Teeth whitening interior: everything you wanted to know
 Soda and tooth whitening strips - these things every modern girl is always at hand. But such a result, which gives the professional teeth whitening - you will not give any one way to home. In the clinic, you can whiten your teeth and make your own enamel even lighter shade. So - go to the dentist.

Find out what awaits you in the doctor's office when you come to the teeth whitening. By the way, summer - a convenient time for salon bleaching, because the clinics are not many customers, and the temperature of the environment is not stressful and contrast for the newly bleached teeth.

The first question is: Does it hurt?

No, it's painless. At the very least, the process that awaits you in the cabin. But after the procedure you may be painful. Get rid of them painkillers, such as ibuprofen.

Some patients sometimes feel pain clinics in subsequent proceedings, but not in the first visit. Some also experience discomfort when the lips are fixed with special end caps. But calm down, his lips at the same time do not stretch, they do not cause harm.

 Teeth whitening interior: everything you wanted to know

The second question is: how long does it take?

The first procedure takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Then we should follow three more 15-minute sessions. But often subcontract patients dentists perform these follow-up procedures on their own. To do this, give the house a special whitening gel and a mouth guard for teeth. But you can use the services of specialists. And the 15-minute session can not be ignored, they improve and fix the result.

The third question: how long will the effect?

Much depends on your eating habits and beverages that you drink. But in general, whitening effect lasts from 6 months to 1 year.

Question Four: How to prolong the effect?

The clinic, which you did whitening is likely to offer an additional service - for you to do the whitening gel to the teeth and mouth guard. Do not refuse it. Of course, this will cost money, but professional tools much better than homemade. And you can extend the whiteness of your teeth by using gel every time you notice a darkening of the tooth enamel.

There are different options for gels, but if you lead an active lifestyle and work, it is best to choose a system type NiteWhite, which involves the use of overnight (there are daily system DayWhite). To maintain a good result will be sufficient to use night gel 2-3 times per month.

And it is worth recalling this moment as a "diet for bleached teeth." It is followed in the next 48 hours after salon treatments and after a night gel. "Diet for bleached teeth" - is the complete exclusion of coffee, red wine, some juice and balsamic vinegar. But, simply put, do not drink anything other than water, and that will be enough to save the result of such expensive procedures. And there are, of course, possible, but not non-ferrous products (this can be attributed to the bright vegetables, all berries, red and orange fruits, chocolate).

 Teeth whitening interior: everything you wanted to know

Fifth question: What is the cost?

The procedure is not cheap. But if you take into account the duration of the effect and dramatic results, the investment will pay off for sure. You can lighten your teeth several shades at once (up to 8!) And it really is a very big difference. By comparison, home whitening strips lighten the enamel of all a semitone or one tone. And the result of professional whitening will last for months.

Experts advise to repeat the whitening salon every 6 months. And then it can get "a lot of money." But, if you do it one time in the year (for example, every summer), the price would be justified. And in between treatments using whitening strips and whitening gel.

The cost of bleaching depends on the region and class clinic. But the variation in prices is the following: in Moscow - it is 20 000 rubles in the regions - from 12 000 rubles. True, most likely, you will still have a number of preparatory procedures. In most cases, before bleaching requires professional cleaning the mouth and removing tartar. And if you need it, the additional service will cost 3-4 thousand rubles.

 Teeth whitening interior: everything you wanted to know

Comments of experts

So you've decided on a salon bleaching. What else you need to know about the procedure? The following are recommendations from doctors who are gathered from the sites of dental clinics.

1) Have not cured caries may become an obstacle for the whitening procedure.

2) Gum disease often do not allow whitening in the salon.

3) If you are under 16 years of age, it's likely you'll have to wait a little with bleach because it is believed that before the age of dental tissues are not yet fully formed.

4) Pregnant and lactating women are not whitening done in clinics. For you are only the mechanical types of bleach (sodium carbonate or sandblasted) or natural materials (lemon juice or green tea). Whitening toothpastes and strips are also not desirable because their ingredients can penetrate into the internal organs.

5) After the procedure, the composition of the teeth treated with fluoride to strengthen enamel. And it is desirable that your dental care after whitening salon also contains fluoride (talking about toothpaste and balm-conditioner).

6) The gums and mouth in the bleaching will not be affected, the doctor is required to protect them by special means.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin