Festive image of Angelina Jolie
 In this article, we'll show you how to become the owner of a sexual image, as an example, consider makeup famous actress Angelina Jolie. Her beauty has no boundaries, all of it perfectly: the color of the hair to plump lips. Consultant Dennis Mark tells us about the trends of makeup stars.

Step 1.   The main bar at this stage - the shape of the eyebrows. Before the use of cosmetics is to give eyebrows elegant, finished look.

Step 2.   Apply a foundation tone, it is important to mask only those areas that do require this. Tapping movements of the fingertips, apply a remedy. If you have no redness, skin looks clear and radiant - skip this step.

STEP 3.   Using a sponge, apply a little powder, distributing it over the entire face. Sponge - a great option for the distribution of a powdery agent. This stage is well suited for mature skin.

Step 4.   Use the flickering shadows, putting them in every crease of the century, it is best to apply the shadow applicator. With dark brown pencil to move the upper lash line. Then, at the outer corner slightly draw a line lower lashes. Use a cotton pad to remove excess makeup.

Step 5.   We are trying to create a haze of gray shades using, distributing them in the outer corner of the eye. In this case, fit a medium-sized brush. Next, use a liquid eyeliner, putting it on top of the pencil. Thus, you will achieve the sustainability of makeup.

Step 6.   If your eyebrows look great, then brush lightly comb it. If they do not have enough intensity, move them with a pencil. However, pay attention to the natural eyebrows.

Step 7.   To use the natural blush of pale pink blush, causing their fingertips and rubbing in the cheeks.

Step 8. If you have used our advice, therefore, focus your makeup - eye. Therefore, working with his lips, should be only a little to separate them. With the help of a lip brush, apply a little lipstick transparent to make them look soft. Do not use a pencil - it deprives naturally.