How to look per million, in the absence thereof. Fundamentals smart shopping
 It so happened that in high school I understood - or I put every effort worrying about their appearance, or getting the most "unfashionable" girl among her classmates. Get this not the most honorable title did not want to, so I had a lot of work on themselves. As a brave explorer, I rushed to find out what, where and at what price you can buy, while spending as little money.

The first rule, which I understand for themselves - is that you can not save on shoes . It must be made of genuine leather and it is desirable from the company store. Otherwise heels break in a month, the seams will disperse, and the saleswoman at the market trading in a tent, dissolve hands, they say, do not know anybody that did not sell shoes. Prove it is very difficult. However, the company stores are fighting for quality, and in case of breakage of shoes, you immediately to fix it, or return the money to replace other item of your choice.

For example, one of my friends bought a beautiful brown boots Adidas . Literally the next day they began to disperse the seams. The girl went to the purchased goods to the store and, after talking with the manager, she was replaced goods. But history repeated itself and again she was forced to turn to the sellers. To my amazement, the girl's shoes are not only taken away, but was removed from the sale of all the boots of the model! The manager turned to suppliers, pointing out that a series of low-quality. My friend also provided a pair of boots, which only came to the warehouse and had not yet been put in the window. As a result, the couple has served it faithfully for years.

The bag should be the same color as the shoes.   It is advisable to have a couple of bags: for everyday wear, for holidays and shopping trips and for third parties or formal meetings. For the latter type are "clutches" and a variety of small bags.

Blouses, T-shirts, sweatshirts and things like better to buy in stock shop.   There they not only cheaper but much (!!!) cheaper. So, branded T-shirt, standing a half thousand in stock shop can cost 300-400 rubles. At the same time these stores do not have anything to do with second-hand. Just the remnants of collections that are not sold in retail stores, dumped in stock. A friend of mine, for example, dressed exclusively there. And it always manages to look «a la mode». List of stores with the distribution of the cities, as a rule, you can easily find if properly delve into the Internet.

Jeans is better to buy a good quality.   Do not be a miser, still they will last longer than purchased on the market. Only need to choose very carefully, too. And look carefully, do not stick to see where threads, and whether stitched seams. The main thing - to always have at least two pairs of jeans. Some, for example, conventional blue, the other gray. The first can be worn in everyday life, while others, for example, once a week. In addition, they can be changed by decorating various objects. So, instead of the belt can be tied at the waist scarf or tie, trousers and update icons.

Perfume should be persistent.   It is clear that to buy the fragrance worth 8000 rubles, you simply will not allow the financial position. But who said that it must buy? You can, for example, to work to run to the store and sprinkle perfume testers. And do not spend money, and will smell nice day.

"Being a sensible man and you can think about the beauty of nails ..."   Agree to spend on a manicure at 500-600 rubles a month is not particularly pleased with? My advice is to sign up for the courses themselves! Yes, you have to spend an hour of their time every night for three months. BUT! Then you are easily able to not just make yourself a manicure or a nail, but also a great opportunity to get some money. Offer your services to her friends and colleagues. Because women always want to look good. And if the master to whom they entrust such an important task as the guidance of beauty, more and familiar people - something it has no price! In addition, you will take with them a lot less than taking in the cabin. Advantageously, does not it?

Underwear. Controversial moments.   Remember Bridget Jones That went to the "big truselyah" and almost got in a form on a date? Position Bridget in the film clearly is clear: the more comfortable she feels beautiful expensive clothes. In addition, psychologists vying argue that it raises self-esteem and makes persons of the fair sex to feel not only more comfortable but also more attractive. A pair of triple of "miracle kits" underwear have to find a place in the cabinet. They not only allow to have confidence in ourselves, but certainly unspeakably delight your gentlemen. Ladies with a tummy can easily hide this small drawback to using a corset.

One last tip. To look like a million, just want it. After all, as he wrote Paulo Coelho "If a person wants something, it helps the whole universe." So do not just strictly follow the written my items and try to do work on their style and appearance. Oh, and do not forget the gleam in his eyes. Most often it is he makes us stunning.
Author: Larisa Trishkina