How to minimize pores?
 From enlarged pores our skin becomes more oily and unkempt. This problem overshadows even themselves cosmetologists. But cope with it very real. The main thing - not to bring the process to extremes, because the time - it is necessary for the body's output channels to help protect the skin from drying out.

It is located in the pores of the hair follicles, which are all over the body, except the eyelids, palms and soles. Their size is determined mostly by genetics: if your parents had a problem of enlarged pores, then, most likely, it will not pass, and you. In addition, the pore size is very strongly influenced by the environment and nutrition. Here are some useful tips to narrow the pores and make the skin more attractive.

 How to minimize pores?

Clean up

Sebum, dead skin and dirt can clog pores greatly. Fill them, they stretch the pores and make them very visible. In order to get rid of contaminants need to use a special soap containing salicylic acid. That it will help remove dead skin cells.

 How to minimize pores?


A good cleanser, exfoliating scrub, and well able to clean the pores. If visible dirt is very strong, you can use the peeling daily, while the result will not be visible to the naked eye. If the skin is not prone to fat content, it is advisable to choose no peeling, and a soft scrub plant-based. It can be used for a long time. But do not forget, after peeling necessarily apply on skin moisturizer. It helps prevent inflammation.

Do not touch the face with his hands

On our fingers contains a huge number of all kinds of bacteria, many of which are pathogenic. If you frequently touch the hands of the person, they respectively fall on him. In addition, if you touch any part of your body, thus stimulate sebum and in the field. It, in turn, also clog pores. If you want to minimize the pores on your face, try to rarely touch it.

 How to minimize pores?

Using steam strips

Steam strip - it is just pieces of fabric which need to preliminarily put in hot water, and then on the skin. They should be dry. It is these strips will help you to pull out all the dirt and then remove the dead pieces of skin. If you do not want to do it yourself, then simply buy at any drugstore or cosmetic store.

 How to minimize pores?

Remove black spots

Black spots and white spots often appear on what is going in the pores of fat and bacteria. They must be removed. Then your skin will shine cleanliness and health. It's quite difficult and painful procedure that requires accuracy. There are several ways:

1. Mix a tablespoon of honey and half spoon cinnamon. Rub this mixture of skin. Three minutes later, wash it off with warm water.

2. Whisk the egg white. Apply a thin layer on the face. It should dry well. After that, the mask can be washed off easily.

3. Buy a bag of cosmetic clay, and in accordance with the instructions, prepare the mask.

We are using special cosmetics

Now on the shelves of cosmetics stores a huge amount of resources to reduce long. In order to find a suitable option, you will need to experiment with them. Most of these funds are used during a shower or immediately after it. But note that they may dry up even the most oily skin, so do not be lazy to use a moisturizer.

 How to minimize pores?

Do not forget about a foundation

Fundamentals are needed in order to align the tone of the face before applying makeup. Choose the one that will not seep into the pores and clog them. In addition, your make-up with the basics will look more complete and whole.

 How to minimize pores?

We use a water bath

This procedure can be carried out not only in the cabin, but also at home. Simply boil a pot of water and hold your face over the steam for fifteen minutes. After that, be sure to rinse with cold water. Steam bath can be used as preparation for other cleaning procedures.

 How to minimize pores?

Avoiding dehydration

Water will help to keep your skin healthier and more hydrated. Thanks to this you can also significantly improve the condition of your pores. Dehydrated pores first decreases and then increases several times and become much more noticeable.

 How to minimize pores?

Use ice

This method can only be used in extreme cases. For example, if an urgent need to reduce the pores to take pictures. Ice can instantly shrink pores to such a state that they are hardly noticeable. But do not use this tool often, because the effect of his brief.

If you are using at least some of the above recommendations in due course be able to notice that the skin became much more evenly, and enlarged pores disappeared.
Author: Albina Rogov