5 serums for your skin
 Sera made a revolution in the field of beauty. A wide range of applications and almost instantaneous positive dynamics led him to the love of many Russian women. If you have not yet come in their numbers, find out what concentrates will be useful for you!

The first serum appeared in the 90s of the last century. At the time they were used only in professional care in a salon. Fairly quickly found the new customer and the joy of all, manufacturers have released concentrates for home use. The main difference from the last professional sera - packaging. Salons receive concentrates mostly in the form of ampoules with a cocktail, and everyday life in the home easier to use bottles with dispenser or pipette. However, you can choose the packaging of the product at its own discretion!

What's in a part of the miracle means?

Depending on the type of its constituent all different sera. In cosmetics can be one of the active ingredient to the whole complex of bioactive ingredients. To make them quickly and easily penetrates the skin, into the formula concentrate include specific substance-conductors (liposomes chronosphere).

A feature of the sera is their narrow focus. They do not solve many problems at the same time, they focus on one, but eliminate it in a matter of moments. However, if you need a systematic approach, you can use several sera at the same time.

 5 serums for your skin

5 serums for your skin

Hydrating Serum   (hydration, which increases turgor). The objective of this product - to ensure high-quality moisturizing your skin. Of course, without hyaluronic acid is not easy to do. Therefore, it is - the first ingredient in its formula. Among other components, which are also important for the skin - collagen, vegetable polysaccharides and valuable amino acids.

Serum, Firming.   Its role - to tighten oval face, with age tends to "float" and lose the beautiful primordial form. Restoration of the frame of the dermis is performed by activating the internal resources of the skin. Cosmetic "provocateur" positive changes is the duo of hyaluronic acid and retinaldehyde. Acting together, they increase the body's production of hyaluronic acid, thus providing us with a brilliant result.

Smoothing Serum (wrinkle correction).   One of the most popular sera. It not only reduces the appearance of age-related changes, leveling the skin micro-relief, but long-term use begins to "work" for the future. It increases the production of collagen, which reduces the momentum of the mechanism of aging. Effective against wrinkles substances such as hexapeptides with botulopodobnym action, retinoids and plant extracts (seaweed, chicory, Centella asiatica).

Brightening Serum.   Most often it is used to fight skin pigmentation age. This serum controls melanoobrazovanie and wipes the old manifestations of pigment spots. In order to prevent scattering of the new need after the course of the concentrate used all year round creams with protective factor SPF 50+. Otherwise, a problem may return.

Anti-inflammatory serum.   It has a durable calming effect, it neutralizes the inflammatory processes of the skin in the bud, restoring its tone and a fresh look. As part of this serum substances such as glycyrrhizic acid, glycine and ruskus.

 5 serums for your skin

How to use the serum?

The salon care concentrates are added to the composition or the use of masks during physiotherapy. All this takes place under strict medical supervision in compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

At home, the same conditions applied under the whey cream is similar effects. Ideally, cream and whey are from one line of cosmetics brand.

Deposition of serum must be preceded by a thorough cleansing of the skin. For this purpose, you can use familiar tools - a gel, lotion, micellar lotion.

Because whey product is a narrow, for the benefit of female attractiveness can be used several concentrates simultaneously. Simply put them face each other in the desired number of layers. For example, anti-inflammatory Serum + Serum, correcting wrinkles + improves elasticity.

Duration of sera

The duration of use is determined by the scale of the problem concentrates your skin, their nature and severity. Depending on the desired result beautician may recommend a one-time application of serum, short course (week and a half) or a full course (21 days). In some cases, require the passage of a number of courses in a row.

It is important to strictly follow the recommendations of the experts and do not miss the beauty treatment (correction) a single day. After all, the serum are cumulative.

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Author: Natalia Bartukova