Waxing Eyebrow
 Waxing - fast and easy way to get rid of unwanted hair on the eyebrows. It takes less time than tweezing. Of course, it needs some courage. If you have it - you learn how to do waxing for eyebrows at home.

One of the advantages of waxing for eyebrows that at the same time you can remove a few hairs, unlike the plucking tweezers, when you have to act according to one hair. This hair removal using wax is not more painful than plucking. And the result will last much longer. Wax is also advantageous if the hair is very short, they are not always readily taken up with tweezers.

Who needs waxing eyebrows

Now fashion is quite lush eyebrows, like Cara Cara Delevingne and Brooke Shields. Therefore, the removal of excessive hair from the eyebrows is undesirable. But there are some rules of the eyebrow shape. Let them grow dense, but the bottom of the border should be perfect, and the hairs can stand out at the top, but not the bottom. If you have a lot of excess hair below the eyebrows - the waxing removes them better than plucking.

Another category of women who require waxing for eyebrows - it is those who are connected in the middle of the eyebrows. Sometimes it is not so noticeable to others, but a complete lack of confidence will give the hair on the nose.
 Waxing Eyebrow

Preparing for waxing eyebrows

Before you begin, make sure that the wax does not cause an allergic skin reaction. And, then, try the product on the wrist.

Be sure to do waxing on clean skin, the wax adheres well to the skin. This means that you need to remove the remnants of makeup eyebrows and the skin around the eyebrows. Masters of the salons when making waxing eyebrows, clean eyebrows and the skin around them using detergent oil-free basis, to make sure the skin is clean and free of oil. And then sprinkled with talcum powder. You can use baby powder.

To anesthetize place waxing, you can make ice cubes on the skin eyebrows (cubes, wrap in a towel), which will apply the wax.

To see how it turns out symmetrical shape of the eyebrows - it is better to have two mirrors. One - a small zoom (it will help to see the fine details of the process), and the other - a lot, just to cover the entire face.

It is better to buy ready-made kit for waxing, which has everything you need: a jar or tube of wax, spatula, trowel, woven strips for removing wax. You should carefully read the instructions before use, there are specific recommendations to which the temperature of the wax should be heated to avoid skin burns.

Dosing eyebrow wax

- Apply a thin layer of warm wax in the direction of hair growth, under the eyebrows. Do not take a lot of wax on the spatula, apply must be carefully and accurately.

- It is best to start with a few hairs, and then adapt himself and gaining the confidence to continue with a lot of hair.

- Do not allow the wax to be hard, immediately after application of warm wax - applied a strip of cloth. Squeeze the cloth to the skin, wait a few seconds.

- Close your eyes, remove the strip of cloth in the direction opposite of hair growth. Repeat until, until you remove all the unwanted hairs.

- The final touch - tweezers with it removed those hairs that grow too close to a century, or those that could not be removed with the help of wax.

- At the end of eyebrows should be cleaned, remove wax residue.

 Waxing Eyebrow

After waxing eyebrows are perfectly straight, eyes - a young and beautiful. Generally, it is possible to achieve a very good and smooth result.

Means for eyebrow waxing at home

Manufacturers know that we always want choice. Therefore care eyebrows offers a palette of tools. And among them are waxes and wax strips for waxing eyebrows.

- Wax strips for the eyebrows.   For those who are not familiar with the procedure, it may be advisable curved strips, not to be mistaken with the shape of the eyebrows. If you know what to expect from waxing, you can buy the usual straight strips. Here are some examples:

The strips with wax Eyebrow Brow Shapers Surgi Wax of Surgi Wax   (USA). These strips are easy to use because they are universally curved shape. The set of two depilatory strips for processing the upper and lower parts of eyebrows. The whole process of removing unwanted hair takes less than 30 seconds, the procedure is painless and safe. The strips are equally effective in removing hairs as large and small, which in conventional plucking may be available. As part of a special wax components, slow down the growth of hair and relieves irritation of the skin.
 Waxing Eyebrow

Strips Parissa Broe Shaper.   This is a classic small strips a couple of centimeters in length and width not exceeding 5 mm. But designed for sensitive skin. The small size allows the strips to act very delicately and precisely remove hairs, even very close to a century.
 Waxing Eyebrow

 Waxing Eyebrow

- Sets with eyebrow waxing.   Kits for home waxing eyebrows include, as a rule, wax, fabric strips to remove wax, spatula (wooden or plastic spatula to apply the wax).

One of the best examples - set for waxing eyebrows, face and lips - Microwaveable Eyebrow, Face & Lip Wax from Sally Hansen . Professional quality waxing at home - as the manufacturer promises. Judging by the composition of the set, this is true. In the set you will find: wax that is heated in a microwave oven; spatula; mini tweezers; soothing lotion after waxing with 5% benzocaine. Waxes from Sally Hansen generally considered among the best professionals. You can not worry - this product has a nutritional formula, which included natural tree resin, beeswax and aloe vera.
 Waxing Eyebrow

Author: Julia Shestakova