Milk for our beauty
 No need to repeat about Cleopatra and her famous milk baths. This is known to all. But if the milk is used in everyday life to enhance beauty? I have for you some more arguments in favor of a simple package of milk.

Milk of animal origin
At the supermarket, we can buy different kinds of milk (skim, 3 percent, whole). It basically cow milk. But if you try to search, you can find on the market (in the store or on the market), and goat's milk and sheep and even camels.

All, absolutely all kinds of milk can be used for beauty and cleanliness of our skin. Because any milk contains lactic acid and vitamins A and D.

Natural lactic acid contained in milk, refers to beta gidrokislotam. They gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and leaving the skin soft and silky. Beta gidrokisloty also delicately tinted skin.

Vitamins A and D - recognized leaders of additives in cosmetics. For example, retinol and beta-carotene is often included in the cream, touted as the miracle ingredients, and in fact they are nothing like the derivatives of vitamin A. And vitamin D is an antioxidant that helps to stimulate the growth of cells, also known as the active ingredient for treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis.

And all this is in the normal milk. In the United States, for example, any variety of milk made further enrich the vitamin D, although its stock of this "solar" vitamin in the milk is available.

 Milk for our beauty
   As regards the use of milk for the skin, the more preferably goat's milk, because it is the closest in terms of the pH of our skin.

If you decide to try the homemade recipe with milk, is suitable for this, and milk powder. Generally, milk powder is very convenient to use and can not be afraid that the cooked mixture of the milk quickly deteriorate and harm the skin. Unfortunately, milk powder sold only cow.

In recent times, when many are concerned about the presence of genetically modified foods in the supermarkets, there was a milk, a packet which indicates that the cows fed exclusively with natural plant products, they are not injected hormones, etc. Check it difficult to agree. Therefore it is better to buy milk brand that you trust, and that exists on the market for several years.

Vegetable milk
Vegetable milk - it is not only those who adhere to veganism. If you are allergic to animal milk, if you feel uncomfortable when you use cow or goat milk - a way out in the form of vegetable milk.

It relates to plant almond, rice milk or soy milk. In composition it is close to the animal's milk. It also has vitamins A and D. If you want a pure vegan - you can advise almond milk. The use of soy milk requires a consultation with a dermatologist, there are a lot of negative reviews about it, but because women do not find the right product for themselves individually.

By the way. Generally, allergic reaction to milk - the thing is not so rare. There are a lot of people do not take milk. A diet against such skin diseases as acne and does need to eliminate milk and dairy products from the diet. But it turns out, do not pass by the shelves with milk while shopping, even if you do not drink milk. Because this product can successfully replace store bought cosmetics. And about the bonuses in the form of benefits and can not speak, a carton of milk certainly cheaper than the creams and masks.

Milk for skin
Now is the time to practice. How can I use milk for the skin? Of course, you will find on our site many recipes of masks and lotions with milk. And now - the three basic recipe for simplicity.

- The mask of dried milk
No oats, no honey, we need only milk and water. Mix 1, 5 tablespoons of powdered milk with 2 teaspoons of warm water, stir until uniform mass. Apply to face and wait 20 minutes, the mixture is dry. Then rinse with warm water in a circular motion (it will be an additional peeling), and rinse with cool water. You can then apply a moisturizing cream.

- The mask of fresh milk
Cotton swab or a clean sponge, apply fresh milk on the face. Allow the person to rest for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Apply a moisturizer.

 Milk for our beauty
 - Milk Bath
Fill the tub with warm water, add it to 1-3 liters of fresh milk or milk powder packing 1-3. Soak in a bath of at least 20 minutes. Then rinse the body with warm water. If you have the opportunity to be placed in a bath of milk and more. For example, if the skin is itchy and scaly, there are some skin problems, then you need to increase the amount of milk. If the skin is good, healthy, bathroom with 1-3 liters of fit.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin