Micellar water - a novelty for healthy skin
 Not so long ago on the shelves with cosmetics, a new product called "micellar water," and he often appears under the name "micellar solution". Despite the novelty, the tool has already gained a lot of women's hearts. We get to know him closely, and we?

Micellar water includes distilled water and the micelles - small droplets of aqueous solutions of complex fatty acids, which effectively remove makeup and dirt. One of the advantages is the absence of such vodichki alcohol (sometimes it can be - but in very small quantities, it should be read on the bottle), alkali and other active substances contained in tonics, but not always useful.

"Born" micellar water in France, which was invented to care for delicate skin of babies and very sensitive skin with a tendency to allergies. Later Vodicka became a popular means for removing makeup. And besides, by using it, tonic and milk can not use - because it is perfectly suited for the purpose of toning, moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Noticeable that the girls will approach it with any type of skin. Girls with dry and sensitive skin will be happy - especially because it is a means to wash, and then again to irritate the skin, it is not necessary!

 Micellar water - a novelty for healthy skin

About supplements

It is worth noting that sometimes a part of the micellar water manufacturers include additional elements's Skin. Depending on what effect you need, you can pick up the micellar vodichku for themselves. So, what are supplements and what effect they produce?

Glycerin, panthenol.   These ingredients soothe irritated skin, remove traces of fatigue, slight irritation and redness, as well as moisturize the skin and full of nutrients. Water with such additives should give preference to girls with dry and sensitive skin. It will be good for normal skin.


• Rose, lavender, rosemary, orange   will have a slightly drying effect, therefore, of these additives should be abandoned girls with dry skin, and with a tendency to allergies.

• White Lotus, the French rose and cedar   has a rejuvenating effect.

• Lime, mallow and oat amino acids   also constitute a powerful anti-aging complex.

• Tea mushroom   It provides internal radiance.

• Thyme, sage or chamomile   more than any other suitable holders hypersensitive skin and skin prone to allergies.

• Green tea, castor oil   improve complexion, bleach, reduce the appearance of vascular mesh, increase the protective function.

Hyaluronic acid.   This additive is suitable for all skin types. It moisturizes even the deepest layers of the skin, instantly giving it smoothness and elasticity.

Fast-mat complex.   This supplement is designed specifically for oily skin, it regulates the sebaceous glands and gives the skin a matte finish for a long time.

Vitamin complex.   Most often, water is added to a micellar vitamins A, E, F - they intensively feed and regenerated skin.

 Micellar water - a novelty for healthy skin

Popular questions about micellar water

• Many of the tools can not be applied to the eye area. Whether it micellar water?

No, this tool can be applied to this sensitive area.

• Similarly, if for any skin type is suitable cosmetic?

Yes, it is suitable for all skin types. However, in practice, some women with oily skin often complain that after the use of facial felt film. In this case, it is recommended to wash the face of a running water - it does not reduce the useful effect means.

• Do micellar water Removes waterproof make-up?

Despite the fact that the creators claim that the agent is capable to remove it, in practice, in the opinion of women in many forums, this is not always happening. The most common problem may occur with waterproof mascara.

However, despite these individual disadvantages, pros and advantages of the novelty still more. And so - you may want to try a new tool on itself? Who knows - maybe that it will subsequently hold a place of honor on a shelf in your bathroom?
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya