What kind of beauty requires victims?
 Perhaps every girl heard the phrase that "Beauty requires sacrifice." However, that is no, think not all. In pursuit of the ideals and the title of the most beautiful, the fair sex are beginning to spoil your appearance, health and immunity. And if they come to all sorts of beauty pageants, the injury to the physical, moral and added: envy, gossip, intrigue, betrayal and more.

For information on how to become beautiful and that this needs to be done, says a lot. However, the unit writes about the consequences and victims of such beauty. Let us together with you examine how a negative impact on the human desire to impose on the world the concept of beauty. Sometimes, by any means.

1. Models and beauty contests.   The first demanded only a few years (very few people left in this profession 30 years) and have a peck of salt eaten. Here and sawed heels, and set fire to the dress, and gossip. Approximately the same scheme and beauty contests. For the sake of fame and recognition of the girls go to bribe the jury and various tricks. More than once, and since that day, when she appeared on the scene, it was for the latter. More recently, in the Republic of Mordovia in the contest "Miss Faculty of Economics," 19-year-old student at a local high school died during the performance. The girl from childhood had a heart defect. Even before the dance she felt a slight discomfort, but still decided to go on stage. This output became her last. A few minutes after the fall of the body of the girl did not fit - the audience decided that this was the idea contestants ...

2. High heels and chest at least a third the size.   All glossy magazines from room to room asserting its readers - men love confident women with long legs and a good figure. True, each perceives the phrase on its own. In medieval France Heel height is determined by social status of the beautiful half of humanity. Since then, much has changed - but one remained unchanged - all girls also continue to wear this kind of shoes.

Although British scientists vying argue that those who prefer high heels than four centimeters, as well as shoes, has no backdrop or fixing leg straps, more than others prone to injury. The second sub breast concerned, namely surgery. In most cases after the operation violated the sensitivity of the nipple, or large areas of the breast, there is severe scarring and bruising, and harden the soft tissue.

The example of Lola Ferrari, who had silicone breast, the weight of which was 18 (!) Kilograms. After 22 surgeries she had to sew clothes to order only, to constantly monitor the implants. He lived the owner of this "luxury" bust up to 30 years, and was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the most severe chest. But not without a fly in the ointment: it is possible that such an early death was caused by a number of surgeries.

3. Bulimia and anorexia.   These two terrible words are actually medical terms, and are associated with a steady diet will give active dieters. The most serious of these disorders - anorexia nervosa. For example, you accidentally told your girlfriend: "Do not you think that you're a little recovered, and you appeared tummy? ". Your words can sit in the subconscious of the girl, and this will cause an overwhelming fear that it will become thick. And the body of the person itself refuses food, which leads to its depletion, and possibly death. Bulimia, on the contrary, quite the opposite of the disease. Return it considered to be a sign of uncontrolled "gluttony", which follows immediately after the diet. The body, restoring force pushes his mistress to a feeling of hunger, which may eventually wipe the verge of saturation of the stomach.

4. Dystrophy.   Another medical condition from paragraph above. It arises because of a violation of proper nutrition. There is not so much a pretty girl as "bride Koshchey" - nothing but bones, covered with leather. In a figurative sense, of course, but such a description, in many cases, very true.

5. The loss of individuality or conveyor girl.   Again gloss and fashion imposed on us an idea how to dress. This season, fashionable purple and gray. And on the street, as the selection, are exactly the same girl in clothes like in the picture. However, his style again, they do not. Take away their magazines with illustrative examples, and what will they do? Switch channels for the display of fashion collections or in a panic asking her friends what to wear?

However, most men will not be much more attractive than the girl who dresses like a model sitting on the diets and puts on tons of so-called "plaster". Beautiful is the one that has a sparkle in his eyes, his own style and attitude to clothing, not a girl who would be considered in a panic calories ordered her dinner, sitting on a date in a cafe. Let it cheerfully gobbled ice cream scoops and it pricked his companion. Let it will have these little flaws, but it is alive and present, and will not resemble the perfect Barbie doll or a mannequin in a shop window.

And finally, I want to ask you, my dear readers. Before you take all imaginable and unimaginable tricks in pursuit of the "beauty" ask yourself: Are you ready to give yourself a bunch of diseases in order to look like the picture? Personally, I - no.
Author: Larisa Trishkina