The little white dress
 More than 80 years and the ball ruled the little black dress. It is the cornerstone. But here, in summer 2009, a new concept of "little white dress." This is the main fashion trend this summer. What is called a must-have.

White belongs to the category of neutral and goes with almost all the rest. Shades of white are also missing, so will all the white dress. Also a lot of styles, there are plenty to choose from.

The little white dress - a great option for work, shopping trips, parties.

Trendy styles little white dress The summer season 2009

• Dress with one shoulder.   The idea of ​​clothing with one arm already fashionable, but the little white dress with one shoulder - two fashion trend of one thing. In it you will look sexy.

• Dress with odor. Suitable for almost everyone. It looks very sexy. You can even wear to work or in the evening.

• a simple cut dress, decorated with crystals and stones.   Also very fashionable and very beautiful. Great for walks and parties.

 The little white dress

• The dress with a high waist.   Empire style is fashionable this season. Decorate inflated waistline belt or a brooch. You will look stunning. Suitable for romantic natures. In addition, help hide the fullness.

• Mini skirts.   Very short dresses. Any style. Unfortunately, suitable only slender girls.

• Dress in the Greek style.   Flying dresses, comfortable shoes, beautiful accessories, and you - the most fashionable and stylish.

 The little white dress

• dresses in ethnic style.   There are several options. You can create an image of Russian peasant girls wearing red beads and a bracelet. And maybe hippie style. It's all about the accessories.

• Dress Strapless.

• A small white dress classical style.   This style has not been canceled and will not call, because it is appropriate everywhere and always. It looks great on almost everyone. And easy to help to transform the image.

 The little white dress

 The little white dress

How to wear a little white dress

Agree, wearing white is much more difficult than any other, especially if the clothes from fine fabrics or overlying style. So, in order not to look like an inappropriate way, here follow this advice:

1. White color should you go.   Do not believe it, but there are those to whom it is not. In this case, you can try a lighter shades. And you may want to tan: you can on the beach, can be in the solarium, you can, by means of tanning.

2. Choose the right dress.   The store see how well the fabric allows light. Remember, it should not be too translucent.

3. The main and most importantly - the right underwear.   It is important that it is the same color as that of your body. White under white should not be worn.

4. Shoes should fit the dress.   White - the color of purity and simplicity. It allows you to create any image of what you want. It looks best shoes brown and gray shades. Although it all depends on style and accessories.

5. It is desirable that the dress was not overloaded with details.   It employs a rule, the simpler the better. You want something interesting? Then choose a bright accessories or extravagant style.

6. You can afford accessories of bright colors.   Do not be afraid to experiment. Forget about the fact that the white - white only. Watch the movie "Sex and the City" and make the opposite.

7. White allows you to create a variety of images, from the bohemian hippie and finishing.   Everything depends on the style. Want to create a relaxed way of hippie or ostrovityansky style? Add the large ornaments, big sunglasses and sandals.

8. If you want to create a more mysterious and solemn - Add to the black and white dress and accessories.

9. White is perfect for autumn-winter period.   Only this outfit should be made of solid materials.

Here are a few tips:

• White dress looks good only when it is tailored fit and is right for you. This is the case when it is convenient to be beautiful. If you are going to put on a little white dress, it should be a very high quality and made of solid material. Since you do not have to worry about whether you have clothes to shine.

• We'll have to forget about the white clothes if you have small children. Since they are both always find a way to stain you.

• Buy good underwear. Not necessarily, by the way, wearing a white thong. Some men like it when viewed lingerie. But not all and not always.

• Never wear white to a wedding unless you are the bride.

A small white dress - a beautiful thing, but it requires careful preparation. Therefore take note of our advice and look stunning.
Author: Vera Karabutova