How to make yourself a little happier?
 Perhaps the theme banal to the disgrace. But then why do so many people feel miserable. Let's at least compare the appearance of women who every day at least once feel happy, and women who are constantly immersed in their problems. Personally, I do not know why, but our emotional state affects our appearance. The cheerful and optimistic we are, the more beautiful.

Maybe not as bad as it sounds, and it's time to change something in their lives. And it does not have to wait for the new year, a new month or Monday. Because life should be lived so, then to not be excruciatingly painful. Of course, you can bring a bunch of excuses and find a justification for his prolonged melancholy, but who might benefit from this?
Therefore, I propose several options for how to make yourself happier and more purposeful.

Tip 1.

Stop all the time to convince myself that you're unhappy. You have a bad job? Or failed relationship? Or are you unhappy with your figure? Instead of self-flagellation and self-effacement, ask yourself another question: "What can I do so that I had a good job (man, figure, etc.)? "The answer is" nothing "- is not accepted. Each of us can change themselves and their lives. You need only the courage to learn to look at life from different angles. Yes, it can be bad, but tomorrow, when you want to change everything, you will feel much better. At first it will be difficult, but worth it.

Tip 2.

Where to get strength and inspiration? Yes, anywhere: in itself, in children, in films or books, have strong famous women. Think about what can motivate you to change? Give yourself a good shake.

Tip 3.

Learn to let off steam. Our life is full of stress, but do not hoard a negative. From time to time it is necessary to release. Weep. Tear paper, eat cake, run 6 km, talk with a friend. Learn to control the level of negative emotions in your life. Take yoga or knitting, get something that will help you cope with stress.

Tip 4.

Give yourself a break. Promise to give yourself at least 30 minutes a day. Even mothers with young children can not afford it. Lie down, read a book, make a mask, get some sleep. It is not necessary at all times strive to do something. Learn how to find time for idleness, and you should not feel guilty for a. How many people have "burned" at work every day !!! An occasion to reflect. But arrange themselves such unloading during the day and not at night, otherwise you will not get the desired effect. Restores power to take a husband, a child again for themselves.

Tip 5.

We were childhood instill certain habits that we are beginning to be associated with the time of day or some action. For example, we know that in the morning we have to get up - to do exercises - wash - to take a shower - breakfast - come - to go somewhere. This is our morning ritual. By analogy, think of a ritual that will give you the strength to charge optimism. For example, come home, take a shower, eat dinner, put on comfortable shoes, go take a walk (very relieves stress), or lie down on the couch. Me every day of leisure options. Try as little as possible to take work home. After all, the head should be given a rest.

Tip 6.

Learn how to find a balance. In all: work and rest; food; relations, etc. Try to saturate your life with new experiences. Even if you wanted to spend the whole week on the couch all weekend, still not worth the hassle. You come to work even more tired. Even simple trip to the park will help you to lift your mood. Or just take a walk around the city, feel the heroine of the film. Even if you have children, you can turn a walk into a real holiday for all. Or go for a jog. In general, options to make your life a lot brighter, try, and you'll be surprised at the results.

Tip 7.

To the brain works better to produce them must be periodically reset. Psychologists advise to do to get out of the house and go, for example, in a movie, a concert, the skating rink, a football match in the end. Or try to switch to the little things that give us little joy. For example, in the warm sunshine in autumn, or the wonderful taste of apple pie. In general, the key to psychological health - the ability to switch and find joy in the small.

Tip 8.

Get a hobby. Here, to each his own. Someone feels absolutely happy and free, playing the piano, someone - running, someone - drawing. If you do not have a favorite class, so get it. Not immediately, but you will definitely be able to focus on what you will be fun. Especially since the search - it's always an interesting experience.

Try these tips and become a much happier and more confident and more beautiful result. After all, beauty comes from within.
Author: Vera Karabutova