We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!
 Nearing the end of the year 2009. It was a good year. We now have more readers, more subscribers, which means - and more friends. We will continue to share with you all, all that they had learned from the world of beauty and fashion. With pleasure!

And the end of the year - this debriefing. We decided to choose the best cosmetic products in 2009. What we were glad what pleasantly surprised? And they did it with you. Thank you, that was supported by our small survey. Nearly half months three female girl portals choose the best cosmetics. Vote for their favorite, they got acquainted with other pets. The collection of information was on the website, the forum, we received e-mails. Opinions collected a lot, so it is hoped that the results were quite objective, because taken into account the views of hundreds of girls!

One more thing. Why did editors and their own choice? We noted those products that are not only found a response from you, but also included a selection of several criteria. We take into account the brand image, its adaptation to Russian conditions, the attractiveness of advertising campaigns and the expectations of consumers, we noticed all the updates and innovations that have undergone the products in 2009, we would like to consider what can not always see the consumers, but over what brands work closely. That's why sometimes our choices and is slightly different from yours. Well, now to the most important - the results!

Female beauty portal MyCharm chose the best beauty products in 2009.


Nomination "The Shadow"

Select Users Mineral shade of Mary Kay. This brand was in the lead in our poll by a wide margin. And, in general, the selection of girls is quite understandable. The product is really worth: the shadow of Mary Kay not only have excellent intense colors and the ability to vary the set of palettes, but the mineral content of a modern looking after formula (with natural minerals and vitamins A, C and E) and a comfortable texture.

Editor's Choice:   Many products could enter this nomination, but we have chosen a set of Benefit make-up in the style of smoky eyes. This reticulation - a real master class is not only detailed step by step instructions, but also all the necessary tools and colors - different in texture and color, but are perfectly combined in the most unprofessional hands. In general, we liked the idea of ​​this product.

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!

Nomination "Lipstick"

Select Users : Lipstick from Avon «Deep Color" won first place with a very wide margin. We also note the modern formula to care, excellent resistant color evenness of application and a favorable price-quality ratio. In addition, there is now new - update lipstick "Deep Color» Anew by Avon with looking after anti-aging formula.

Editor's Choice:   Lipstick-serum from Dior. Of course, we could not pass by this innovation of 2009 - the new generation of lipstick Serum de Rouge. In fact - it is a means of rejuvenating lip with lipstick properties simultaneously. Its protective properties of the 10 times the quality of any other lipstick, and we notice - yes, it's true event of the year in the field of decorative cosmetics for lips.

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!

Nomination "Lip Gloss"

Select users:   Gloss Effet 3D from Bourjois and undeniable novelty - Effet 3D Max by Bourjois. Just say that this is our choice, the editorial. We agree that shines from Bourgeois and provide comfort and care, and an additional amount, and the desired color, and precise application ... all the merits and not listed. It remains to be happy for those that shine for himself opened, and those who only make it in the New Year.

Editor's Choice: Once again - shines from Bourjois - it is a miracle!

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!

Nomination "Mascara"

Select users:   L'Oreal. Yes, our users chose the brand unconditionally. Of the products of the year by L'Oreal in this segment, we certainly must mention the novelty of 2009 - ink TELESCOPIC explosive effect. And among the preferences of girls it was also TELESCOPIC.

Editor's Choice:   If we talk about modern makeup products, then it is necessary to note that almost every brand have the means to care for and protect. Mascara we liked from Helena Rubinstein - LASH QUEEN FEATHER COLLECTION. Light, almost weightless, resistant, elastic, noble pure hues, in the composition of jojoba oil and glycerin. A package simply delicious!

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!

Category "Nail"

Select Users : Here the views are very dispersed and only a margin of one vote, selected lacquer American brand Sally Hansen. The choice seems very worthy, varnishes Sally Hansen distinguished not only beautiful palette, but also the professional care of the nails and hands. And the number of related coatings and care products, we also can not fail to note.

Editor's Choice We chose Varnish OPI, and not only in gratitude for the shade of Russian Navy («Russian fleet") from the latest collections of the brand matte, not even for the green tint, which appeared just in time. Quality, trend palette, durability and excellent choice - many probably agree.

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!

2. BEST foundation 2009

Nomination "Tone Cream"

Select Users : Foundations from Max Factor became the clear leader among our members. Indeed, the brand you can select the foundation for any occasion: light and almost invisible and long-lasting the whole day, and anti-aging ... and the autumn new Second Skin - it is true magic!

Editor's Choice : Tone moisturizer from Artistry. New this season, meets all the parameters that we make to the daily tonal Product: even application, adapting to your skin color, protection, hydration, correction of irregularities, and all this with absolutely no perfume and other allergenic ingredients!

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!

Nomination "corrector concealer"

Select Users : Concealer Pencil Giordani Gold Luminous Concealer from Oriflame, this handy concealer with an applicator brush, not only hides the dark circles under the eyes, but also effectively protects the skin and moisturizes it.

Editor's Choice:   Concealer TOUCHE ÉCLAT Radiant Touch by YSL. Even distribution, perfect disguise, moisturizing, anti-aging and sunscreen ingredients, the effect of the natural radiance of the skin - all this puts the checker from YSL to the top spot on our list.

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!


Nomination "Women's perfume"

Select Users : Tendre Jasmin (Jasmine Gentle) by Yves Rocher. You know, this choice does not surprise us. At Yves Rocher has really masterpieces. And new this year Tendre Jasmin perfume water well claim to be the next bestseller at the mark.

Editor's Choice:   Our choice - a Jador by Dior. This is certainly not the product of 2009. But in a sign of great respect and in honor of the 10th anniversary of the iconic fragrance (anniversary celebrated this fall), we decided to celebrate this smell again. In addition, users also built it on a pedestal, and a strong second place in your voice that takes the flavor. By the way, who have not yet chosen a gift for the New Year - a good route guidance?

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!

Nomination "Men's fragrance"

Select Users : VELOSITY MARY KAY. Most likely, this is the smell of girls often buy their men. And if so - it is their choice to trust. Eau de toilette "Velocity for Him» Velocity® for Nim Sologne is filled with fresh and transparent notes: West Indian mandarin flowers, green tomato vines, refreshing lemon balm, wet stems sassafras and boxwood, linden bark, teak and warm notes of cedar.

Editor's Choice:   We also chose that accurately suited as gifts to loved ones. The new men's fragrance Gillette Blue Dive. Many men trust in the brand, and this year is also a favorite brand of perfume pleased premiere - the new men's fragrance Blue Dive. The first trial Gillette as such was very nice and fresh. The composition of the fragrance - a fresh and inspiring notes of marigold, orange, tree bark rosewood and soft notes of geranium, cedar, tree moss and patchouli.

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!


Nomination "Day cream, whey"

Select Users : Vichy Aqualia Thermal. Gentle caring and effective moisturizer - without a doubt, one of the best in this category. Moreover, in the line of these creams have a choice of light or intense moisture. Well, about the safety and hypoallergenic cosmetics Vichy talk unnecessarily.

Editor's Choice:   Protective Fluid SPF 15 Immortelle and protective cream Immortelle by L'Occitane. This level of protection and a high concentration of moisturizing ingredients cause tremendous trust and respect. Besides, the products Immortelle effective against signs of aging, which does not hurt women, starting with 25-years. Thanks brand L'Occitane.

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!

Nomination "Night cream, whey"

Select Users : Olay Total Effects. Funds from this line survived this year's update, became even more intense in composition. And their effectiveness and no doubt. Great choice!

Editor's Choice:   Universal Night regenerating complex Advanced Night Repair by Estee Lauder. This night serum appeared only this fall, but has already won our hearts and the hearts of all those who have tried the new product. We confirm the action serum did not exaggerated advertising descriptions. The next morning - the skin radiant, refreshed, and most importantly, that this product is equally good for twenty years, and even for women age.

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!


Nomination "deodorant"

Select users:   Girls choose a deodorant Rexona. Well, after the face of the brand this year was Vera Brezhnev, Rexona deodorant fans have significantly increased. Which demonstrates our choice wearer.

Editor's Choice:   For the first time the minerals were a part of deodorants thanks to the efforts of the brand Garnier. We noticed this new product and, of course, try it. Mineral composition gives unusual ease and care, and the efficiency of new items-2009 lasts all day, and even a little longer.

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!

Nomination "anti-cellulite"

Select users:   The choice must be said, it was not particularly large. It seems that not all girls are like agents. But those who answered the question about these products, noted anti-cellulite funds from Yves Rocher. Meet Serum Body Fighting bumpy skin Green Coffee - harmony and Caring for the Body-Fluid Cellulite Reduction GREEN COFFEE - harmony.

Editor's Choice:   Here we had to choose quite easily, strangely enough. We tried it, saw the result and ascertain that the duo flows from Biotherm - Anti-cellulite scrub Celluli Laser scrub and night anti-cellulite cream-gel Celluli Laser Intensive Night - what awaits any of us wants to get in a short time even and smooth skin without cellulite.

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!

6. Best Hair 2009

Nomination "Shampoo"

Select users:   Pantene Pro-V. Especially for owners of long hair - is the ideal solution. Sure glad that means Pantene Pro-V is constantly updated, and pleasing to all the great variety.

Editor's Choice:   Herbal Essences won its flavors, perfect cleansing, herbal extracts and the amount that it makes your hair. Especially with the new product line "The volume in the cube."

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!

Nomination "Air Conditioning"

Select users:   Girls preferred means of Fructis by Garnier.

Editor's Choice:   Our choice - a novelty this year - the daily caring agents - spray conditioner by L'Oreal for colored hair Elsev color and luster. Well, here we were too close in the selection. It seems that daily hair care products that do not require rinsing, - it is a good habit.

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!

Nomination "Styling"

Select users:   Hairspray Taft named by most users as the best.

Editor's Choice:   Wella Forte. This is a very recent innovation, offers a series of tools for styling, depending on the length of your hair. A great approach to such a complex process as the choice of styling!

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!

Nomination "Hair Dye"

Select users:   By majority vote the best paint products named Londa. Agree: tradition, quality, attractive price - all present here.

Editor's Choice: We want to note that finally paint for home use are completely free of ammonia, and in the future we can expect a professional coloring without this component. And in the end, we were pleased Garnier, presenting a novelty - the paint without ammonia Color & Shine, it is what we have chosen as Product of the Year.

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!

7. BEST anti-aging 2009

Nomination "means an anti-age eye"

Select users:   TimeWise Age-Fighting Eye Cream («Taymvayz") - an eye cream that prevents signs of aging skin by Mary Kay - the choice made the wearer.

Editor's Choice:   CAPTURE TOTALE FLASH DÉFATIGANT REGARD MULTI-PERFECTION by Dior - an innovative tool for the area around the eyes appeared in the autumn of this year. Of course, like all the tools of the brand, the product is ideal in composition and texture, but also specialists Dior ventured for such a sensitive area as the skin around the eyes offered a high-tech applicator reinforcing drainage effect, and by minimassazha provides enhanced nutrition in eye contour . Bravo!

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!

Nomination "means an anti-age face and neck"

Select users:   Many girls have noted new year - Olay Mikroskulptor face. Yes, it is one of the first serious anti-aging products at an affordable price. The main novelty of the year. We fully agree with the choice of our customers.

Editor's Choice:   Sisleÿa Global Anti-Age. This cream in 2009 was 10 years old, he is still the best-selling and the number of innovations is not inferior to the newly created innovations. We note that this cream in our rating in recognition of the brand for a breakthrough that has been made at the time in cosmetics anti-age, making this product really gave a new impetus to many achievements in anti-aging cosmetics. And it's great that to this day admirers Sisleÿa Global Anti-Age remain true to their own choice.

 We have selected the best cosmetics of 2009!


Here we have decided to completely trust the choice of our customers and provide them the opportunity to call for a magical discovery that captivated their hearts this year. And that's what it turned out.

Select users:   Honey - you called it the most-interesting alternative product. Yes, honey massage, for example - are not new this year, but apparently it was in 2009, he became the most popular. The product, of course, is not for everyone, but typically Russian and very in tune with our climate. Well, this is the choice of the majority.

We wish you good luck and success in the New 2010 year!
Author: Julia Gnedina