The secret truth about men. Part 2. Thirst father
 Despite the fact that men are psychologically dependent on the inner femininity (as I wrote in the first part), they are as much dependent on his father and complex. Father gives life, light and energy. At the same time, the father can curse, deny and suppress forces.

Patriarchy replaced the worship of Mother Earth worship Heavenly Father. In order to complete this boy has grown man (that from a psychological point of view) of his mother complex, it must be equal to femininity contrast to his father complex, which is also present in the unconscious man, but it is sometimes stronger than the parent. Thanks to the mother the baby can feel the world as a caring and protecting its environment. Thanks to his father, he can get support to enter into the world and begin to fight for their lives.

But times and tribal communities have sunk into oblivion, and the industry itself unknowingly destroyed the invisible threads that bind fathers and sons to work together (hunting, golf and so on. D.). What do we see today? Before our eyes, there is a further and profound separation of fathers and sons.

Probably many familiar pattern when the father comes home from work tired and mentally exhausted, Leno checks blog son, and then after dinner, just sits down at a newspaper (magazine, book, TV, computer, etc.). Often themselves have not grown up men, seeing no need to fully communicate with his son, believe made the norm. They feed and clothe a family, they pay the bills, they spend some time with children (alas, negligible for a full communication and education). For them, this is the norm. The one they gave their fathers, and even them.

With the loss of the ritual of growing up (as I wrote in the first part), as well as the wise elders, men have long ceased to perceive the true value itself fully. Whether it is a complete physical absence of the father or his innocence to the education of his son (the symbolic absence), the child can not ask those questions that concern his nascent ego. And all because of what they see and feel internally that the father is not able to provide answers.

 The secret truth about men. Part 2. Thirst father

One day, one boy, while playing football, has hit his knee. He wept, and the coach came up to him and said: "If you now can not tolerate the pain, it will be worse." The boy looked at the other guys, older age, and hoped that someone from the adult it will open the mystery of how they are superior to the pain. But it came no one, and even his own father could not fully answer his question. And all because adults do not know the answer, because at one time they had not been taught this.

A man is not always enough of his father's influence, the archetype of the father. Man taking sex-role as a social obligation, reduces the vital role to the minimum necessary and are not learning to run its course. And now to a greater extent the hero is not someone who, overcoming fear, went through the war, and those who, having overcome his inner demons (t. E. Essentially injuries ancestors, not cured in time to) found himself as something individual and new.

Projecting psychology thirsty father to her husband, I finally understood why he was so attracted to her dad. He is trying to be closer to him, hoping to get the greatest knowledge of the male destination. But now I know that his father is not able to give him this knowledge because, after living most of his life, he did not know himself in the truth, and does not aspire to it. Instead, he sets up, totally unconsciously, my husband against the marriage, since he was not a child of the heat that was, and projecting their inner femininity to his wife, unable to live a life with her. He walked away, leaving her disabled and two sons to another, but from that it has a regular sex on the side. So I was not surprised when my husband starts to design a model of family relations with the family of his parents, of course, unconsciously.

 The secret truth about men. Part 2. Thirst father

He is a plant (the child) tends to reach for the sun (his father, the patriarchal view of Heavenly Father), so much he does unconsciously, in order to receive praise from his father (support). Now, I think, for this reason, my husband went to serve under contract in Chechnya (he tries to live a life not lived his father). But knowing and analyzing some of his psychological problems, I'm sure I can gently help him to overcome this test. And it will take all of my female wisdom.

Every son needs something from his father. He especially wants to hear that his father loves him and accepts the way he is. Too many men were lost, making your inner journey toward individualization, because they do not get support from the father. Naturally, the children decided that we should somehow adapt to the demands of his father, taming their desires to earn his approval. Often they get this approval, seeking to meet the expectations of his father.

Continued in the next section. Fear.
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova