Food that triggers acne and other skin problems
 If your skin is prone to inflammation and any skin reactions, then you have to watch your diet. After all, there are foods that trigger acne and inflammation. Find out what are the products and watch what you eat. There is also a nice bonus: all these products are not only harmful to the skin, but also our waistlines. So removing them, you will feel a double benefit.

Not only food causes acne. It is not necessary to dismiss factors such as lack of sleep, muddied the air, stress.

With regard to nutrition, many products exacerbate skin problems that not only leads to drying and irritation but severe manifestations, such as acne and even chronic acne.

Blood sugar - the cause of chronic inflammation and oxidative process. Blood sugar levels increase not only sweets. The oxidative process caused by many products. And the most harmful of them - in this article.

 Food that triggers acne and other skin problems


A large number of greasy food - probably the biggest cause of sudden changes in blood sugar levels. Fatty foods raise this level very rapidly, and so is its sharply fall. As a result, these differences cause hormonal cascade reaction that leads to increased production of sebum and clogged pores.

Fat has another unpleasant effect on the skin. Too much it slows down the amount of transport to the cells of oxygen and nutrients. And that can cause acne.


Dairy products contain fats. And about the harmful fats you have read above. The main danger are dairy products such as cheese and ice cream. If the consumption of milk and yogurt, you somehow can control the fat content and move to low-fat options, in cheese and ice cream fat content is necessary, and it is rarely possible to reduce. Completely get rid of the milk is difficult, but it should, at least for the fat content of dairy products that are consumed. There is evidence that at least 2% fat carries less risk of acne and other skin reactions.

 Food that triggers acne and other skin problems

There is another reason why milk is bad for skin prone to acne. Cow's milk contains hormones. Skin cancer is converted to dihydrotestosterone, these hormones, increases the production of sebum. Thus, hormones in milk indirectly increase the production of sebum, which leads to acne.

Finally, there are a number of people who can not tolerate milk. Outwardly, this provokes allergic acne, and in practice means that the person is not enough enzyme to properly digest milk of animal origin, which results in inflammation and oxidative process - causes skin problems.

Refined carbohydrates

This white sugar and white bread. These products are affected by the increase of blood sugar, it is harmful to the skin. The second reason why refined carbohydrates harmful they contain virtually no nutrients. The organism, digesting them needs vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Their deficiency can provoke acne. That's why whole grains are much better crushed and bleached.

And, thirdly, we should not forget that there are people with grain intolerances. They do not have an enzyme that helps to process cereal. Any consumption of cereal flour and meal results in an allergic reaction, which affects the skin.


The main sources of caffeine include coffee, black and green tea, chocolate, soft drinks, energy drinks and some painkillers.

Caffeine increases the release of adrenaline at first, and then by the stress hormone. Korma that caffeine disrupts sleep, do not allow the body to enter into a phase of deep sleep. As a result, we lose the recovery of detoxification, is stressed. And these factors affect the skin as much as some foods.

 Food that triggers acne and other skin problems

Processed foods

For acne-prone skin and acne should follow the rule of "one touch". This means that the product should not be applied no effect other than washing and drying. Roughly speaking, they should not touch before you will have something to cook.

In today's world it is usually the most difficult to observe. Especially if you do not go to farmers' markets or grow food themselves. But it should strive for. Minimize any processed foods. At their cleaning, bleaching, preservation and preparation used too much harmful dyes, flavors, additives and other chemicals. These chemicals cause allergic skin reaction.

In addition, processed foods contain a lot of fat and refined sugar.


Sweets quickly raise blood sugar levels, and it will negatively affect the skin condition. The more sweet product - the higher the chances of getting the inflammation and acne. The greatest harm thus bring sodas. Try this: if you limit your sugar intake, you will notice a positive effect on your skin.

 Food that triggers acne and other skin problems

Trans fats

Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats - more difficult to digest than natural, and are a consequence of problems with the skin and inflammation. Avoid cooking oils and fats with a high content of trans-fat, such relates primarily margarine.


Alcoholic beverages are not only harmful to the health of the internal organs. Its consumption is detrimental effect on the skin. After all, alcohol absorbed by the body and converted into sugar. Alcohol is useful only in small amounts, but if you can not stop in time, it is better not to start as a result of misuse of alcohol consumption affect the face the next morning.

The most dominating drink for the skin is a vegetable cocktail, it cleanses the body and skin of toxins, clears the skin, makes it more elastic and luminous.

Omega-6 fatty acids

Of course, you've heard about the benefits of omega fats. But it is necessary to know what poluzny skin only omega-3 fatty acids. But, fats Omega-6 lead to skin problems. Omega-6 found in vegetable oils such as corn oil, canola oil, as well as soybeans. Neutralize the action of an omega-6 helps the consumption of large amounts of omega-3. So feel free to include in your diet oily fish.

Amplifiers of taste

Monosodium glutamate - one of the most popular ingredients in fast food. Not all it is harmful. But if you are experiencing skin problems, then try for a while to remove this flavor enhancer in their food. If the skin improves, you're one of those people who react to MSG, and the right decision - to minimize its presence in their food.

 Food that triggers acne and other skin problems


Frying food puts them at very high temperatures. This results in the breakdown of nutrients, as well as to the disintegration oils. Especially dangerous for the skin deep fried dishes. Less harmful grilled. Disclaimer roasted able not only to improve the complexion, but also to prevent acne.

To understand which group of products prevents your skin to be smooth and fresh, give up these products in turn. And watch the reaction of the skin. One week from the failure of a product enough to understand, does its consumption by your body.
Author: Julia Shestakova