Makeup for dolls
 You're whole life was like a doll, your pretty face aroused emotion in adults, and the girls at school were jealous. You're too late to begin to use makeup, because "why". Dolly, you know!

Over the years you have gained experience and the charm of a mature woman, and her face was still in toy young. It's time to attack problems with make-up ...

Happy baby face winner faces when choosing make-up with the same problems and issues that all of us, whose face looks according to their age. Too bright lipstick - and you're like a child, dragged her mother's makeup, a little too far with shadows - and it looks as if has made up for the first time.

Meanwhile, there are techniques to make up, and asks that a puppet on the face, and who wants to try any woman, but that's the thing: they do not all go! And to feel the beauty of vintage postcard or carefree Barbie doll sometimes want without exception. Take the example of the well-known personalities.

Idea number 1: makeup-style Pin-Up Girl or postcard

  Popular postcards with beauty, produced during the Second World War, forever preserved for us the canons of beauty in an American: shine provocative, playful eyes, healthy fresh blush, whipped curls and red lips in a seductive smile. Songstress Christina Aguilera   showed to us a sample of the style Pin-Up in his video for the song «Candyman» (Sweet Man), actress and dancer Dita Von Teese   It carries the banner of Pin-Up on the road all his piquant creativity. Pin-Up - is, first and foremost, seductive, playful, pert and very fittingly for a puppet face.

How to achieve:   our usual tone must be supplemented with face blush, unless, of course, nature has deprived a bright blush. Eyes generously summing pencil or liquid eyeliner with some seeking up "arrows": long "tails" at the liner "obscured" in our 60s, and Pin-Up - it's still a little early. Eyelashes - always fluffy, then all means are good: voluminous mascara mascara to powder, even overhead. Eyebrows need to bring a pencil, surprise "raising" them over the eyes. Lips - bright red, gently let down, not lewd, but seductive. Pin-Up of the 21st century requires hairstyles a la Lana Turner: a make-up is now worn with any styling, hats and even boyish haircut.

Idea number two: make-up in the style of Barbie-Girl

  Long live all pink and shiny! The couple, invented in the 60s the plastic beauty of Barbie, had no idea that it would be copied millions of real, live girls around the world. Fashion glamor thing of the past, but, like any other fashion, it leaves us with a legacy of all the most good for those who are coming. Trendy party girl Paris Hilton   - Played in one of the dolls - sets the tone dresses in soft colors and strawberry cream makeup. For someone it will look stupid - but it is a miracle how good in their puppet.

To become a Barbie, you have to be tanned, well, or dark. Purple, pink or blue eye shadow, eyelashes - long and gently curled. Color mascara will help to create an image, but do not cover it all lashes very impressive look tinted tips of lashes. First, we put a black lengthening mascara curls or habitual gesture, and then carefully paint the tips of the eyelashes colored or golden ink. Blush can not be applied at all, but if you really want, you can use the weightless pink or pearl.

Barbie is very becoming shiny lip gloss so clear - better than lipstick, pink even thrice. Hairstyle Barbie has to be very careful, like a brand new doll. And to support the theme of Barbie clothes, not forgetting the fact that you - a mature woman and not "overdo it" - this is the aerobatics.

Idea number 3: makeup-style Baby-face

Baby face - and the name of this style. Its meaning is to look not made up, while being made up. The face without makeup - it is certainly good, but without it, it is influenced by the environment (cold, dust, humidity); and, moreover, a perfect morning, smooth fresh skin may be red by the afternoon, and if you have no make-up, all will see it. In addition, Baby-face - this is not necessarily the effect of "not made" - it may be just a minimum of makeup. A good example of proper style Baby-face often shows singer Glucose .

Baby-face to the masses: the tone, if you tell them you use must be transparent, not to hide the natural blush and charming freckles. In summer you can give it all winter without it going out in the cold is not recommended. Blush - the lightest, most subtle, recognizable only in the nuances of lighting. Eyebrows do not paint at all, for that they should be well-groomed, well-shaped and without a single hair "is not in place." For ever inflict bodily or shade of pale pink, let them invisible, but they conceal redness if she suddenly decides to appear.

If you can afford to go out without mascara, then your Baby-face without cost. To ensure the beauty and dense forest, lightly touch the tips of the eyelashes brown ink: ink of that color is different from black only in a tube. On the eyelashes it looks more natural than black, and the uninitiated did not even realize what was happening. Dyed the tips of lashes will mark their direction and to outline the eye, and the more we do not. Lipstick Baby-face does not tolerate, we choose the most discreet lip gloss or abandon it altogether.

But in general, you girlfriend, baby face, a young man not because these ideas were jealous. And because of what you have and without makeup look young and bright. So it may be wise to appreciate it and not much make up with cosmetics?

Whether young and fresh at any age, to flaunt in front of friends without make-up, and these ideas are reserved for a holiday or theme party. Or for the younger daughter, who seems to be the same doll face as her mother.
Author: Lucy Soprano