This is the price, not phone numbers! or How much is the most expensive in the world of cosmetics
 It is believed that the crisis is a luxury goods segments are the most stable. And sells much better and more stable kezhualnyh things. Why is that? This question is probably to economists and psychologists. But the example of the 1998 crisis, we can say that some brands of mass market did not survived and were forced to disappear (at least temporarily) with our market and luxury brands were in Russia at that time, almost all. So the consumption of luxury brands are not so much reduced consumption of more modest price. But what is "expensive"? How much is the most expensive in the world of cosmetics?

Buy cosmetics for 14 million, get a gift for free

All that diamond - it's expensive, it is everyone knows. For some reason, many manufacturers are committed to be noted in this regard, releasing exclusive goods "is not for everyone," but all it must demonstrate. Mobile Phones, watch the control panel in the car, gloves. ... Well, cosmetics, too. No, of course it is not embedded in lipstick and shadows with diamond chips. Diamonds adorn the covers of cosmetics, brushes, tubes ... cosmetics in this package is probably the most expensive purchase its units whose names are rarely disclosed, but they say that these are still there.

Record set at around $ 14 million company H. Couture Beauty . It was sold for so much a set of mascara and lipstick this brand. The company, by the way, specializes in the production of cosmetics in an exclusive package of precious metals and precious stones. But even it is - an unprecedented sale. After all, usually the brand mascara average is 589 dollars, and lipstick - 150. Stipulate true that 14 million customers had the opportunity at any time during the year to ask for service, and he was granted a year's supply of additional filler for lipstick carcasses and absolutely free of charge, that is a gift.

But mass-market brands have a unique offer with diamonds. For example, Nivea   issued by a bank cream Nivea Visage Expert Lift Day, encrusted with diamonds. Total of cans - 441, and the value of each estimated at about 113 000 dollars. All proceeds from the sale are sent to a charity that deals with problems of breast cancer.

The most expensive brand

Speaking still about the contents of cosmetic products and not on the packaging, the most expensive brands in the world are considered to be luxury brands, as well as professional cosmetics.

Luxury is not uniform, and for the price, too (there are low-suite, suite and extra suite), so if we are talking only about the price, the most-most here are cosmetics that are produced divisions couture houses (suites) and elite cell Cosmetics (extra-luxury class). The former include brands Christian Dior, Givenchy, Channel, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, Ester Lauder, Lancome, Helena Rubinstein, Nina Ricci . And even more expensive brands - such as for example La Prarie and Guerlain , Actually constitute an extra-suite section.

From professional cosmetics believed that Swiss Line   - most expensive. Although it is believed that almost all trade marks similar to each other and the price is about the same.

The most expensive cream

First place in this list is an intensive anti-aging serum   Intensite Volumizing Serum Company ReVive . This serum is often called alternative to plastic surgery. It causes cells to move eight times faster, includes molecule global rejuvenation and virtually stops the aging process. An ounce of serum worth $ 600!

 This is the price, not phone numbers! or How much is the most expensive in the world of cosmetics

For a long time, this price is not approached, no cream, but now the company Sisley   It is already very close to that, to overcome the psychological barrier of 600 dollars. Its novelty is worth 582 dollars. This elixir Sisleya Elixir Which removes everyday stress and deformation of the skin, stimulates protein synthesis, fights free radicals. It contains natural extract of weeping willow, vitamin E acetate, natural extract of Ginkgo biloba extracts and sea.

 This is the price, not phone numbers! or How much is the most expensive in the world of cosmetics

Night cream for $ 400: it is not cheap pleasure produces laboratory Dermagenetics . Her sentence - means collagen fills in wrinkles, smoothing them, but the technology is based on DNA studies.

Next novelty in the segment of expensive anti-aging - Serum Sublimage Serum by Chanel . It costs $ 385 (30 ml), and the money promised almost magical transformation after the first use. It contains an extract of Madagascar vanilla ploskolistnoy.

In order not to bore you with a long list of further (the fact that the funds in the price range in the area of ​​$ 300 is enough), "rundown" on the shelves of European and cosmetic boutiques in Moscow. For $ 331 the Swiss company Dermalab   It will offer a unique revolutionary tool that improves the reproduction of skin cells. Sera from Darphine   get rid of deep wrinkles for 310 dollars. Rich cream for dry skin Sisley   It is about 11 500 rubles, for the same price sold serum Prodigy re-plasty by Helena Rubinstein and Secret de vie by Lancome . Well, finish the figure of eleven thousand rubles. This is the price range for the face cream Progressive by Carita   or day cream Helena Rubinstein and Lancome .

The most expensive cosmetics

It's the same brand of luxury cosmetics that have been listed. Prices are high, but still keep within the limit of $ 100, and therefore we can say that luxury cosmetics - this is what you can afford. It is with it, perhaps, is to begin acquaintance with the world brands. For example, shade expensive - it is 2,000 rubles (if Dior and Guerlain ), Honey powder - this is 2150 rubles ( Chanel ), Expensive lipstick - it is 1,500 rubles ( Sisley ) And expensive ink - it is 2800 rubles ( Sunrider ).

The most expensive fragrance

Let's start from the top, with the most expensive. A little-known brand in Russia Clive Christian   It has a collection of probably the most expensive perfume. Its flavor Clive Christian's Imperial Majesty will cost US $ 215,000 (or 177,727 Euros). There have stamps and more modest for the price aroma Clive Christian's for $ 695, if such a price appropriate to the word "modest".

 This is the price, not phone numbers! or How much is the most expensive in the world of cosmetics

Then all proposals will follow 2000 and less, as the prices of hundreds of thousands of dollars in boutiques is unlikely we will scare. If there is in this interval some suggestions, trading and auction. They will not touch us. We are interested, first of all, what you can buy in the store. Over two thousand dollars sold perfume Caron's Poivre Caron from . Eternal fragrance Chanel №5   worth 1850 dollars (1530 euros). $ 1,700 will pay for Baccarat's Les Larmes Sacrées de Thebes by Baccarat . Fifteen hundred dollars - at that point kept prices of several brands, including well-known and sold here. Among them, such as, for example, 24 Faubourg by Hermès and Eau d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal . Less than a thousand dollars worth Shalini by Shalini Parfums (900 $), Joy by Jean Patou (800 $), Bulgari Pour Femme by Bulgari ($ 750) .

 This is the price, not phone numbers! or How much is the most expensive in the world of cosmetics

Generally, in the wardrobe of every woman has at least one good thing is expensive and luxurious. Whether purse, umbrella, sunglasses and gloves. And in cosmetics. There is a means by which a woman is so happy that he will not give them up, even in a crisis. Because we love ourselves and not allow on its face that anyhow impose. The main piece of advice: do not give up right away from expensive brand once and for all. On the contrary, interest and ask the price. Maybe, at the high end there is something that you've been looking for. Then the search is over, although new start - money.
Author: Julia Gnedina