Valentino Garavani - the emperor in the red
 Elegant man, impeccably dressed, tightened figure, light tan, dyed hair, bright shining eyes, charming smile - so look in his 78 years of fashion designer Valentino Garavani, best known to the world as Valentino. He is talented, charismatic, rich. He - the emperor of fashion. Have at least one dress from Valentino dreams of every woman.

Red forever
Designer Valentino feels the passion for red. During his long creative life, he created a lot of elegant dresses, boldly using all shades of red. During an interview with journalists like to ask a question about Valentino his passion for red. In response, Valentino laughs and says that he would be richer than Bill Gates himself, if he had paid each time asking the question of the color red.

In conversations with journalists Valentino recalls his youth. He was 18 years old at the time, he had moved from his native Italy to Paris, hoping to conquer the capital of fashion. On business, he was sent to Barcelona, ​​where he got to the opening of the season at the Opera House "del Liceu." Young Valentine was struck by the surrounding splendor and beauty. The interior of the theater was dominated by red velvet, many ladies were dressed in evening gowns red. It made a strong impression on Valentino, even then he decided that if he becomes well-known designer, be sure to use in their work the red.

Valentino said that the red color to the face of any woman. Designer laments the fact that women are so rarely used, preferring clothes of dark tones. That is the secret of success of Valentino: on the social event among the many guests the true queen is a woman who is wearing a red dress. The little black dress folds under the bright fiery onslaught. "Life, death, passion, the best way to end the anguish - that is red. A woman in a red can not tear his eyes "- philosophically remarked designer.

 Valentino Garavani - the emperor in the red

Imperial luxury
Emperors supposed to live in luxurious palaces. How could it be otherwise? That Valentino is no exception. Designer - the owner of the gorgeous property all over the world. He is the rightful owner of the villa in Rome and the palace of the XIX century in London, and still belongs to him XVII century chateau near Paris, a mansion in Switzerland and New York apartment in Manhattan with views of Central Park. Without state servants with such a large economy can not cope, fashion designer helped 50 people. Valentino loves obihazhivat their homes, thinks interiors, invites distinguished guests. For a reception he is the dinner menu, choose dishes, cutlery and tablecloths.

The luxurious apartments with Valentino's pugs live several to which he is attached. The designer always takes them on trips. Pugs are used to move, and behave calmly in expensive cars and private planes. Journalists like to ask Valentino to your pet, it is always readily talks about his dogs. Sweethearts-Pugs provide decent care: they brush their teeth, they suffocate special perfume with them walk their pet.

The last Emperor
About Valentino documentary film "Valentino: The Last Emperor." Premiere of the film took place in autumn 2008 in Venice Opera House "La Fenice". On the red carpet, Valentino appeared, accompanied by the most beautiful women in the world. Support maestro arrived Eva Herzigova, Liz Hurley, Charlize Theron and Natalia Vodianova. After the final credits the audience attending a show, standing ovation designer. Valentino himself was pleased with the film.

The film "Valentino: The Last Emperor" took Vanity Fair magazine correspondent Matt Tirnauer. The author managed to sanctify and creative life, Valentino, and personal. If the designer is known about the work of a lot, about his personal life virtually nothing. The film opened the curtain. Valentino Garavani is not married and has no children, but he is not alone, he has a faithful companion of life. Valentino, as well as many modern designers, holds unconventional views on gender relations.

It's hard to believe, but the company, which was created by Valentino and that bears his name, not his. In 1998, the designer sold his company to a large international corporation. Then the news spread like a bolt from the blue, even friends Valentino remained in great confusion. However, the designer and his longtime business partner Giancarlo Giametti it was serious and informed decision. By the way, the deal brought Valentino multimillion profits.

Valentino really sold the company, but retained control of their creativity. For ten years, the master continued to work, no one had no right to encroach on his work. If the designer has to use to create an exclusive dress expensive fabric or embroidery handmade nobody repaired it in the barriers.

In 2008 Valentino officially bid farewell to the world of fashion. Now Mr. Garavani an opportunity to pay more attention to what he loves and what is his soul - unfortunately, had not always had time for hobbies.

Day today
This fall Valentino opened a unique exhibition of its own archives. The exhibition "registered" in the castle belonging to him Videvil in France. Fans of the designer can see the exhibits by appointment. Valentino promised that in his castle will also be allowed a group of students studying the art of design.

The opening was attended by his muse, actress Jessica Alba, Claire Danes, Gwyneth Paltrow. The exhibition was rich and informative exhibits including many sketches, the designer made throughout his career, as well as pictures of celebrities in exclusive dresses from Valentino.

 Valentino Garavani - the emperor in the red
Valentino and Gwyneth Paltrow

Valentino convinced that the dress should live your life and bring joy to its owner. It is not necessary to wear a designer dress only images to appear on the pages of glossy magazines. In recognition of Valentino, the greatest happiness in life he brought Julia Roberts received the "Oscar" for the lead role in "Erin Brockovich." At the moment of his triumph Julia Roberts wore a vintage dress from Valentino, she looked brilliant and was genuinely happy.

 Valentino Garavani - the emperor in the red
Julia Roberts in the dress from Valentino

Author: Irina Rukavishnikova