the tree ... And what about the mandarins at noggyah? Bright shade # 545 Electric Orange   from CND   undoubtedly draw attention to your fingers. Add orange mood in cool shades of the Russian winter! Lucky CND lie perfectly flat and dry quickly, making Christmas manicure will not take much of your time. They do not contain harmful substances and does not spoil the nails. Please add the effect of a variety of coatings can be of the same brand: pearly, sparkling, holographic ...

If you prefer a man-made version and is not afraid to be the center of attention, Metallic paints   from Oriflame   - your choice. Blue and pink tint suitable primarily blondes who can stand in the way of the Snow Queen of the XXI century. Bright vibrant color of your nail will not go unnoticed! The ideal complement to these lacquers are eye shadow   In the same series Metallic.

 How to look good on New Year's Day

Attire is selected, make-up done, now it's hairdo. Add shine to your hair Foam packing Taft radiant shine . This is a true must-have for anyone who is going to a party. After all, this foam gives the hair brilliant shine of this - your hair will shine with a million shiny glare. Hair looks natural: foam does not leave feeling glued hair, but at the same time provides a superstrong fixation.

To make the brightness of colored hair, use a series of WellaFlex Shining colors , Which includes hair fixation spray . foam   and fluid styling . The special formula cares for colored hair retain its shine and provides an elastic fit. In addition, the formula of funds prevents the loss of moisture and protects the hair from the harmful effects of the environment.

For dry and damaged hair suit fluid styling Taft Three weather . With it, you are not afraid of any wind or snow - your hair will stay perfect and at the party, and active games outdoors. The liquid does not weigh down the hair, and the formula to extract Argan care of hair and provides a superstrong fixation.

Unfortunately, most residents of large cities can not boast of thick hair. Their thin hair quickly lose volume. Especially for the fight against this scourge Wellaflex   released styling volume for fine hair . They are easily recognizable by the green stripes on the vials. These funds are designed precisely in order to facilitate the laying of the hair for a long time to give them volume. The special formula strengthens weak areas, filling the gaps between the hair, making them appear smoother and thicker. In addition to the usual polish   and Styling Foam   The series includes Cream to add volume .

 How to look good on New Year's Day

But not only the owner of luxury curls want to look great at the New Year's ball. If you have short hair fashion, the bed and secure the hair will help Styling Gel WellaForte for short hair . The gel provides a very strong hold to 24 hours, so that the safety of the installation, you can not worry all night.

If your intention is to create in his mind a real magic castle, then without super-strong hairspray   not enough. Got2be Stylish grip   ready for any flight of your imagination! Lac suitable for the creation of creative chaos, and high hair, and for a complex installation of individual strands. You do not limit the selection in the image!

 How to look good on New Year's Day

If your New Year's program provides street walks, do not forget about the means to protect the skin, and even then all you have to hide holiday lips scarf and hands - gloves. Norwegian brand Neutrogena   It offers special facilities for cold weather. Lips protect Lip Balm Instant Recovery . Forming on the lips of an invisible protective film, it protects them from the wind and frost, restores damaged skin and provide intense hydration.

Before going out Anoint hands bystrovpityvayuschim hand cream   from Neutrogena   - And their delicate skin will be soft and smooth. Lightweight, non-greasy texture is instantly absorbed. The formula with glycerin and light emmolientami caring for your hands and protects from harsh climatic conditions.

On arrival home will be pleasantly warm feet using foot cream fragrant cinnamon   from Oriflame Which not only take care of the skin feet but also uplifting pleasant smell. The cream contains allantoin and glycerine, which softens the skin of feet, heal micro cracks and provide hydration and nutrition.

 How to look good on New Year's Day

The final touch to your New Year's program will scented candle   on the table or in the bedroom. Oriflame   It offers a choice of fragrances in the collection Home Collection . Already only when you open the box you are surrounded by the magical festive flavor. Smells are able to take you to every corner of the globe. Stroll through the magnificent French fields with the scent of "Autumn in Tuscany" (fig, bergamot, jasmine, cypress, moss, musk). Fill morning romance with a candle "Breakfast in Paris" (cocoa, almond, caramel, patchouli. Cinnamon, bergamot, anise). Postponed to the distant shores of the ocean with the scent of "Indian tea party" (black currants, almonds, white grapes, tea, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli). Do not forget: New Year - it's a family holiday, and a beautiful scented candle on the table will create even more heat in your home will house a romantic tale with the obligatory happy ending!

Happy New Year to you!
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina