New Year: What jewelry to give, and which - to put on?
 What creates the individuality and unique style of every woman? Small elegant bar, created spectacular decorations, purse or fashion accessory ...

What do you give ...

"Not far off" The New Year, and think about gifts you need right now. In search of gifts, many of us pay attention to the jewelry and expensive jewelry. This choice is justified.

Decoration is initially intended to draw attention to its owner, and even more so for a woman! They can successfully hide minor flaws, enhance the beauty and dignity of the individual. They can be used to convey the mood, achieve completeness and perfection of the image, because jewelry is able to perfectly complement any clothing, and casual, and elegant evening dress. Rings for decisive and stylish men, unusual, original earrings and bracelets for bright and self-confident women, which could be the best gift?

Ring   - Jewelry for confident people. It involves a full incarnation of the latest trends in world fashion. Creative abstract design, where everyone sees what you like.

 New Year: What jewelry to give, and which - to put on?
 If you are closer to the classical style or you prefer business suits, the suit elegant ring with a stone in a modest setting. But careful! It is not even always elegant trim ring is able to enhance the beauty of hands. If it is badly chosen, it may impress the opposite desired effect. For example, women with small hands are just not wide ring with small inserts.

Men need to also remember that girl's best friend is deservedly considered diamonds . The most desired gift for any woman - a diamond ring. It is better than any words to tell about your feelings, and will constantly remind you. Deciding to buy a diamond ring, you will certainly make the right choice. The amazing beauty of the stone, the diamond will be playing with colorful paints and framed in gold, it looks luxurious.

 New Year: What jewelry to give, and which - to put on?

What jewelry to wear on New Year's Eve

Wide bracelets, large beads, combined with small chains, huge charms and pendants - that is what should be the choice for New Year's Eve. Long bead   visual features make the chin and neck more elegant and hide some flaws. To underscore the long neck beauty more suitable fitting necklace or chain. If you want to captivate all, then you should certainly choose a decoration!

 New Year: What jewelry to give, and which - to put on?

African motifs   It is also relevant in jewelry this season. Designers are inserted into the skin products, ivory, shell. Necklace of several chains with a variety of colored stones suitable for evening attire. With a few at a time worn neck jewelry business can be transformed into sexy clothes or evening. A cleverly chosen bracelets on her arm spectacularly decorate everyday costume.

 New Year: What jewelry to give, and which - to put on?
 Gold Jewelry   - The most popular jewelry in the majority of women and men. You always want to diversify their jewelry collection and treat yourself to something new, especially in the celebration! Jewellery made of gold, are perfect for any girls. On tanned skin looks particularly elegant products from white and pink gold. Aristocratic pallor will emphasize the products of the black gold, particularly those that are encrusted with diamonds or other precious stones.

Large flowers   once again at the center of fashion, with lots of precious and semiprecious stones, they can be not only on the bracelets, necklaces and rings, as well as accessories and clothing. It looks very noble, feminine and romantic, which gives greater interest has been awarded the decoration. It is not just a decoration, it is an expression of life style in jewelry.

 New Year: What jewelry to give, and which - to put on?

A properly chosen form earrings   able to adjust the shape of the face, neck and shoulders. It can be drop-shaped earrings with precious stones or massive in a gypsy-style, which were favorites of the past few seasons. Such freely hanging earrings look very simple and at the same time attractive. Big earrings are not necessary to give women with large and complete person, but to the elongated face, they will be very helpful. If the accessory is chosen carefully and tastefully decorated, there is a unique harmony of the shoulder and chin. But most importantly, do not forget that earrings should be combined with the color of the eyes of its owner.

Many women appreciate a return brooches Such spectacular, but somehow almost forgotten ornaments. By creating brooches designers will be inspired by nature: flowers, birds, seashells, butterflies and dragonflies are particularly relevant this year. Experiment! In this sense, on New Year's party welcomed almost everything that is capable of your imagination!

Without a small evening bag   Your face will be incomplete. Festive handbag should be small in size. The basic material can be velvet, suede, silk, satin, expensive leather. Handles desirable short or no handles. Color any, but he should be in harmony with the rest of the look.

Precious gift for him

If you pick up a gift for your beloved man, then this is approached with great care. And remember that it is important to a combination of exquisite taste, a unique performance and decent material. Jewelry for men are limited as a small selection of the objects themselves. It may be rings, clips, tie pins, cufflinks, pendants, charms, and rarely cast.

 New Year: What jewelry to give, and which - to put on?
 Rings, chains, bracelets and pendants for men Steel 316L   combined with rubber inlaid with gold, silver and natural stone inserts have gained immense popularity, especially among stylish men and women aged 20 to 40 years. On the one hand, steel jewelry is interesting because it does not corrode, resistant to sea water, salt, sun and never gets dark. On the other hand, today - a material that embodies the "spirit of the times."

Rings and seals with an elegant design and clarity of lines characteristic of the men's collections. Confident young people will appreciate and a gold ring with a diamond, and a luxury tie clip. It is a prestigious gift and personal orientation. Such a gift will not leave anyone indifferent.

 New Year: What jewelry to give, and which - to put on?
 Gifts can be original Swiss Watches known brands in different versions, including inlaid with precious stones. Well, and exclusive cufflinks in gold with diamonds perfectly complement the image of a representative of the business elite.

Whether large or small accessories precious jewelry, they always help to draw attention to themselves, allow to stand out and emphasize the dignity of its owner. Therefore, the choice of approach to it very carefully and patiently.
Author: Valentina Syrenkova