Star Fitness Tips
 Article about how Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz and the other manages to look so good.

Celebrities and supermodels - "icon" of style and beauty. Their slender shapes and the magic power can overshadow us, even when we think we look at 100. Did you know that the tightened body -privilegiya not just for celebrities? We unveil the veil of secrecy and tell you about the latest fitness trends and star secrets which, if you follow, you will get a perfect body!

Functional Fitness

Functional training of the whole body - one of the most common ways to stay slim. Forget the long hours on the elliptical trainer or a boring repetition of the same exercises. Celebrities about the benefits of weight shells and appliances, train certain muscles.

The dominant trend in the fitness star - functional total body workout that uses compound exercises that involve more muscles for a short period of time. Stars perform special combined traffic, trains different muscle groups - such as walking with the training biceps. In addition, they perform key balancing exercise, combined with isometric contractions.

Combination movements, such as squats on his haunches with the upper compression and involve the lower and upper body, and strengthens the central muscles. This is great for the celebrities who have little time for training at the gym, because they can get efficient 20-minute workout, the result of which is compatible with a full 60-minute sessions, where all exercises are directed only to one group of muscles.


One of the favorite sports equipment that is used during their training such beauties like Penelope Cruz and Jessica Biel is a regular dumbbell. Originally from Russia, dumbbells can be used to train the muscles of the body.

Celebrities are using dumbbells, because dynamic movements not only strengthen muscles and increase their tone at regular trainings, and replace cardio.

How many have to train? Normally, the heart rate increases to 150 or 160 beats per minute with a combination of exercise with dumbbells and weight loads.

Exercises with dumbbells - one of the most difficult in execution, because they involve the whole body, and for this reason burns more calories than usual. They combine stabilization exercises, pulse and power.

Training "mind-body"

Another popular trend - the combination of training the body and mind. Stars combines yoga, Pilates and cardio workout. Such training - an easy way to get in shape if they perform well.

For example, Alicia Minshou assiduously engaged in yoga, pilates and strength training. She also runs seven kilometers twice a week. Sasha Cohen - Olympic silver medalist in figure skating - attaches great importance to stretch, which makes it flexible and helps prevent injuries.

In addition, stars are choosing workouts that develop them mentally and physically - and enjoy. For example, the music - a powerful motivator, because it involves both body and mind. Music makes exercise fun.

No magic, just hard work

The big secret of famous beauties - it is hard training and hours needed to achieve the desired parameters. A good result is achieved thanks to the professional coaches who are developing special programs. If the next celebrity wants to look stunning, they make up an individual study plan and monitor their nutrition. Stars diligently fulfill all the requirements, otherwise it will be a waste of time and money.

When the shooting stars are coming, they will exercise regularly every two days and cut their calories.


The most stunning bodies of those celebrities who are constantly trained and properly fed. So many stars are sitting on a balanced diet, built on the general principle NutriFit: 60% favorable carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, whole grains), 20% lean protein and 20% healthy fats.

The most important principle - the right food with reasonable exceptions. It looks good - a serious work related to dieting. When the stars need to get in shape for the role, their diet depends on the goals they want to achieve. High-protein diets, where the basic principle - reducing the consumption of sugar - a good way of losing weight. Nevertheless, some stars are willing to take extreme measures. Now very popular cleaners, though, it is unlikely they are harmless.

Macrobiotic raw food and vegan diets have gained immense popularity over the past ten years. The followers of these diets are Madonna, Alicia Silverstone and Demi. Gwyneth Paltrow was a follower of the strict macrobiotic diet, but dropped it when expecting their first child. All these diets can be effective, because they are based on vegetable protein and whole grains, which improve the overall health and condition of the body.

Tips to help you look as taut as the stars

Almost all celebrities have personal trainers and nutritionists to help them achieve the perfect, trim bodies. But their diet and training program is often not as difficult as you might think. The main thing - to set a goal and go for it.

1. Train changing load

Celebrities who want to pull the body, followed by a certain mode. They train four to five days a week (cardio and weight training), periodically changing the load so that the muscles do not get used to a certain position. This means that they do not perform monotonous repetitive exercises, and changing kinds and types of load.

2.Delayte exercises for all the muscles of the body

During functional total body workout involves all muscles of the body - and you'll burn more calories, increases the strength of muscles and tone the entire body. Stars combine power and cardio workout that takes less time and very efficiently. And do not forget about sports equipment - dumbbells, balls and hoops can help engage every muscle in the body, providing an enviable posture and a perfect figure.

3. Use the mind and body

Instead of having to spend an entire day on a treadmill or not to engage in general, combine fitness with the occupation which will bring you joy. Try yoga or pilates, or sign up for group lessons. Yoga - a great way to adjust and strengthen the body, in addition, it improves metabolism, circulation and relieves stress. Strip dance hall, various dancing is also a great cardio workout. You can enroll in a similar section in the nearest studio or gym. These classes will help you gain confidence in your body, which is important!

4. Focus on fruits, vegetables and proteins

Extreme diet can help to lose weight quickly, but a healthy, rational diet is capable of supporting the required weight. Instead of calorie restriction or exclusion of certain groups of products, just start eating more fruits, vegetables and proteins. Perhaps it will be longer in time, but is more reliable.

5. Anything is possible

You do not get the perfect body, unless you devote enough time to training and nutrition. Of course, the stars have more opportunities and motivators, but it all depends on your desire. Even if you can not afford the daily training regime and good nutrition can gradually come closer to the goal. Try to group system. Find a friend or a friend who can train with you. If you stick with exercise and diet, you will be much easier to go to the goal.
Author: Ann, New York