Choose cosmetics brand advertising, or What can tell a girl with billboard
 Almost 70% of girls and women using cosmetics, they say, they buy something or other means, in part guided by the advertising. That is why manufacturers of cosmetics advertising is taken very seriously. On this front, the company employs staff almost more than the production! It is important not to disappoint consumer advertising, but rather to acquire more and more loyal customers.

The ads are professional people and random decisions, they do not afford. In vain we sometimes believe that advertising takes over us, it was just advertising can very often help in the selection if other information about the brand is not enough. You just need to learn how to "read" the faces of girls with glossy pages.

What to look for:

1. The "face" of the brand.

Marketers are required to tell you that how much advertising "fall" into the audience, often determine the fate of the sales. That is why the choice of the "face" of the brand - it is very serious and painstaking. It just seems that the chosen one who agreed or agreed with anyone for the price. For many actresses and models to become the face of the brand - it's like to play in the cult movie, a very prestigious and status. So, who to whom it is in place - is still unknown.

Selection is carried out very carefully. Celebrity does not have to destroy the image of the brand, it must reveal it and to supplement. Each brand has its own mission, to which the only suitable one single.

Hence the advice: do not neglect the work of marketers! They have their choice of an image as a hint to us what the potential client brand. If you liked the face of the brand - bravely try this brand! Whether it's the unknown person to whom you just really want to be like that you really something "catchy" or the world-famous diva that you are interested in - safely buy a tool that it advertises. Marketers and advertisers world-class do not allow such errors when the makeup for an active lifestyle, for example, will advance reserved and phlegmatic (but beautiful) model. Well thought out and weighed. Use these tips advertising!

Another nuance, which can be found without going to the store and just looked through the fashion magazine. Model or personality, which everyone knows are paying much more than just a beautiful girl. So, and cosmetics, which they advertise - not cheap! You like Monica Bellucci advertisement or Naomi Campbell? Prepare your money.

Buy a tool that promotes the girl, who is close to you - do not be mistaken. So this means for you too.

2. Blonde, brunette ...

Always pay attention to the type of a girl who advertises cosmetics. This choice, as you know, is not random. Cosmetics, which is good for Scandinavian type are not always as effective for women of Hispanic or Oriental type. Important age, physique model. Even the gleam in his eyes! Everything has a value. The desired image is selected from the thousands, it is selected meets all requirements of brand marketers. Imagine that even takes into account lifestyle of the model in real life! If a girl athletic and muscular, then it will never be invited to become the "face" of romantic flavor.

3. Girls in evening dresses.

They are so beautiful! But do not go to you in an evening dress on a daily basis! Such cosmetics for special occasions. This must be understood and taken into account. It usually advertising fragrances makeup. Daytime fragrances marketed very differently! If in doubt, a day or an evening fragrance, remember its advertising. Girls in the neck or no clothing advertise fragrances evening and even intimate. But if the fragrance is cheerful girl, sports, sometimes dark, running somewhere or flying - feel free to use the scent in the office.

4. Black and white.

Every art director or designer knows that the more expensive a product is, the more minimalist in advertising they can afford. The product is in style, "says" about its merits only a few words (strokes, colors). The large space of local color in advertising - the main feature of the luxury brand. These brands can afford to pay a few million for an advertising strip, which only rose petal or a tiny beautiful bottle on a uniform black background. Note: expensive brands are often used in advertising the local black or white background. Laconic and self-restraint - Here are expensive and chic.

Kezhualnye Many brands have two or three luxury product. And advertising of these products, as a rule, stands out advertising projects of this brand. While the overall style of the brand and aged. And often use local reception noble background: black or white. For example, Garnier   - Quite affordable brand for young and active. But its new product roll the gel around the eyes with caffeine "diet beauty" advertises on the page black, emphasizing that the product is not for everyone, an expensive, exclusive!

How it works: "read" by persons

Let's look in glossy magazines, walk through the main streets, try a new way to look at the advertisements and select the brand on its own.

Dove   intentionally used in advertising images of ordinary girls what many conventional shapes, often far from the standards of beauty. What does this mean for us? Hint: many means available, helping millions. It will help you, too.

Avon   in their advertising often it uses not just beautiful women, or models, and actresses. And not just actresses, and those who have achieved any significant prizes and professional resonance: Reese Witherspoon, Ekaterina Guseva. What it means: this brand to the public, successful women who have or wish to achieve heights in the profession.

L'oreal   - A multi-faceted brand, as well as its advertising. But the general advertising of its products there: it represents only the "stars" (top model, actress). Decrypts: cosmetics for those who are successful, similar fashion, has a personality. In addition, a variety of character types: Scandinavian type (Claudia Schiffer), Hispanic (Penelope Kruus), Europeans (Milla Jovovich). Rather, it speaks of the democratic brand of its availability.

Dior   invites its advertising only to well-known and highly-paid actresses, not very young, at the age of around 30. Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron, Monica Bellucci. You associate yourself with these ladies? Read between the lines: cosmetics for successful and wealthy, with some experience and position in society.

Heroines advertising Maybellin   - Young professional models of different nationalities. Hint: a brand for young people who aspire to meet the world of fashion, make-up professionally are (novice model, actress, just dreaming of laurels model women). Cosmetics bright, although daily.

Yves Rocher   invites you to its advertising projects groomed women beautiful, but unknown. Often it is not just a person, but people in situations: at work, on holiday, with children, with the men. Reading: Cosmetics for family, adult women who seek beauty.

Bourjois   Advertising uses cartoon characters, playful and humorous. Makeup by Bourjois for young, active and Funny girls.

Shiseido   - Advertising mystery. Japanese cosmetics "catches" the curious, unusual and not the poor. Local white background, a mysterious photograph of a girl from nowhere, only spot of color in the area of ​​the product. What can I say: dear vanguard cosmetics for those who understand.

Vichy   It emphasizes in its advertising focus on the scientific approach: published research results of tests, a precise description of the composition. For whom is it important? For those who really follows the innovations in the field of personal care, for those who are allergic to women who have already tried a lot and in many ways disappointed. For women under the age, general. A person who uses a brand advertising, most of all - women with a mean appearance, but with flawless skin, hair and teeth. The well-kept and quiet. Conventional externally and internally unusual. Reading: aged, with intelligence, working, spending money on themselves.

Hair products from Nivea   often presented brunettes. What does it mean? Decide for yourself. But some cream - toned, athletic and young blonde. Also decide for yourself what it means. What is clear is that the brand everyday as a model - just nice, not known if dressed - it is very simple, and often all portrayed in a conventional tub and simple underwear.

Estee Lauder   for their advertising invited "stars" Elizabeth Hurley, Gvinett Paltrow, but they are not presented in evening dresses and shine spotlights, and "dressed" in the most simple clothes (classic white shirt next to the skin). Celebrities are removed from the most natural makeup, hairstyle "grow, how to grow" without actors' gestures. Thus, it is emphasized that Estee Lauder cosmetics everyday, but expensive; the most natural, but with the starry luster. You - this? Then urgently in perfume boutique!

What is happiness - to find its mark!

At first we thought: what a blessing that we have a choice. And in fact there are many to choose from! But then, having tried a lot and tired of it, we exclaim: what a blessing - not only to choose but to choose their means your brand!

Ladies who have found their makeup:

-   always sure of themselves, they no longer have to frantically unpacking probes and swoon in the cosmetic department because of the inability to buy anything;

-   they are almost always in a good mood. Of course, but what upset after the morning and evening they are seeing the result of their work means to them!

-   they continue to try, just do it within the selected brands. After all, no self-respecting company does not stand still, and always his admirers offers something new;

-   they respect other brands and sometimes try and be happy, because now they know they are looking for;

-   they are young, at last! Because there is nothing that does not paint a woman as self-confidence, good humor and mobility. And then, well, not for nothing that they chose your brand, so she is bearing fruit: the wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is well-groomed, the beauty is underlined, and the disadvantages are removed.

Choose heart, but more eyes and mind. Make your collection of cosmetics for life. And advertising, even a little bit, but it will help you with this.
Author: Julia Gnedina