Thermal water - the actual beauty trend
 Among the abundance of cosmetics for the face thermal water is given a special place. With a rich mineral composition, it is a matter of seconds moisturizes the skin and leads her in a tone even under a layer of makeup. How to use cosmetic trend and what effect should expect?

The composition and the use of beauty news

Thermal water is the liquid from the thermal springs, which appear in the composition of mineral salts and trace elements. Thanks to its unique composition it optimally matches the content of minerals and trace elements in the human body, and this is expressed in its beneficial effects on the skin.

Thermal and mineral: what's the difference

Very often the thermal water is compared with the mineral, but they have some differences. The thermal water content of mineral salts and trace elements above (bromine, magnesium, copper, iodine, fluorine, iron, chlorine, sodium), so that it takes care of skin.

Since the thermal water usually lies deeper (below) mineral and exposed to high temperatures and pressures, it is considered to be cleaner. On its basis, it has long made cosmetics, but in the category of independent cosmetic product this kind of water hit recently.

The application spectrum of beauty tools

Contrary to the belief that the thermal water needed to care only for dry or sensitive skin, its use will be justified for holders of normal and oily skin. Beauticians recommend the use of this water for moisturizing the skin, removing irritation or burns after tanning, hair removal and peelings, and as a makeup base.

Cosmetic effect of thermal water:

- Acceleration of cell metabolism;
- Increase the resilience of the negative factors of the environment;
- Restoration of the level of skin hydration;
- Setting the water-lipid balance;
- Enhancing the natural protective properties of the skin.

Beauty program - a refreshing bounds

When the most rational use of thermal water for the person right for you depends on your daily routine. Take advantage of beauty program MyCharm for best results!

Morning 6.00-9.00

Bodrov morning should be not only you, but also your skin. After hygiene spray a small amount of water to the face from a distance of not less than thirty centimeters. Cool moisture invigorate the skin and regulate its water-salt balance.

For maximum effect, do a massage. Gently tapping the face with fingertips in the direction of "natural massage lines." After the thermal water is absorbed, apply Day Cream.

 Thermal water - the actual beauty trend

Day: 12.00-15.00

During the day, sunlight, wind gusts or just streams of air from office air conditioners possible dehydration of the skin. He also contributes to the physiological reduction of pressure in the human body and as a result, lowering the level of vascular tone. Due to the loss of "healthy glow" skin of the face can look tired.

To solve the problem, spray thermal water from a distance of about fifty centimeters on the face and let it soak. Excess moisture blot cloth.

Evening: 18.00-21.00

This time the natural recovery of the skin after a day's worries and stresses. Improves muscle tone, skin is better to take active cosmetic ingredients.

Apply thermal water instead of the usual tonic, make-up and update, at the end, to re-moisten the skin.

Night: 22.00-24.00

After nine o'clock in the evening the body's biological rhythms adjust our long rest. During a night's sleep is most intense cell division and restoration. This is the best season for rejuvenation and healing of the skin.

After taking a shower moisturize the skin with thermal water, wait until absorbed, and apply a nourishing cream night.

Top 5 thermal water according to consumer

Aqua Spray vitamins Energy, Black Pearl

 Thermal water - the actual beauty trend

Thermal water moisturizes and tones the skin with vitamins. Vitamin B3 reduces inflammation, resists dehydration. Vitamin C boosts the immune system, energizing.

Moisturizing Spray Face Mist Me Gently, Givenchy

 Thermal water - the actual beauty trend

Ultra light spray with instant moisturizing effect of the skin and relaxation at any time of the day. As a result, you get a completely relaxed skin and a steady makeup.

Thermal water Soin d'Eau Banyuls de l'Orne, Dermophil

 Thermal water - the actual beauty trend

The unique composition of elements. Selenium stimulates the removal of free radicals opposed to age-related changes of the skin. Copper has anti-inflammatory effects. Magnesium supports the desired tone in the tissue. Iron gives active oxygen in the tissue. Silicon forms a protective film on the skin surface.

The two-phase moisturizing emulsion, Sans Soucis

 Thermal water - the actual beauty trend

Intensive treatment for all skin types after 25 years. Active cosmetic emulsion components are: thermal water, almond oil, seaweed extract, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid.

Grape water, Caudalie

 Thermal water - the actual beauty trend

Water resulting from the filtering of grape juice. 10% increases the degree of hydration of the skin, has soothing properties, stimulates blood flow.

Turn on the thermal water for face daily the complex skin care for an instant transformation and gaining a healthy and radiant look!
Author: Natalia Bartukova