Cleans the pores and make them less
 Clogged pores on the nose, chin, around the mouth - can quickly turn into pimples or blackheads. In addition, they make the skin dull and gray, not bright. Everything shows us that we need to get rid of this shortcoming. And the summer - it's time for that.

Cleansing clogged pores

Facial cleansing - the first step towards solving the problem. Wash your face should be at least 2 times a day. Please remove makeup with a cotton pad and lotion. And then should carefully wash your face with cleanser and warm water. It penetrates deep into the pores and cleans them salicylic acid. Therefore, from the black dots, use a gentle cleanser with salicylic acid in the composition. Such means are suitable even for those who have pimples and blackheads. Another requirement of the detergent - oil-free (i.e., on a oil-free basis).

When inclination to clogged pores should not miss such a product as a tonic. It is used after the detergent, it is not only tones the skin, and even removes detergent residues.

 Cleans the pores and make them less

Line Seaweed Line from The Body Shop, specially created for cleaning clogged Pori minimize

Peeling - an important step towards cleansing the pores. Once or twice a week can exfoliate skin scrubs based on fruit acids. Scrubs with hard particles is better not to use them only dry and irritate the skin. Leave the apricot seeds and sugar to the skin of the body. Scrub cleaning pores can also contain salicylic acid (about 2%).

Another effective way to clean clogged pores - pairs. Familiar to many process - keep the person on the hot water or hot tea, cover with a towel.

Unless helps steam or peeling, it is necessary to begin treatment with the help of special tools:

- Strips, patches for deep pore cleansing.   The strips, which can be bought in stores contain soothing agents such as tea tree oil, menthol and witch hazel. This is an effective means of deep pore cleansing. These strips, patches can only be for the nose, and there are Chin, forehead, or universal (that fit any part of the face).

 Cleans the pores and make them less

Alternatively, some girls use an ordinary stationery adhesive tape or patch. And just as happy with the result as potrebitelnits purchased strips.

- Masks for pore cleansing.   Use a mask specially designed for deep pore cleansing. This can be a mask film or washable mask. Good ingredients, minimizing pores - blue clay, volcanic ash, charcoal, seaweed.

 Cleans the pores and make them less

  Coal Mask Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask for deep pore cleansing

Excluding bridging products

If clogged pores - your frequent problem, it must be attentive to the choice of cosmetics for the face. There are ingredients that should be excluded, it comedogenic agents. These include:

- Coconut oil.   Coconut oil has a good moisturizing effect, but it is better to use it for the body, not the face. This product is comedogenic.

 Cleans the pores and make them less

- Vaseline.   Use petroleum jelly on your face is not as problematic as coconut oil, but those who are prone to clogged pores, - it is not recommended to use it. Vaseline does not cause comedones, but has the texture of fat that clogs pores wide. Vaseline should not be used for those who have skin prone to acne. Is that - lip.

- Olive oil.   In some cases, it can also be called clog pores. This is due to the fact that the olive oil is pure poorly absorbed through the skin, as a result of mud accumulates on the face, which leads to black dots.

A lot of oil, unfortunately, be called comedogenic, but there are also such a "jewel" as Shea butter . He did not clog the pores, it can be used on the face without fear. In addition, shea butter has the ability to heal the skin after acne and acne, without the risk of having clogged pores.

Is it possible to shrink pores?

The desire of many who have wide pores, - reduce them. However, you will most likely have realized that there is no magic bullet. You can not once and for all only through the care and cosmetics to do this, the pore size is genetically predetermined. There are surgical methods to help shrink pores. Or time are ways to minimize pores, they help, but not forever.

A good way to reduce the time - to use this product as a primer. Generally, it is designed as a primer before makeup, but it is effective to minimize any irregularities, including enlarged pores, and wrinkles. Primer as it tightens pores, forming an invisible film on the face, makes pores collect dirt and skin oils. Make-up artists are advised to use an oil-free primer for those who strive to make pores smaller.

 Cleans the pores and make them less

Primers oil-free and by Smashbox Laura Mercier

Another technique to minimize enlarged pores - matte leather. Shine on your face reveals a relief then, and matte surface does not give relief blikovat reveals itself. Therefore, use of explosives, creams, primers or toning moisturizers with a matte or semi-matt finish.

Also, any foundation to the oil-free basis - a more favorable option for people suffering from enlarged pores. The same rule should be followed when choosing a moisturizing day cream.
Author: Julia Shestakova