Criteria for the model represented by a modeling agency.
 If you think that in order to become a top model, we need a very, very beautiful appearance, you're wrong. Recently listings Canadian modeling agency Folio MONTRLAL was offered a reminder for those who want to become a professional model. On the exterior it says less than an organization or discipline ...

Physical and age range

For girls: 1, 78 m
  For men: 1, 82 m

Girl: between 15 and 20 years.
The man, between 20 and 25 years.

But physique is not all. Still it is necessary to have a special temperament to be a dummy. We must realize that we are talking about the exciting profession, but at the same time very demanding!

You need to have self-assurance:

Fit meets a lot of people in different situations: the cast, make-up artists, fashion shows, fashion designers, and where, in different countries. It is important to be able to win different people and at the same time benefit from this dialogue pleasure. Man smiling, outdoors, get more work than a person timid plan and closed.

Love to travel:

Everyone loves to travel and seek. But the profession of travel - not tourism, and work. Fit traveling alone, without parents, without friends, travels frequently, in different countries with different traditions and cultures. It - one of the terms of trade: it is impossible to become a model today without traveling.
  To the customers you have chosen, you must have an interesting portfolio - and then the whole world gets to you podimumom. Popular models reach that literally live out of a suitcase .

Be energetic:

Model waiting for all: customers, team catwalk photographers. You have to be well organized in time to get in an unfamiliar place.

Be disciplined:

In any weather, rain and snow in all conditions male model should be available for the important work. To do this, go to bed on time, do not abuse alcohol, and cigarettes, eating right.

Being well-groomed:

Fit should be maintained in good condition your body and your appearance: skin, hair, teeth, nails - regular visits to the gym, massage therapists, cosmetologists to, manikyurschikam, dentists.

So: Only the most organized, disciplined, open to contacts and keeping an eye on a mannequin has a chance to become a top model!