Going on vacation: pack cosmetics
 Summer is almost come, and many had already planned vacation. If the decision of where to go, decided - it's time for another problem: what to bring and how much. Talk about beauty minimum.

Many are afraid of the idea that they will be on vacation without popular and time-tested cosmetic products. But the possibility of baggage is unfortunately limited. Yes, and I want to take more new things. So - it will have to come to the collection and packaging of cosmetics wisely! We offer advice on how and what to collect in his traveler's makeup.

 Going on vacation: pack cosmetics

1. Decide what you need

If we analyze, most of us use a lot of daytime and nighttime means. However, in short voyages (about 10 days) in an amount of products is not necessary. Collect only the essentials. Nowhere to put luggage in several kinds of day cream and a few bottles of oils. That's exactly what you need:

- Cleanser for face, 1 piece (!). This can be a gel for washing or Travel-pack liquid soap.

- Moisturizing sunscreen, SPF of at least 30 if you are going to the south.

- Lip balm. Thing need not take up much space.

- Night Cream, 1 piece (!). In everyday life, we often use several means night plus serum and add more oil. In a release limit to 1 jar of night cream.

- Body lotion. This tool will need even if you do not suffer from dry skin: the sun and wind dried skin.

So, we've got only 5 funds for daily care. Next - the recommendation options:

- Medicinal products. They are needed for those who have skin problems and fighting with them. For example, if your skin - oily and prone to acne, is useful to you scrub with BHA acids. A tonics, masks, scrubs and serums can be left at home.

- Shampoos and conditioners and shower gels required only if you need a special dermatological products (such as dandruff shampoo). But most of the hotels and resorts offer its guests everything needed for the soul: shampoos, conditioners, shower gels. And this is one way to save space in your luggage bag.

2. Select the right products

Once you have decided on a list of resources, should be to find the right options that will meet the climate and time of the season, your needs.

- If you plan to vacation in places with hot and humid climates, it is best to choose a light moisturizer free of oil and more transparent and liquid texture than you usually use.

- Are you coming to the place where is dry and cool? Then moisturizer may contain oil.

- In the tropics, a moisturizer may not need, instead, to take sunscreen with a very high SPF.

3. Replace fluids on solid alternatives

When you form your hand luggage, remember the rules that airlines have. Do not take a tonic, thermal water, various sprays. You still will not allow the passage of vehicles. Instead, take the road in the makeup wipes. Useful to you several options: paper towels, cleaning makeup remover and refreshing soaked with moisture.

The same can be said about liquid soap. If you need an individual product, or you are not sure that your holiday destination offers this product in the room - will stay on solid soap. Of course, it may be aggressive to the skin. But look delicate product - for example, glycerine soap decoction or product by Dove containing cream.

Good solid alternative, you can find in stores hand-made cosmetics, for example, Lush and Fresh Line. They have a lot of products in the form of a solid or jelly-like, they are all healthy, natural, besides - cheer up their flavors and unusual appearance.

4. Select the multi-tasking means

When there is an opportunity - choose multitasking products. For example, hair conditioner can be used as a means of shaving. In the market you can find a remedy 2-in-1 shampoo + shower gel. In everyday life is better to use two different products, but for travel - it's just a good choice.

5. Get plenty of mini-packs

Travel-packaging and probes - will not only reduce the volume of the bag, but her weight. The mini-formats are available not only shampoos and conditioners, you can find mini-package, even make-up (nail polish, lipstick, lip balm) and fragrances.

In addition, the Travel-pack will help to avoid problems at airports. Because some airlines make demands that any product in the hand luggage does not exceed the amount of 100 ml. And if you do not want at the airport have confiscated a bottle of expensive perfume and luxury moisturizer - stock up the mini-packages and samplers. At least in the hand luggage.

 Going on vacation: pack cosmetics

Some brands take care of their client and to let fly a special Travel Kits, which has everything you need for the journey, it is packaged in a stylish cosmetics bag, and matched with the requirements of the airlines.

 Going on vacation: pack cosmetics

The cosmetic stores and directly to the airport you can also find a mini-collection of empty containers. They are specially designed for the traveler that you can decant your favorite product in the mini-package.

 Going on vacation: pack cosmetics

And another piece of advice for those who pack the suitcases. All funds with antioxidants, as well as sunscreen place in opaque containers and check the tightness of caps. These products will likely deteriorate from exposure to air and light.
Author: Tamara