How to strengthen the lashes?
 Look. What could be more expressive and eloquent? Our eyes help us communicate without words and to transfer the whole range of emotions. But what gives the look a special depth and mystery? Of course, thick and lush lashes. Let's reveal the secrets of caring for lashes and learn some simple recipes that will help us to make them longer and healthier.

Why lashes care?

Surprisingly, it turns out, takes care of their cilia very small number of women. The majority believes that sufficient care is to use mascara with vitamins. But in addition to decorative functions performed eyelash also protective, because they do not allow dust, water and infection penetrates into our eyes. Just imagine how many problems would arise, not whether we eyelashes!

There are many factors that lead to exhaustion, fragility and loss of eyelashes. Therefore, it can be assumed that the thin sparse eyelashes, many women - not a genetic predisposition, but only a consequence of improper care. Let's see what a negative effect on the good condition of the eyelashes. There are several factors:

Poor or incorrectly picked up cosmetics makeup remover.   For example, the need to remove waterproof mascara a special two-phase lotion, which includes oil removal waterproof cosmetics.

• Some women are so tired that forget the night to wash off cosmetics . Meanwhile, the ink remaining on the eyelashes, fixes them in a certain position, and it is sufficient bury his face in the pillow as the morning of the cilia will be broken.

Treatments   - Such as perming, coloring, or eyelashes, as well as home use curling irons, can injure and worsen their condition.

Conjunctivitis   It can cause loss of eyelashes - as well as allergy. So watch out for the eyes and hygiene, use hypo-allergenic agents.

Taking certain medications   may significantly worsen the condition lashes. So before you take a long course of treatment, ask your doctor about all the side effects.

• And, of course, one of the main causes of the depletion of the eyelashes are poor diet and stress.   The lack of vitamins in our body is always reflected on the skin, nails, hair and eyelashes.

Incidentally, when concomitant symptoms (such as fatigue, weight gain, problem skin), hair loss and brittle eyelashes can signal problems associated with the thyroid gland. Therefore, if found at similar symptoms - see your doctor and not self-medicate!

 How to strengthen the lashes?

Homemade beauty recipes

Make cilia healthier, fluffy and less brittle, will help ordinary remedies available at home.

It has a good effect Mask for eyelashes a mixture of oils . To do this mix castor oil and almond oil in equal proportions. Add to the mix a couple of drops of rose oil and liquid vitamins A and E. The mixture is applied at night on the well-cleaned cilia, avoiding eye contact.

For the thickness of eyelashes recommended a mixture of vaseline, burdock oil and brandy . It suffices to apply the mask once a day for 30 minutes.

Known another beautiful mask that will not only strengthen the lashes but also care about the beauty of the eyelid skin. To do this you need to mix chopped parsley with vegetable oil and aloe . Apply the mask on the eyelids and eyelashes, avoiding contact with the mucous membranes. After 30 minutes, rinse with warm water.

If you do not like the mask on the basis of oil, can be applied to the eyelashes courted tincture . For its preparation will need marigold flowers and cornflowers. They poured boiling water and leave for 3 days. Then tincture is applied daily to the eyelashes.

 How to strengthen the lashes?

Also with an eye to relieve fatigue and help strengthen lashes packs of green or black tea, broth chamomile or sage. To do this, soak cotton pads infusion of herbs and place on the eyes for 15-20 minutes. Your eyes will tell you "thank you! "If the procedure will be tea daily!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya