Soap opera: choose cleanser and cleansing
 What beauty products today, created to wash and cleanse the skin - not to count. How to choose the most worthy to be perfect for your skin, prolonging her youth and health, says myCharm.

All funds for washing and cleansing facial performed on one image. The main role in manufacturers give them water and surfactants that remove makeup. Question supplies beauty products to a certain type of skin is achieved by the inclusion of additional ingredients it helpful. For allatonin and softening oil is ideal for dry skin, and zinc, and fatty acid needs of its type.

Choosing a wash, the first thing we notice is the type of skin. And it is right! You can try several beauty products and choose the best among them. But this scheme works only in one case - if you are using ordinary, not counter cosmetics. The fact is that waterproof makeup is removed from the face of their specific laws. It is impossible to thoroughly clean the skin from water-resistant foundation mild facial wash, in a facility to remove it certainly should be oil.

It is also important the pH of the cosmetic. In most of detergents it is 5, 5, that is acidic. But in products for cleaning circuit of the eyelids or for sensitive skin prone to allergies, he is usually neutral. For this reason, a means of "2 in 1", designed to cleanse the skin and fat to contour century style in full will not work - not enough acidity.

Next, let's talk about the anti-aging ingredients that manufacturers often include a wash. What components should choose what works best? The answer will surprise you, it is widely touted anti-aging agents that are designed to give our youth and beauty in these tools do not work - not the part! It makes sense to look for anti-age creams and serums, but not in the cleansing beauty products.

Deep Cleansing, easy to make

Beauticians urge us to be on the dresser a lot of money - from mild cleanser foams up scrubs with solid particles. How does it know to use even a high school student: foam and delicate washes - every morning and evening, and scrubs and peels - not more than 3 times a week. Passion for skin cleansing to "squeak and shine" is fraught with its dryness, redness and flaking. Scrubs and peelings from the solid particles in the irrepressible desire to get rid of dead skin cells can cause considerable harm to the living.

The fact is that while we deprive peeling epidermis hydrolipidic film, which serves as a natural protective barrier. May harm not only peels and scrubs, but also more delicate texture, if their composition has acid and enzymes. These ingredients should not be abused!

 Soap opera: choose cleanser and cleansing

How to use cleaning agents?

We're not talking now about the massage lines face in the direction that should be removed any makeup. This rule №1 to use any beauty products, and we hope that you will never forget about him. Now we will understand the intricacies of the use of the most popular types of cleansers.

The gel, facial wash.   To this beauty product during the removal of make-up did not pull moisture from the skin, leaving a feeling of dryness, you need to connect before using it in your hands with water and foam. Doing this on the face can not be! Massage the mixture on the face should be no more than a minute, it should be washed off with water at room temperature or warm, but not hot. Of course, we must remember that the chlorine in tap water is not the substance that takes the skin with gratitude. If you do not use filters, it is necessary to think about thermal or micellar water.

Peels, scrubs.   Deep cleansing facial is performed exclusively on wet skin. Apply cosmetic, massage your delicate movements without pressure and wash it off. Then immediately apply moisturizer. Its ingredients are now fully penetrate into the deep layers, giving the skin shine, elasticity and radiance.

Oil.   It is a favorite beauty product is most makeup artists because removes dirt just one movement. Apply the oil should be by analogy with scrubs and peelings on damp skin, before that join him in the hands with a little water. When mixed with the latter oil "transformed" into an emulsion and is easily washed off. Skin after such a cleansing becomes perfectly clean and not greasy.

Japanese beauty rituals.   Comprehensive care, which is a famous Japanese toolkits now enjoys unprecedented popularity - a good thing. Lotion for face care product skin contour century, washing with foam or gel, as well as a delicate exfoliating and toning - an excellent care scheme. Here are just acting on it, every day repeating step step still not worth it. It is better to focus on the type of your skin and select the minimum amount of funds for its maintenance. A Japanese ritual cleansing is better to use on special occasions.

Be beautiful!
Author: Natalia Bartukova