20 Tips: How to choose a beauty salon
 Most of us have to choose "their" place, but there are situations where you need to choose again. For example, you have moved into a new neighborhood, or city, or you simply do not satisfy what you get in a familiar place. Or to change your level of wealth (and, in any direction), and then to choose from, in its segment, and to try a new quality.

Of course, much of this choice depends on how much you are willing to pay, how far to go, and how professional encounter. But as a practical start to the choice? These tips will help those who have decided to find "his" room.

A good salon can give a woman more than just care, namely:
  • Self confidence.   Yes, if a woman chooses only place with good service, if such a place it offers quality services, this only raises self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Promotion.   Also do not be surprised. But now the man's appearance and confidence - a measure of its success and potential. So choose a salon that will help you in this.

  • Master class of the best masters.   Monitor the work of experts in this area is not only pleasant but also useful. After all, you can pretty much learn from them, to consult on many issues. This will help you in the future to properly care for a home.

  • Possibility to get to know yourself and your body.   This is important for every woman. Knowing yourself and your characteristics, you can more effectively take care of yourself. A good clinic experts are always paying attention on the individual characteristics of the client.

  • Good salon - a place of rest and relaxation,   sometimes communication and new knowledge. Look for "his" interior, and your life will shine in new ways!

So, 20 simple rules: how to choose the interior

1. Word of mouth

The easiest way to find a good salon - to address the recommendations of friends or co-worker. "Word of mouth" in this case - a good assistant, oddly enough. And rumors are often born out of nowhere. Listen and do not ignore any opinion on this matter.
Although it is also true that many women simply do not status to go to the salon, where the walk, such as subordinates or friends, especially if the lady made significant progress on a service line recently. In this case, people need to seek recommendations from your new range. Or rely only on themselves.

2. Female Online Forum

If you can not take advantage of anyone's recommendation - get a site with the Women's Forum, where ladies discuss various salons. Large cities such as St. Petersburg and Moscow, have special sites where women give scores and written comments on all the salons in the city.
In the end, arrange a site in your city or a discussion on your favorite forum, where you often communicate. It will be an interesting experiment!

3. A phone call

A good test for the interior can be a phone call to the salon. You must like the way you talk. You should explain the clear mode of operation and driving directions. You should be able to somehow have to consult by phone to talk about the service, call the exact price, say when you can come, who is a specialist, or you can enroll. If you do anything to not like in a telephone call - hang up and call the next room. Still, good places and not necessarily expensive, watch professional experts, including the receptionist.

4. The site saloon

You have identified several candidates. Visit the sites of these salons. The information posted there must be relevant, clear, with a detailed description and price. Well, in general, on the site you can always tell how much people love their work and how they are attentive to each client. Because if the site in addition to the price list has more articles, advice, directories, useful links, etc., it is said that the approach to the interior serious.

5. Learning price

The list of services must be a modern, even in something advanced .  If manicure is not just the usual two or three species .  It should be, and a spa manicure and edging, and French, and a couple of new products will not prevent .  The same can be said about caring for a person .  Massage, Make-up, hardware rejuvenation - not just the standard mask .  Every good interior boasts unique offerings, and it is sure to be seen from the price list .  If there are none, and everything is standard - you can be a bit boring in a place .  Believe me, it is great fun to go to the creative team, which is always something new studies and offers its customers .  In addition, it is at least some assurance that services are truly modern .  Look for a place where you will be given everything you want in one place .  Because the ride around the city in search of a variety of professionals to the employment of women is not very suitable .  Better still spend a little more time looking for "their" places .  The basic rule - uniqueness and diversity Pryce .

 20 Tips: How to choose a beauty salon

6. Atmosphere

For the majority of active women, beauty - it is not just a place where they can offer services skin care or hair hall. This is often the only place where you can really sit back and relax for a while leave your worries. So even if you come just for fifteen minutes, you should be sure that it is a place where you get to really rest, rather than a problem or hassle. Though this service, but it is not a laundry and a supermarket, the atmosphere here is very important, not only the quality of services, and it is worth paying attention to when choosing the first cabin.

7. Cosmetics

Availability of cosmetics can be a good argument in favor of the passenger compartment. First, it is likely that all of the proposed products to try. And secondly, and this is very important for a business woman, buy cosmetics directly in your salon can significantly save your time.

8. internal corporate communication

If you sign a service (by phone or in person), you have to say name the expert, his qualifications. Even the master of good grooming salons are not called pigweed seeds, and by name. For stylists their name - it is the same brand, and they do not hide it, and unwind. Required respectful communication among employees - an indicator of high culture, and to visit the cultural place, you see, is very nice.

9. The interior design, corporate identity

Needless to say, all this must be for you convenient and comfortable. If you have to wait for the master to pass, if you do not offer himself once to take (coffee, magazines) while waiting if you do something like - look for a new location. Interior must also like the design, the color of the solution. If you are not a fan of high-tech, for example, and the interior is decorated this way, it is better not to force yourself to be annoyed once and find the lounge with a cozy decor. Remember how you choose cafe or restaurant, for example. Comfort is important, because you have in this place to spend some part of their lives. Naturally, all equipment must be new and modern, no maintenance or cleaning during a visit to the salon - also, it's understandable.

10. Cleanliness

Cleanliness - one of the main indicators, which attracts or repels. The main sign of purity - it is not even shiny railings and polished floor. Note the air. Clean, air-conditioned, sometimes flavored, but always fresh and not dry - this is an indicator that this is followed with the help of special equipment. In hairdressing hall hair should be collected once, the smell of products for hair care needs to quickly "evaporate." You do not have to be cold or hot. And of course, no tetenek with a mop. In a good location to the client will not be allowed to watch such a prosaic process. In general, trust your nose, he will tell you in the cabin are clean.

11. Parking Available

This is certainly not the main condition. But no parking too bad. It is important to get inside the maximum pleasure and minimum of nerves, so why force yourself to be nervous about left two blocks of the machine.

12. Location

Most of the women called the most convenient place position salon - near the office or around the house. And the best just down the road from home to office. Naturally, when it comes to working women. Ladies, have sufficient time to spare, capable for good service and go to the other end of the city. But this is quite rare. So, look closer, to keep out the procedure and not to burden themselves with a choice of extra time.

13. Professional cosmetics

Pay attention to the brand of professional cosmetics, which is used in the cabin. If it's well-known global brands - this is an indicator of high-quality services. If this cosmetics is questionable - it is an occasion to reflect. There are not very well-known brands, but the quality and effective. Ask your advisor to talk about the brand, if it is little information or you have not calmed, it is best not to use these facilities. Although it is better to focus on brand awareness. These brands have a wide distribution network and supply fresh products regularly and promptly react to the news.

14. Prices

Price - an important factor. Good salons - it is not cheap, but these salons are able to offer affordable options and due to special offers and package solutions. Choose salons, where providing personal card, promotions, discounts for regular customers. So you can get some additional free services. In general, it is better to choose the interior where you can get whatever you want, rather than several different salons. It is often used in salons accumulative system of discounts, and the more services you get in one place, the greater the discount will be able to get a result. To keep their customers, the salon can offer a substantial discount on a visit during the day or in the morning.

15. The level of experts

One of the main achievements of the interior - it's his assistants. When the inside of the master work with degrees, with titles, diplomas of competitions - is a very good indicator of the level of the cabin. This usually does not hide, and posted in the office of professional diplomas and certificates - a good recommendation is to visit the specialist. In general, do not be afraid to ask about education, and about the experience of any specialist.

16. Free advice

Free consultation - a great opportunity to test the facilities. Do not hesitate to request a free consultation with a specialist, before you go for medical treatments in the salon. If free consultations in the cabin is not - it's not a very good indicator of the stability of the institution.

17. Pleasant attitude

In good salon you will not impose anything, you will be informed. If this happens, do not give in and say that you only need something for which you have come, and about the rest of you are asking for advice. If you continue to decline to something, to do something in this cabin there is nothing - will be only bad memories.

18. Professional ethics

Good interior - is a certain professional ethics that will not allow discussing your intimate problems in the presence of a third party. In good schools, there are separate places for communication with customers, away from waiting rooms or on the reception. Watch for this, especially if your inconvenience. If this is not provided, and you have to discuss their hair or skin for all to see, and you do not want it, find another quieter and more professional place. Professional ethics and will not allow discussing with your competitors, their level, and even more so their mistakes and weaknesses.

19. any inconvenience and discomfort

No! Remember this. The presence of any pain - a reason to go to another salon. All treatments in the salon should be painless.

20. Respect your rights

You as a client in the salon have certain rights, shall comply with their beauty. Pay attention to these small little things in fellowship, and then you can say with certainty that you have found "your" room:
  • You do not have to order a service that you do not need

  • You do not have to buy the tools that you offer

  • You do not have to communicate on personal issues, if they themselves do not want to

  • You have the right to refuse to reconsider, until the master began to work, and ask again to clarify and have the right at any time

  • Your well-being - is the main indicator of the correctness of your choice

  • You have the right to ask for any information about the procedure before you spend it

  • You have the right to behave in the cabin as you see fit (within reason of course), because you're not at work, and we can say, on vacation. So choose a place to rest.

Have a good rest and nice time conducted in your salon!
Author: Julia Gnedina