"Greeting to the sun" or "Good morning! "
 Morning. Shower. Coffee. Cigarette ... Even if instead of coffee you drink orange juice or green tea, and such a very bad habit, like smoking, you do not really peculiar, still in a routine that is not enough. And it lacks a very important component. I do not want to reinvent the wheel, but what is lacking is the morning exercise. People older word "morning exercise" reminiscent of the cheerful music on the radio announcer and the words: "One, two, tilt left, tilt right," and that there is still talked about. Those who are younger, think of a set of exercises, aerobics, dancing or at least "potyagushechkah" in bed ... That 'potyagushechki "and do not interfere, and you can start them in the bed, and continue ...

But let's start from the beginning. After a survey among friends ladies of all ages, I have found that very few people doing morning exercises. The reasons? Everything was very simple. One lady disturbed weight and complexity of the exercises (liked the argument that if it is to stomp and jump, the neighbors will fall from the ceiling plaster). Someone turned the morning too little time and even 15-20 minutes (I'm not talking about a full half-hour charge) - it's too much. Someone after charging is too overheated, and as such would not venture out of the house. The reasons can continue ... It is clear that most of them are far-fetched, but there are medical contraindications - not all fit aerobics, besides intense slopes, turns, etc. long-suffering can injure blood vessels, joints and spine.

Picking up his complex for morning exercise, I noticed yoga. But yoga is a philosophy and life style is not very suitable, because all the serious books recommended to first find a teacher. Since then the teacher had problems, and I went looking for something acceptable for themselves. As a result, I have adopted a complex, which is recommended as it is morning exercise, he was called - "Welcome to the sun." That's about it and would like to tell.

Advantages of the complex:
  • It does not require much space and special equipment (you can, of course, get a special yoga mat, but this is not required).

  • On the whole gymnastics it will take 5 minutes.

  • After exercise vivacity quite nenadumannaya. Just want to enjoy life.

  • Although too short and very simple complex, stretching muscles and exercise, it is quite (especially for charging).

  • And if we interpret every move - beauty out!

  • I do not advise to carry out complex in inflammatory processes of the liver and gall bladder, exacerbation of degenerative disc disease, in general, if the doctor has forbidden any physical activity - and this means charging is harmful. It's better to walk a little walk.

  • The need to focus - only then will feel the benefit.

  • Have slippery and uncomfortable carpet in the room (it's the simplest reason is elementary solved - or remove the carpet, or bought a yoga mat).

  • You can not. Here you need to relax and think about that every time will get better and better.

First of all, have to learn to breathe. Because these exercises require proper deep breathing, counting each breaths. To sit out training (preferably on a chair, aligning the back). First, you need to split your breath for three equal parts - abdominal breathing, breathing diaphragm breathing collarbones. Exhale. Make second pause, then inhale while bulging belly. At this point, you will feel like the lower part of the air enters the lungs. Then - the air enters the region of the diaphragm. At least the air is filled with the upper part of the lungs. And then in reverse slowly exhale. To help yourself, you can for each breathing phase bind hand movements. By the way, you need to breathe nose.

I asked the girl to illustrate the complex is not modeling appearance, that does not prevent her to be quite flexible. Of course, she performs the exercise is not quite perfect, but who's stopping you to do it better ?!

So, the usual room, fresh air from the open window, the mood - start!

1. Stand facing east, aligning the back and her hands hanging along the body. Toes relax (you can even move them).

 "Greeting to the sun" or "Good morning! "

2. Try to move away from the outside. Here and now, and the sun which you greet. Inhale, exhale fold arms in front of chest in the traditional greeting "namaste."

 "Greeting to the sun" or "Good morning! "

3. As you inhale, lift your hands over your head, stretching her body in a straight line.

 "Greeting to the sun" or "Good morning! "

4. As you exhale, bend forward, arms stretched out in front of him.

 "Greeting to the sun" or "Good morning! "

5. Continue to bend. Put your palms on the floor and breathe.

 "Greeting to the sun" or "Good morning! "

6. During inhalation, place the palms on either side of the foot. Feel the tension of the chest. Exhale. Inhale - lunge left foot. Exhale - tuck his right foot underneath the foot, carefully stretching the muscles.

 "Greeting to the sun" or "Good morning! "

Option for trained - to raise his hands above his head.

7. During the next breath - move the left foot back, pulling the body in a straight line.

 "Greeting to the sun" or "Good morning! "

8. On the exhale, lower the body to the floor. Buttocks raised slightly.

 "Greeting to the sun" or "Good morning! "

9. The next breath - lower the hips, palms pressed to the floor, lift the upper torso.

 "Greeting to the sun" or "Good morning! "

As aerobatics, try to stretch your legs, lifting them up.

10. During exhalation palm pressed to the floor, lift your pelvis, it should look pretty "triangle."

 "Greeting to the sun" or "Good morning! "

11. During the next breath - lunge right foot, carefully stretching the muscles and trying to drop the left thigh to the floor.

 "Greeting to the sun" or "Good morning! "

You can raise your hands above your head.

12. Exhale - translate your left foot forward, lowered his head and straighten your legs.

 "Greeting to the sun" or "Good morning! "

13. On the inhale to straighten up, stretching his arms over his head.

 "Greeting to the sun" or "Good morning! "

14. Pull. Exhale - lower hands, joining hands in "namaste".

 "Greeting to the sun" or "Good morning! "

Slowly lower your hands down.

And now all repeat it at least twice.
Magnificent end will follow douches and favorite breakfast.

Recommendations for exercise.

Listen to every muscle, which is currently stretched. Think only about what you do, carefully watching the breath. Experience has shown that it is - the most difficult, because each morning there is a lot to do and a head, even in the morning, already "clogged" thoughts. So - forget about them at the time of exercise. Feel your body, and the effect will be maximal - oxygenate the body, goes into operation, it will be cheerful, and the case will be solved quickly.

If exercise is not very successful - it does not matter, because you are doing it only for yourself. Even if you perform the exercises are not perfect - still undoubted benefits, and eventually turn out to be better and better. Besides correctly do the exercises in the complex - it is very beautiful.

Do you still want to cheer up a cup of coffee? Yes please! Still, I recommend: Try to start the day, welcoming the sun!

*** On the yoga expert and precise exercise in accordance with the classical canons do not apply.
Author: Natalia Room