Pick a mask for your skin type
 Fan of masks (home and purchased) quite a lot. Probably not a woman who would have never tried this ritual. But someone continues to use the masks, while others did not see results, and sometimes the opposite is experiencing discomfort. Why is that? Can we find "his" recipe?

About the benefits of masks can talk for a long time. The procedure usually available, even cheaper, most of the ingredients - penny, and are always in our kitchens. Masks may disclose and purify pores, cleanse the skin, has a moisturizing recipes, there are masks detox.

On our site we conducted a survey, which was attended by more than 350 readers of the site. According to the survey, do not use the mask 26% of women, the remaining 74%, ie the majority, is a fan of face masks. At the same respondents expressed that they are equally popular and homemade masks and purchased. Our readers are right - really good compositions are found in the products purchased, and Home-made vehicles. And the thing is right choice. And to choose is based on the type of your skin. Then the result will be of the mask, and no disappointment. At least harm from properly chosen mask exactly should not be.

Dry and sensitive skin
The only mask that shows women with dry and sensitive skin - is moisturizing. Their consistency should be creamy. Do not use a mask based on clay - it's not for you. It is understood that such masks do not have to dry skin. But moisturizing mask at the same time can be a cleansing and exfoliating. Only exfoliation should not be abrasive exfoliant.

The most popular ingredients masks for dry and sensitive skin:
- Yogurt contains enzymes, which, like fruit acids eliminates the dead skin particles, as well as a calming effect and helps maintain the skin's natural oils.
- Honey, heals the skin during exfoliation, has antibacterial properties.
- Egg yolk, one of the best ingredients for dry skin. These are vitamins A, D and E, only in the egg, these valuable vitamins to the skin once together. Vitamin A helps restore damaged skin, vitamin D is often used for humidification (along with vitamins A and E), vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant.
- Olive oil, moisturizes well, as has the ability to rapidly penetrate into the skin's layers. Olive oil improves skin elasticity and is an additional source of vitamin E.

The most simple recipes:
- A half cup of yogurt and 1 teaspoon of honey for sale
- 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp. tablespoon honey, 1 tsp. olive oil

 Pick a mask for your skin type

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Skin prone to acne
Oil-based - that is a good solution for skin prone to acne. Oils help normalize the balance allocated sebum by the sebaceous glands, and heal wounds and irritations caused by acne. Because of the disturbed balance allocated sebum clogged pores. So you should make a mask for deep pore cleansing. But after the oil is required to be applied as masks after dries the skin begins to produce even more fat, as if trying to make up for the lost. As a result - again clogged pores. Until rebalance sebum, the process will be repeated continuously. Useful and podsushivayuschee mask, but they must be used only on the pimples dot that does not dry the skin healthy.

The most popular ingredients masks for skin prone to acne:
- Aspirin - an excellent and affordable Drying ingredient.
- Strawberries, a natural source of salicylic acid
- Green clay, as it pulls out of the pores of the skin excess sebum
- Lemon juice, a natural astringent ingredient
- Oils: almond, olive or coconut

The easiest recipe:
- 1-3 tablets of aspirin crushed and dissolved in a few drops of water, add liquid honey, a moisturizer or a little oil. 7-10 minutes on the area with acne.

 Pick a mask for your skin type

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Oily skin
Peeling and clay masks - that in the arsenal of women with oily skin. Clay is really a good ingredient for oily skin, and it works to exfoliate and to collect excess oils from the skin. The minerals and vitamins that make up the clay, making face soft and supple. But again, it is worth repeating advice on how not to leave the skin after clay masks without humidification. To restore the balance after clay masks can for 10-15 minutes to do a hydrating mask of honey and aloe vera.

The most popular ingredients masks for skin prone to acne:
- Binding agents: lemon juice, cranberries, currants.
- Dries funds: blue clay, egg whites, oatmeal.

The easiest recipe:
- 1 banana (the flesh) and 1 teaspoon of honey.

 Pick a mask for your skin type

From the purchase of masks may be advisable: Egomania (Egomaniya) Mask-mousse for the face "Goosebumps" for oily skin.

Combination skin
Combination skin is difficult to care for, since different parts combines the dry and oily. Exit - use of several tools for each site your skin. For example, the T-zone - a mask of clay, dry areas - mask on the basis of yogurt. For combination skin exfoliating mask with suitable enzymes (vegetable or fruit such as pineapple, papaya), they gently remove dead cells and dry skin, and combination.

The most popular ingredients masks for combination skin:
- Yogurt
- Vitamin oil
- Rose water, cucumber juice, birch sap
- Honey
- Egg white
- Coffee, cocoa
- Oatmeal, rice flour
- Oils: olive, almond, coconut

The easiest recipe:
- 1 teaspoon of oatmeal, 1 teaspoon of yogurt, a few drops of honey.

 Pick a mask for your skin type

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A few more tips
No matter which type belongs to your skin, there are general rules for the application of simple masks. Try not to forget them:

- Always warms the skin before applying the mask, it will open the pores and soften the dirt in them. This can be a little hold over the face of a bowl of hot water (above the steam), or at least put on face for a few minutes a cloth soaked in hot water.
- Sometimes you can not just apply the mask on your face, but also on the décolleté. Virtually no investment of time and money you receive care delicate area of ​​the neck and decollete.
- Apply the mask on clean skin only, the main board, or detox become a torture for the skin.
- Rinse off the mask with warm water is best, but a cool finish to the pores narrowed.
Author: Olga Larsen