Exact calculation: how much money you need to skin?
 The effectiveness of cosmetic products is determined not only by the composition and the presence of exclusive agents in the recipe, but how wisely you put the product on the skin. Excessive savings or, on the contrary, irrepressible squandering a recipe for annoying consequences. Check yourself if all you're doing right?

To face looked fresh and rested in the morning, you need to surround it with care the night before. Perfect night beauty-ritual - contrasting washing, rub skin fitoldom and application of good nutritional means. What must be the last - learn on!

Night Cream

Funds with oily texture and nutritious enough for one person at a rate of a pea. If for some reason, you save on the cream, the skin loses it needs substance. Subsequently, it can manifest as redness, peeling, and the feeling of tightness. If you apply the cream with a vengeance, the skin will be overloaded, violated its "breathing". Therefore, only the best of everything!

How to apply?   Two hours to sleep, apply the cream on the face, distributing it over the skin with fingertips in the direction of massage lines. After a half hour pat face cloth to remove any excess cream.

Council:   Before the deal means a refrigerator, pre-warm it in your hands. If the mission is a uniform distribution of cosmetics seem impossible to you, before placing the product on the skin, moisten it with tonic or lotion. Moisture - an excellent vehicle for the active cosmetic substances.

 Exact calculation: how much money you need to skin?

Day Cream

Easy Care - day cream, gel or fluid requires a great deal of attention. All of the above can be applied to the skin up to two peas.

How to apply?   This should be done in such a way - drop on the forehead, a drop in the nose, cheeks, and the residue on the chin. Gently distribute the product on the skin.

Council:   creams, emulsions and fluids are best applied after applying tonics. Night and day cream is better to buy in the complex.

The gel cream for the skin around the eyes

As a rule, this product is quite expensive, but saves it should not be. The more that is required simply "ridiculous" amount. To moisten the eyelids of both eyes contour enough product at a rate of two grains of rice! If you overdo it, the result may disappoint you of edema.

How to apply?   The move should be from the outer edge to the inner eye.

Council:   distribute the product better ring finger pads, as the most "weak". If the cream is provided with an applicator, use it carefully, smoothly and without pressure.

Masking agents (Liquid concealers, correctors)

As the name suggests, the task of this kind of product - to hide defects and errors in the skin, so a large number of impermissible. In other masking agents risk of becoming eye-catching. The optimum size for finding the perfect skin tone - to a pea.

How to apply?   Dispense the necessary amount of product on the fingertips and put them three points under the eyes, in the area that needs improvement. Then, very gently, without stretching the skin, tapping movements connect all the dots. The blue under the eyes disappear. If you still need to get rid of the redness on the nose wings, a massage enter concealer into the skin.

Council:   on top of concealer or corrector, apply a thin layer of loose powder. This will allow you to be confident in the results.

 Exact calculation: how much money you need to skin?


In respect of the rule - better than "re" than "Nedo". Especially as the remains of a cosmetic product to use for the next year is no longer possible. All solar cosmetics spent only one season! To face the necessary funds in the amount of 1/3 teaspoon, for the body - 3 tablespoons of cream, milk or oil.

How to apply?   First, to allocate funds for the skin. After the body of the loan. The first portion, apply makeup to his feet, the second - on the front and back torso, and the third - on the arms, neck and décolleté.

Council:   sunscreen cosmetics need to update the skin every 2-3 hours.

Cream, Body Lotion

After taking a shower body skin also needs moisture, otherwise it loses its protective potential. The optimal dose is equal to the size of the ball for ping-pong. This amount is sufficient to cover the skin of the legs, arms, belly and cleavage.

How to apply?   By the same principle as the sunscreen.

Tip: If you want to slightly tighten the skin thighs and get rid of cellulite, paired with sports events, apply to problem areas no ordinary body cream, and anti-cellulite cosmetics. It is sufficient in size to a pea thigh. To effect was more impressive, the skin before applying the product to be prepared. To do this special massage massager or stiff mitt. And only after that - to use tool.

Be beautiful!
Author: Natalia Bartukova