Beautiful skin during the holidays
 Your best accessory holidays - glowing skin. It will look spectacular, confident, delightful. But, unfortunately, it was during the holidays - because of stress, pre-holiday bustle and excitement of overeating - the skin loses its natural glow.

Rough and dry skin - dim. This is the result of a damaged lipid barrier, cell-cell communication have broken a skin, the cells are not sealed, the skin is loose, dull, dull. As a result, such skin does not reflect light when it falls on it. And if the skin is sealed, humidified, it, like any smooth surface reflects the light beam itself is sparkling in the light. As a rule, young skin shining by nature, cellular communication is not yet broken. Therefore, radiant skin - a synonym for young skin. That is why the desire to shine - a desire for healthy and youthful skin.

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Timely exfoliation is an important condition for achieving a healthy and radiant skin. But how to make the peeling was not excessive? After all, it's just ruining your skin. There is a simple solution - Home test for peeling .

Test.   This test allows us to understand whether you need to exfoliate right now. Take a piece of transparent adhesive tape and glue to the forehead. Carefully remove and look at the surface of the adhesive tape. If adhesive tape were little flakes of skin, then you will not prevent peeling.

 Beautiful skin during the holidays

As an exfoliant scrubs use or serum-based acids. Abrasive scrubs - not the best option for a person. But if you do decide to stay on the physical exfoliation, then carefully select the scrub, his abrasive particles should be circular shape so as not to traumatize the skin. Regarding chemical exfoliating agents (based on acid), the composition look for the following ingredients: lactic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid.

Improves blood circulation

With age, skin gets less oxygen and nutrients. The fact is that over time the number of blood vessels on the face is reduced. For example, to 75 years of their remains at 50% less than in his youth. Namely the blood vessels supplying the skin nutrition. The less blood - the faster the skin fades. That is why it is important to maintain and enhance the blood circulation in the skin. Then we reach the radiance and youth.

Here are a few ways to improve blood flow to the face:

- Massage . Daily moisturizing of the skin - a good opportunity to more and improve blood circulation. Each time you apply a moisturizer in the morning, massage the face with a cream. This will increase the flow of blood. On the night to do massage after applying night cream. To do this, do not massage with your fingertips, and fists - soft circular movements for 2 minutes.

 Beautiful skin during the holidays

- Vasodilating ingredients . Try to stimulate blood flow, applying makeup with vasodilating ingredients in the composition - such as mint, ginseng, caffeine. With constant use of such cosmetics, you will see the result on the skin glowing.

Use visuals

Create a radiant look to the skin not only helps skin care, but also the little tricks of make-up and style.

- Down with the yellow color!   This applies to the make-up and clothes. Avoid shades of yellow (in the clothes is mustard, olive, green, khaki, orange), they add yellow skin.

- Highlighter - must-have product Especially for the age makeup. Add shine with the help of the skin.

 Beautiful skin during the holidays

- Go to the so-called "Liquid make-up" . This term means a complete rejection of friable make-up. All of blush and shadow tone up and highlighter - creamy. This extra moisturizing, smoothing the skin and a natural glow.

Shine forth from within

Good digestion directly affects not only waist, but also on the radiance of the skin. To do this, it is important to proper nutrition and exercise. And still need a good moisturizing of the whole organism. Since the skin is the human body of the secondary, then to her nutrition and moisture comes last, after the internal organs. That's why you should always remember about moisture. Only when the entire body is saturated only after moistening will flow in the skin. Here's what you need to do constantly to the moisture enters the skin with nutrition:

- Increase water consumption.

- Eat fruits and vegetables. The biggest water suppliers: raw and steamed vegetables. Green beans and broccoli provide not only water but also antioxidants.

- Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries - can saturate the body with water and retain moisture.

- Salmon, avocados, olive oil - also the main suppliers and moisture and vitamins to the skin.

 Beautiful skin during the holidays

Author: Tamara