Spring-cleaning. Part 4. clean the house
 Part One - clean brains.

Part Two - Cleansing the body.

Part Three - Big Wash.

Started spring cleaning the house. Mark for this such a precious day off. Send their children to the grandmother and her husband, rolled up their sleeves ...

Like, everything is ready for great things. Chistyasche-cleaners picked up. Sponges, rags all available. Baskets, garbage bags, ladder - all got. What's next? How to organize a general cleaning, to save the time and effort?

First, make a plan of action . Once piece of advice: do not turn on the TV during the harvest - it will distract you and stretch the job indefinitely. Better to turn a quick and lively music, it will be a great help.

If there is dirt in the house that need to be soaked, bring it to the list of the first session, so you do not have to cuckoo on a chair in painful expectation. Then remove the curtains from the windows and send them to the laundry. It can be a little distracted by cleaning and wash thin curtains (like tulle) right to the end of their work could have to hang on the windows, so as not to provoke the curious glances.

The second item of the plan will become shelves and drawers cabinet. Found items and items that are not used for a couple of years? Perhaps it is time to get rid of them. Old, no value things accumulate negative energy that stagnates in closets, disrupting the general harmony at home. Frank trash we throw away with no regrets, and usable things shall give to the needy.

Finding items broken and torn clothes, folded them in a separate bin, then to repair. Make this a must because, as we know, through the holes and cracks leaking energy from us, and we do not want. Here are cleaved or cracked dishes to regret not necessary - it in a dumpster. And it's not even that was believed to bring bad luck broken crockery, and that the chips and cracks can be a source of troubles. If a dish is not repaired, the place begins to cleave, sooner or later crumble and microscopic particles of porcelain, ceramics, etc. get into our bodies. Well, if the seal? Then there is a risk to poison chemical components that make up the glue. So it is better not to risk it, but the savings will come very questionable.

 Spring-cleaning. Part 4. clean the house
   Then we act according to the rule: from the top down and from the window to the door. Harvesting in the cabinets and shelves, wash and polish the furniture, put in order armchairs and sofas. To quickly and effectively wash the windows, my first frame top, left and right, and then deal with windows and exit the bottom of the frame and sill. Why so? You've probably already guessed - that runs down the frame and glass cleaner does not have to dirty clean the windowsill.

Speaking of the windowsill. Most often it is live houseplants and pass dirty pallets we can not. Therefore, before washing windows, collect all the trays in a basin with detergent solution and soaked - so we spend much less time on their washing.

Since we are talking about plants, another tip: rubbing the leaves of a plant, you need to first brush away dust with a dry cloth, and only then wipe them with a damp cloth. Otherwise, wet dust we rub the top layer of leaves and not only get dirty, difficult stains washed off, but spoil the plant.

Now came the turn of the most mysterious - distant corners. Why mysterious? So after many unexpected and sometimes surprising findings are fraught with them! We will try not to be lazy and get to as many distant corners and nooks. Little tip: to prevent dust build up for the start of wardrobes and sofas too quickly, add a little water to wash fabric softener with antistatic properties. Experience shows that acting in such a plan, housewives save time and effort in general cleaning up to two times.

And now some practical tips   to address specific problems:

- Beautiful natural air freshener you can do with your hands. The sealed jar, place layers of rose petals and lilies, interspersing layers of fine salt. Top Pour 3-4 tablespoons of alcohol or vodka and let it brew composition. Periodically open the jar for a few minutes and enjoy the fresh fragrance without the risk poison food chemical production.

- The smell of tobacco will disappear and the air is clean and fragrant, if you hang in the room much wet sheet or large towel, which was used in the rinse fabric softener.

- To bring a spot of tea or coffee on the carpet, soak it with a mixture of 1 tablespoon acetic acid 0, 5 liters of water. Wipe the stain, rinse and dry the carpet.

- Traces of ink on the linoleum can be removed with fine sandpaper, then this is the place to rub vegetable oil or varnish and polish a piece of woolen cloth.

 Spring-cleaning. Part 4. clean the house
 - The fat is removed from the carpet, if you rub the stain with a mixture of gasoline and powder detergent and leave for several hours, then rinse with hot water.

- Before washing the windows and doors, it is best to wet the entire surface - dirty stains difficult to wash off with a dry surface.

- If the hand did not have a special furniture polish of precious wood, it can rub burdock.

- Very dirty glass rubbed raw potato and wash with cold water.

- To slow glass windows dirty, wipe them with a mixture of 30 grams of water, 70 g of glycerin and a few drops of ammonia.

- Grease stains on the floor is removed clean gasoline, and if spilled hot grease, the surface should immediately pour cold water or put ice on the stain. The fat will harden and can be easily removed.

- Mahogany furniture sparkle with colors, if its strong tea wipe and wipe with a dry cloth.

- Dirty white space on the furniture clean cut an onion and rub with a dry cloth.

- Wicker furniture perfectly cleanse brush dipped in a strong solution of salt.

- Faded paint or carpet carpet refresh mixture: 2-3 potatoes, grated, and water. Insist 2 hours, drain and wipe the surface.

Hopefully, all these simple techniques to make your spring cleaning quick and tiring.
Author: Catherine Khetagurova