The secret truth about men. Part 1. Internal femininity
 "Men - our weakness, our children are happy. Once relaxed, then life so happy. " I think all of you, dear readers, remember this quote from a famous monologue comedian Sergey Drobatenko. It is about men today, I will lead the conversation.

What we women without men? It will be correct to say that nobody knows what it is. But just as men do have women. Without them, there is nothing we could come up with style, charm, fashion and other amenities. But after the candy-buketnogo time your man does not gives you joy and pleasure, and often begins to annoy you. Alas, it is a fact of life, proven by many generations of women. Then we begin to swear or bewilderment to believe it's all about us. But not many women are aware that the basis of the problem lies in the depths of man's unconscious, in the depths of his psyche.

For men, more important and more difficult is the process of "tearing" of the mother. Sometimes puberty stretched for many years (beginning with 12 and ending at 28, or even longer). Boys are more attached to the mother, rather than assumed. Hence I went cliché "sissy." In order to feel like a man, a boy must be completely free from the influence of an internal matter (the mother). In the old days, and this is especially pronounced in the American Indian tribes, the boys in the final way of growing up were certain rituals and tests. If the boy did not pass the test the first time, it moves to the next year, and he could not be considered as a man and went to live with their parents in their custody. It was great for him to humiliation.

But up to now we have not reached such rituals, as well as do not have the men of the elders, who could help the boy become a man. Mother and child connects an invisible thread, for which his mother often pulled to comply willingly sons. Mother to men is something personifying peace, comfort and serenity with which he had to give up when they mature. But not every man is ready for the parting.

This injury is required, because the boy must surpass mother complex and start your journey. It all depends on how close or vice versa were cold relationship between mother and son. Subconsciously, every boy knows that the man is more than just taking care of yourself and your family. But a rare man can realize that his psychological dependence on the mother interferes with his true adulthood. A man looks at his beloved, but if she could bring him only his appearance? Behind her, invisibly present his caring mother, which reduces the risk of a "dangerous bedrooms." At the same time it acts as an intermediary for the deep connection to previous generations of ancestors.

 The secret truth about men. Part 1. Internal femininity

Femininity is playing too large a role in the lives of men, but to reduce it now is very difficult. So what prevents our close relationships with loved ones? Role expectations, femininity, fear.

Did you ever noticed that men have more psychological trauma than we have. As much as it may sound sad, but men are weak. A female wisdom can to some extent help him get over yourself. Let me give you an example of man's femininity.

The man who is constantly faced with serious difficulties in family life, finally took courage and asked his mother not to interfere in their relationship with the wife and let him alone to understand. To which she replied that he broke his mother's heart. Despite the fact that his father could be any one of a dozen men, but he has only one single mother. The man lived with the fact that his mother was always present in his family life, but a desperate desire to be free of her influence, he folded after maternal response.

Men often projected on their mother's companions. If the mother has always guarded her son, he unconsciously requires her to do the same. If the mother is on the contrary, was remote from the offspring and cold to him, the man, or trying to compensate for the lack of maternal love by a companion, or, hating her mother, blaming her friend in all that though is somewhat reminiscent of the childhood trauma associated with maternal psychological. It may be bad to wash the shirt, and his inadequacy as a lover, and a constant feeling of loneliness.

 The secret truth about men. Part 1. Internal femininity

This is a similar example:
When he was eight years old, his mother announced that she was leaving the family. He watched as she sat in the car to someone else's uncle. Father, drowning her pain, her son was not engaged, but often drank. Later, when the boy grew up and married, he always thought that the wife is cheating, though she denied it. Every time it seemed a betrayal, unconscious before his eyes appeared the picture: beloved mother is back in the doorway, she was not looking to get into the car and drives away from him forever. The feeling of abandonment of his burden, and therefore he is afraid that his wife (he unconsciously projecting the mother's spouse) leave him, finding a better lover.

Talking about the femininity of men can be long. I think many of you now understand how close and how man is connected with his mother, well, or those who have it replaced in its infancy (grandmother, aunt, neighbor ...). They are angry at women because of their unconscious mother complex.

But there is another man's secret, which they never tell us women. It is fear. I will write about this in my next article.

Be wise!
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova