Life style KURALAI
 Now no one is surprised fashionista well-known brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton. However, confident gait these "sharks" fashion business approach and design things KURALAI. Because of the latest advances in their account doll sold for seventeen and a half million euros (second presented to French President Nicolas Sarkozy), and explosive collection created under sketches of the 8-year-old daughter of the designer. How it was created this brand that inspires and that she prefers designer Kurulay Nurkadilova we learned in an exclusive interview with our portal.

Hello! I'd like to know where to start your career as a designer? You since childhood watching fashion shows and famous for its excellent style, or vice versa? What influenced you?

- Sound, probably sad, but in my childhood it was impossible to see the fashion show - was a shortage of fashion and fashion magazines. When I start to say that, in your eyes become so old. But I was really lucky. I found, and the Soviet period, and the current capitalist, have something to compare. I saw a huge factory to sew all the republics of the Union of the new collection. I managed to work there and create something on the market: fashion and mass. I learned a lot. He is seen as a "dying" true giants "dinosaurs" of the fashion business.

Everything seen on the market at the time you so much influenced and inspired so much?

- No. Then I studied at the artist and dreamed of becoming a cartoonist level at least Walt Disney. But little by little came to the profession stylist.

What is the first thing created? Skirt, blouse, what? What was the inspiration?

- Asked what the first thing was set up - is very difficult. I do not know which one is considered as such. The clothes that collect the crumbs to show projects for leading, or one that just started to draw? Who comes to mind only a coat. Created it was just at the huge factory, which I have already mentioned. It was very nice and just gone on stream. Although, you know, before you finish it, I began to torment the question could also do better ?! Time has passed and I have still so with every thing going on!

 Life style KURALAI

What went on? How was greeted created thing from your friends, acquaintances? Bought?

- No, not bought. So prosaic was first released collection. But not because the thing was bad, but because I was not able to correctly apply it - could not energetically promoting and selling. Who would of course be sold. Even without PR. Such were the realities of the post-Soviet space novice designer. I began to learn to create such products, so that I, as a creative person, did not suffer, and the thing with the buyer was quoted. After all collections should not be created to amuse designer vanity, but for the real fans of trendy things.

What began then to do? We decided to put everything in the flow? How did the brand Kurulay?

- Ohhh ... You want to hear the whole life! For me it was not as easy as, say, today's designers .  It was necessary to gather information bit by bit, how to create brands, how to work on a global level .  Plus, learn the psychology of clothes, art marketing and putting together the team ... Then another life itself, with its knowledge of the realities of these corrected the .  At first I had to work on a whim .  Who is already based on the experience, I know where to go and how to create a show of great resonance, that do .  Previously, a lot has been unclear .  And now I try to constantly improve, and constantly learning something new .  We are young as long as learning! How did the brand Kuralaj? Just maybe, like all brands there - just some small and expand gradually become giants .  Each brand is going its own way and in its own way it treads .  Someone faster, some lucky someone did not understand what to do and where to find more money for the next big shows ... All brands hold only its own speed .  Even if it will invest in the beginning, and believe, anyway, such subsidies are not infinite .  Turnover and profit - is the formula of the existence of a successful brand .

 Life style KURALAI

Where do you get your inspiration from? After all, every day there are dozens of designers as they stand out from the masses? With the new offer?

- Inspiration zastaёt anywhere. Yes, and just life itself constantly throws up ideas of Hollywood stars with their film "Apocalypse", love and indecent proposals. All I have now listed, was the subject of my latest collection. In my collections a lot of know-how, I love to play with bold themes and "Virtuoso" with the texture of fabrics.

Do you think that will be fashionable this fall?

- You know, this question can be answered by looking in a crib in any magazine or website about fashion - everything is visible. This is the same as described as a delicious foie gras with strawberry sauce, served with jasmine green tea! So here - you can not describe the fashion!

What do you wear in your life? What brands prefer and why? You read fashion magazines, to follow the work of your colleagues?

- Clezhu the latest collections of colleagues - it's part of my job. Behind all times it is not possible to follow, though it is very important for the overall review of recent developments in the fashion world. The most - more like what creates the very same. Therefore, always wearing only his. It has long forgotten how to look fashionable boutiques with collections.

Do you have a guru? The person to whom you want to be like? To whom to seek advice?

- I like to study the formula of success and successful people read about them, as they went to Olympus. They did not believe, and they went. Thus, for example, it was created by Microsoft, Disney cartoons, eponymous park. Interesting to live and is committed to the same high results that they have achieved. After all, their names have become talk of the town. But I do not make yourself idols, because they follow their own way.

You dreamed about in terms of your career? It may not just be a designer and dress, for example, your favorite star, for example, abroad?

- All what I dream - is to achieve the very real aims. But believe me, they do not always seemed so easy. Just now I realized that you need to think boldly desired! For example, if you want to put some kind of a star, then try to find the connection with it, contacts and everything. It's not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

You became "Man of the year" fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar. What emotions experienced? Expected or not?

- Of course it was all very exciting. With a sinking waiting for the results of vote, I worried what would be the solution. He, incidentally, announced at a gala evening, and now I know how it feels to applicants for "Oscar". Then the truth was another award in the competition for "Best Entrepreneur" by the well-known audit company "Ernst Young and Sea". Remember the phrase from the movie "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation" - "all that is acquired back-breaking labor," so that's just me!

Tell us what kind of doll was given to Nicolas Sarkozy?

- The doll was made by special order and carefully designed. It's not every day you give gifts to the president of France. Those who think that it was just a toy, I hasten to reassure: the doll was dressed in a coat of expensive fabric, trimmed with natural fur as well encrusted with Swarovski stones handiwork. Yes, wrapping her was not simple: the European-made with natural filler inside.

And what a collection of designs created for your daughter? Do you want the girl went in your footsteps? You use it as a model?

- The audience has released three collections. Last on the Kazakhstan Fashion Week was recognized as the best. The brand created together with her daughter, rapidly gained popularity. And in September, will open two franchised stores. Now I'm considering another proposal to expand the chain of stores across the CIS and Russia. I think this is an indicator for the youngest artist in the CIS clothes. When older, of course, will decide what to do next. For example, one day, she expressed the desire that when older - will create a large corporation. Disclose all the secrets is not going to, but I assure you - the idea is very interesting.

For our readers, we give a few tips on how to look fashionable and beautiful?

- Fashionable - a rapid change of the collections. We need to constantly change clothes and accessories. But then it will be too expensive and unprofitable. It is better to develop his own style, even if it is expensive, but at least he will not have to change so often. Yes, and it characterizes the style you and your lifestyle. Your individual style with no one confused. Never.

And finally. What is your life style Kurulay?

Life style Kuralaj - do not live it for nothing! Every day should bring for yourself, family, the company is the best effective. I do not like aimless people and do not understand them. See for yourself around: there are successful people are not successful. And no one but themselves to blame for not their failures! It is my personal opinion, can someone with me to disagree. I'm going your way, okay. I have enough.
Author: Larisa Trishkina